90. 成大事者,需要有好的信用

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90.  Credibility precedes greatness.

90.  成大事者,需要有好的信用
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼25條

Having good credibility, reputation, and ethics will go a long way towards helping you succeed in any endeavor.

A person with no credibility can’t be expected to come through in the simplest transactions, let alone in major ordeals.

In modern society it is crucial to establish one’s reputation as a man of his word amongst friends and business partners alike.

Credibility is of the utmost importance.  If you can’t stand by your word, you can’t stand at all in any society.

Honesty means being honest and accountable to yourself, as well as being honest and accountable towards others.
「誠實有二大含義:  1. 是對自己誠實、對自己負責。  2. 是對別人誠實、對別人負責。」

When applying for a loan, the first thing the bank will check is your credit.  If you have a low score, your loan won’t be approved.

Honesty and credibility are fundamental qualities required of any self-respecting individual. Honesty, both with oneself and people around him, is essential for a successful man.

Without the necessary amount of money, many things in life will be kept out of your reach; and with no credit, no one would lend you any money.

Neither knowledge nor talent can help a man who lacks credibility escape the fate of failure.

A man with credibility is a responsible man.  Only a person willing to take responsibility for his actions will ever gain credibility.

Your credibility determines your success, accomplishments, and your ultimate survival in the modern society.

Never take on new debts for investment before paying off old ones.

When you take a debt, you take on a responsibility; thus it is irresponsible to be taking on new debts when the responsibilities with old debts are yet unresolved. Being irresponsible will destroy your credit.
Buying a house with zero down is, in some ways, being irresponsible towards society.

A responsible person would not buy a house with zero down.  In a way, the larger his down payment the more responsible he is, for it shows that he is a man of discipline. The exception would be those whose parents offer to supply the down payment.
「負責任的人是不會用零頭款去買房子的。換句話說,頭期款付愈多的人是愈負責任,因為他有節制所以才會有儲蓄。(  但 頭期款或首付款是父母給的人除外)。」

A man with savings is a man responsible for himself, and a man to be trusted.

Some dishonest individuals are known to use falsified documents to trick the bank into signing off on zero-down-payment mortgages. Such disgraceful actions are to blame for hurting themselves, the bank, as well as the global economy.

Every citizen has social obligations, and their actions should contribute to its peace, prosperity, safety, and progress, rather than planting seeds of conflict, danger, depression, and filth. Ask yourself which type of citizen you want to be, when you’re about to apply for a no-down-payment mortgage.

Applicants of a zero-down mortgage should know that they have threatened the well-being of the entire society with their dishonest, selfishness and greedy.

Pay back what you owe, you can always borrow more.  Don’t pay what you owe, you’ll never find an open door.  Those who actually attempt to escape their debts only deserve, and often do meet, a most gruesome end.

Under no circumstances sabotage your own credit when you’re still young, for you would be destroying your own future.

Treat others with honesty, and they will show you the same courtesy. Those resorting to trickeries and deceits will have no future to speak of.

In order to build your reputation as a man of credibility, you need to know to exercise self-control and start saving money where you can: this is required of any responsible man, and will go a long way towards helping you win over people’s trust and respect.

Work hard, and take responsibility for your actions; be a man of your word, and never resort to cheating.  Having these qualities is the first step in building a prosperous career for yourself.

Having good credibility in dealing with money and a good reputation as a moral man are necessary qualities for one who wants to be successful.  They are also fundamental principles for all to live by in today’s world.

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