125 你知道嗎?買房子也可間接的救人一命!

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125   Did you know that buying a house can in turn save a life?
125   你知道嗎?買房子也可間接的救人一命!

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼  27條

US banks have largely raised the bar on loan approvals for both consumer and business loans.  This has not only become a hindrance to the US economic recovery, it has also lengthened the economic recession.

Buying a house during a recession is an act of altruism which will surely save many people who are suffering through the hard times. 
「肯在經濟不好的時候,去買房子的人,真是一個大好人,你的善舉(購屋行動) 一定可以救助 / 幫助許多正在困境的人。」

In the current state of affairs, government intervention is no longer enough.  We’ll need all the wealthy people in the world to start buying houses in order to stimulate the market.

The recession has caused the real estate market to fall and the banks to increase the threshold for loan approval.  This makes it very difficult for a potential buyer to obtain a loan; therefore, a cash buyer is the only hero who can save the housing market right now.

When a home owner doesn’t have enough cash and can’t get a loan, how can he get through the financial hurdle?  Are you aware that during a recession, those home owners are desperately waiting for you to take action and buy a house?

Owners of large corporations create many job opportunities, and the salary he pays to his workers can often save someone’s life.

When everyone is involved with real estate investing, home values will slowly rebound.  This may be a life saver for those who have lost hope because they may finally regain some confidence and decide not to give up their house due to heavy debt.
「大家共同參與投資房地產,使房價逐步走穩反彈,使某些失去希望 的人重拾信心,因此他不至於因債務放棄房子,這或許也可以救人一命。」

Even if it was greed that motivated you to buy a cheap house such as a bank-owned property, don’t forget that your purchase has actually helped stabilize the real estate market.  It’s directly helping the housing market rebound and indirectly giving hope to all sellers.  In other words, your purchase could actually save someone’s life.

During an economic downturn, the real estate market needs a recharge, and home prices are awaiting rebound.  If you enter the market at this moment, you are giving it a much needed boost, and, unexpectedly, your purchase becomes a life saver.

Let’s all come together to save the economy, whether it’s the buyers putting up the funds to buy a house or a real estate agent taking the time to find you a house.  Everyone’s effort to save the economy is also a form of patriotism.

The government and large businesses can work together to fix our economy, providing jobs and salary to the masses.  They can also stabilize the housing and stock markets.  These are the responsibilities of the entire nation.

If the government can keep the housing market from falling further, they will not only save many from losing their homes, but also alleviate some of the pressures from the national debt.

Everyone has talents and skills that can be contributed towards the stability and prosperity of our society.
「 每一個人都可貢獻自己的才能,去幫助社會安定與繁榮。」

Buying a house in a slow market is an act of altruism which will surely save many people who are suffering from financial troubles. 

I urge those who have available funds to hurry and invest in real estate.  Your purchase will be an act of altruism that can save many people who are suffering from financial troubles.  Your investment will not only benefit you but also contribute towards the stability and prosperity of our society.

Don’t you feel terrible to see so many people being pushed toward bankruptcy and suicide?  If you have enough funds on hand, please put it toward buying a house; you’re not only saving the real estate market, you would be saving someone’s life.

Many home owners who are upside down in their mortgage are awaiting your help.  By buying a house, you can save someone’s family.

If you have the money but you’re unwilling to buy a house with it to help someone else, there will be more people going bankrupt and committing suicides.

Don’t belittle your small contribution in buying a house.  It can save the economy and our nation. 

To those with cash on hand, please be altruistic—do what you can to save the economy as well as someone’s life.

While it’s important to make a profit when buying a house, if you can set your priority as saving someone’s life, your altruism will make a positive impact to our society and our nation.

While it’s to make a profit when buying a house, it’s more important to save someone’s life.  Your act of altruism will benefit many people.

When you can turn your selfishness and greed into love, you can save the world.

Your participation in altruism will benefit our society and all of mankind.
「 善舉、善行需要你的參與,這就是回饋社會,造福人類。」

May the rich befriend the poor and help free them from poverty, so we can have a more cohesive society and a peaceful world.
Only when everyone works toward a common goal, can this country have hope.  The contribution and sacrifice of everyone will make this country a beautiful place.

As long as there’s mutual love, all beautiful things can come true.
「只要有愛(彼此相愛),所有美好的事 (美夢)都可以實踐。」

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