67. 僅僅「有錢」不一定是真正快樂的富爸爸

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67.One who has lots of Money can not be regarded as a “Really rich Dad”.

67.  僅僅「有錢」不一定是真正快樂的富爸爸
Precious advises to success  -- 20 secret codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼  20條

*   A” Really Rich Dad” should possess all these qualities, such as health, happiness, wealth, expectations, wisdom, belief, universal love, peace and virtues.

「能夠同時擁有 健康、快樂、財富、希望、  智慧、信仰、大愛、平安與美德的, 才算是真正的富爸爸。」

*   Health and happiness are more important than wealth.  What people ultimately wish to have are health, happiness, peace and wisdom 

「健康、快樂比財富更重要 。健康、快樂、平安與智慧才是人們最終想要的東西。」

*   A sweet home is the oasis in desert and the safety harbor in stormy weather.  Home is also the post station in one’s life and the love nest of happy life.  Only with a happy family one’s life can be meaningful.
「溫暖的家是沙漠里的绿洲,是風浪中的港灣。 家是人生的驛站,幸福生活的愛窩 。 只有家庭幸福了,人生才有意義。」

*   If one grows up in an unhealthy environment since his childhood, he will contact a lot of unhealthy things, including unhealthy food, unhealthy thinking, unhealthy family, unhealthy education, unhealthy financial management, unhealthy worthless friends, unhealthy political fierce fights,  unhealthy beliefs and so on.

「從小接觸不健康的環境,一定會帶給你不健康,其中包括:不健康的飲食、不健康的思想、不健康的家庭、不健康的教育、不健康的理財、不健康的損友 , 不健康的政冶惡鬥,不健康的信仰、、。」
*   Real happiness doesn’t exist in visible things, but in the depth of pure and innocent soul.


*   To win happiness depends on one’s constant to create the happiness.  The most precious happiness is obtained through despair and misery.

*   Happiness is not born through happiness. It is born through misery.  Only through the temper of unhappiness can one get real happiness.

「快樂不是由快樂而生, 快樂是由痛苦而生。 只有經歷不快樂的磨練之後才能獲得真快樂。」

Happiness is starting from the bottom of your heart, only your heart feel happiness, the body will be glorious and smile. Health and beauty from your own happiness and self-confidence, Health and beauty does not come from cosmetics or your dress.

「快樂是由心底出發的, 只有心裡快樂,全身才會光彩有笑容。健康美麗來自於你自己的快樂與自信,健康美麗不是來自於化妝品或你的衣著打扮。」

*   Only those who think their own happiness are not happiness. Only who care the happiness of others can get truly happiness.


*   Born to be a man, one should strive for the higher level of spiritual happiness with all his efforts, besides external happiness such as fortune, fame, power, material and emotional desires, because only the spiritual happiness is where the ultimate happiness lies.

「生而為人,除了爭取外在的財富、名利 、權勢、物慾 、情慾的快樂之外,更應該全力去追求更高層級的靈性快樂,因為只有這種靈性的快樂才是終極的快樂。」

*   If you have a decisive mind, wisdom will come along naturally.  A wise man can see the truth and eternity. 

「心有定力 ,智慧自然而生。」「有智慧的人看得到真理,看得到永恆。」

*   Love is the greatest motivation and emotion on earth.  It is also one of the indispensable elements in the human daily life.


*   Only true love is unselfish, undesirable, and unrequited.  All the other “loves” belong to “conditional love”  or “ false display of affection”.
「無私 、無慾,不求回報的愛才是真愛,其它都是「有條件的愛」或是「虛情假意的愛」。

*   If you want to win love, you must give your love first.  If you want to dedicate your true love, you have to become unselfish first.

「想要得到愛,必須 先付出自己的真愛,想要付出真愛,必須先要求自己做到「無私的大愛」。

*   I’m willing to give up all I have to exchange for happiness.  Are you willing to exchange your happiness for my wealth?

「我願意放棄一切所有 來換取快樂 ….. 你願意用你的快樂來換取我的財富嗎?」

*   Health is the first piece events. I’m willing to give up all I have to exchange for healthiness.  Are you willing to exchange your healthiness for my wealth?

「健康是第一件要事。我願放棄一切所有的財富來換取健康 ….. 你願意用你的健康來換取我的財富嗎?」

*   Only to keep a far distance from unhealthy food, unhealthy thinking, unhealthy family, unhealthy worthless friends, and unhealthy political furious fights, can you have a healthy and perfect life.

*   You will be a happy man, if you can practice the following deeds:  working hard on farming without asking for the harvest,  keeping a low profile, without comparing with others, doing more charitable things and bearing gratitude at heart when ever you are dealing with people or matters.

「只問耕耘 ,不問收獲 。放下自我,不去比較 。且多行善事,凡事心存感激 / 感恩,你就會快樂了。」

*   Health and happiness are more significant than wealth because money cannot buy health, happiness, and peace.


*   While we are seeking fortune, we also have to seek health, happiness , wisdom, belief, universal love, peace, and virtues at the same time.  That will be the most ideal way. 
「在我們追求財富的過程中,同時也要追求健康 、快樂 、智慧 、信仰、大愛、平安、美德…… 這才最為理想。 」

*   Although you are very poor, you can still be regarded as a “Rich Dad” because you possess health, happiness, wisdom, belief, universal love, peace and virtues.  On the contrary, even if you have lots of money, you don’t have health, happiness, wisdom, belief, love, peace and happy family.  Therefore, you are still not a qualified “Rich Dad”.  Do you think so?

「如果你很窮沒有錢,但是你擁有健康、快樂、智慧、信仰、大愛、平安、美德…..,你仍然可以算是一個快樂的富爸爸。」   相反地「如果你很有錢 ,但是你沒有健康的身體 ,沒有快樂 ,沒有智慧 ,沒有信仰,沒有愛,沒有平安,沒有幸福的家庭 …..,雖然你很有錢,但你不算是一個真正快樂的富爸爸」您說對嗎?



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