92. 原來發財很簡單,只要你認真工作,誠實繳稅就可以了

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92. Becoming rich is simple, just work hard and pay your taxes honestly.
The more taxes you pay the more money you have.  It’s easy to make money—simply be in the habit of paying your taxes.

92. 原來發財很簡單,只要你認真工作,誠實繳稅就可以了


導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼37 條

It’s really quite simple to receive acknowledgement.  All it takes is honesty, hard work, and helping others whenever you can.  Turn these into habits in your life.

Husband and wife should always work together to provide for their family.  If one becomes unemployed, it should be met with encouragement and support instead of humiliation and complaints.

When a man has nothing left but his pride, let him keep his pride.  Don’t enrage him with insults or there may be unforeseen consequences.

When corporate layoffs are in decline, it could be a sign that the worst stages of the recession have already passed and that our economy may soon rebound.

It is the government’s responsibility to create a healthier investment climate.  Pushing unemployment rate below 4% has been the common goal of governments around the world.

Product innovations and the creation of new employment opportunities are the responsibilities of every entrepreneur and enterprise.

At times of economic decline, corporate leadership must take on a greater social responsibility.  Leading their businesses out of stagnation, carving out a brave new world, is the responsibility of business owners.

A leader must exude positivity, be focused on the vision, and assemble a winning team in order to ensure the continued growth of the enterprise.

Many graduates are confused about their purpose in life, believing that high salary is the absolute priority.  In reality, a healthy life should be built around serving others.  If your goal is to serve humanity, how can you fail to find a job?  Too often a job is unwanted not because it is not important, but because it pays too little.

The young men and women these days see their education only as a means to earn more money later in life.  This type of mindset is very much in error. Many college graduates cannot find a job, so they go back to school thinking that a doctor’s degree will make their job hunt easier.  Once again, this line of thinking is also wrong.

There’s really no such thing as “unable to find work.”  It’s simply that you are unwilling to swallow your pride to take a low-paying job.

If you have no passion to serve the public, academic degrees mean nothing.  Even if you have higher education, if you are not working, then you’re not contributing to society in the slightest.

The kind of person who complains about lifting, walking, sweating, being scolded or ordered around by a manager, is usually the kind who can’t find a job.

Young people choosing to stay home instead of working  and paying taxes, in so doing ignoring their social responsibilities, are no more than parasites within it.

Doctors who choose their career in medicine only because of the high salary do not hold true to their Hippocratic Oath.  Students who choose to go to school only because they wish to earn more money need to double-check their motivation.

Making money should not be the sole purpose in life, and one should not go to work everyday for the singular reason of earning a salary.

When choosing one’s occupation, money should not be the deciding factor. And one must never compromise his standards and moral code just to make a few more bucks.

Education should not be limited to the teaching of skills for making a living.  Money is secondary to the concept of social responsibility.  The most important thing is to help children realize their social responsibilities and contribute to the prosperity, progress and peace of the society at large.

You should strive to work hard, earn more money, and pay more taxes, for paying taxes is one of our fundamental civic duties.  Some people do not work, and thus do not pay any taxes, but intend to live off of government welfare.  These people reap all the benefits of our society, and yet fail to fulfill their social responsibilities.

Everyone should fulfill his social responsibility by working a job.  For working is more than just making a living for yourself, it is also contributing to the society at large.

The government’s expenses are covered by tax revenues, so if you don’t work and pay your taxes, the government will eventually become impoverished.  You should not have the audacity to expect welfare from a poor government you’ve helped create.
「 政府的開支來自人民繳的稅款,如果你不工作、不繳稅,政府就會變窮。讓變窮的政府發救濟金給你,這是你最大的罪過。」

It’s a crime to not fulfill your social responsibilities by deliberately choosing not to work, yet expecting to benefit from social welfare. 

Parents should make it their duty to kick their grown sons and daughters out of the house, forcing them to find work and be independent, to make money and pay their taxes, and in so doing fulfilling their social responsibility.
「 做父母的職責,就是要把宅男宅女趕出家門,讓他們自立謀生,上班工作,賺錢繳稅,讓他們盡到社會責任。」

Those who lost their job yet do not strive to find another to take on their social responsibilities are bound to become more and more entrenched in poverty.

Poverty is not necessarily decided by how much you earn, but rather how much you spend.  Spending more than you can earn, as a result of poor financial planning, leads to poverty.  A person who spends lavishly, with no savings or cash flow, always ends up in poverty.

Poor financial planning leads to poverty, as does the absence of savings.

Spending more and more while making less and less is a sure way to poverty.
「 開支愈來愈大,收入愈來愈少,這就是人們貧窮的原因。」

The poor has no money to spend, and hence they’re poor.  If you can start earning more while cutting down on unnecessary spending, then your financial condition will most certainly improve drastically.

A person taking on a loan must understand the responsibility that comes with borrowing money.  What is borrowed must be returned, and the more you borrow, the heavier the debt.  Know your limits and refrain yourself from incurring too much debt to avoid carrying the burden for the rest of your life.

A life free of greed and desires often leads to true happiness.  On the other hand, a lavish, wasteful lifestyle maintained on borrowed money will only lead to destruction.

If ever a bank is willing to loan you half a million dollars, it will mean that you are a successful person with good credit, a secured job, adequate savings, and paid your taxes.  It’s people like this who sustain our society, and should be looked up to as model by all others.

Getting a bank loan is really quite simple, just be an honest tax payer.

Be honest when filing your income tax.  This is every citizen’s duty.

The more taxes you pay the more money you have.  It’s not that hard to get rich— simply be in the habit of paying your taxes.

If you don’t work and don’t pay any taxes, then you’re definitely heading for poverty.

If you don’t work, and don’t pay your taxes, you’re not the only one heading towards impoverishment.  You’d be dragging down your country too.

It’s easy to become a rich man, just work hard, and pay your taxes honestly.

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