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打開金庫的鑰匙    目錄表 # 1

I would rather make you upset than let you live a poverty-stricken life.  


Precious advices to success - 32 secret codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼  32條

If you want to know how to become wealthy, let's see what a rich father or a rich mother is going to say.

*   I  always feel frustrated to see that most people are still struggling to make both ends meet.   Why don't you accept new ideas and knowledge, learn how to make investment and manage you financial matters, and take corresponding practical actions?   You may think that I am being too grouchy.  But I would rather make you upset than let you live a poverty-stricken life.

「我看多數人仍活在缺錢的煩惱中就很自責,為什麼你們不肯接受新觀念新知識,學好投資理財,並且有具體的實踐行動呢?我嘮叨我多嘴 ( 語重心長 )讓你覺得 (厭煩 )討厭,富爸爸說我寧可讓你生氣,我也不要害你 ( 一輩子 ) 沒有錢。」

*   Sometimes, things like getting traffic citations or listening to repeated advice, though it may seem offensive, will probably save you from risking your life
「罰單、聽訓、嘮叨 、逆耳往住可以救你一命呢!」

*   What I have achieved now is mainly because I know how to draw lessons , enrich my knowledge from my mistakes.
「我的成功,是因為我從失敗的經驗中,吸取了教訓、吸取了知識 。」

*   A successful man may have lots of setbacks and mistakes in the past.  If you can learn lessons and experience from others' failures, you can avoid making the same mistakes and eventually you will be successful.

「一個人成功的背後,一定有許多的失敗。 如何吸取他人失敗的教訓,變成自己的經驗,從而避開你的失敗 ( 少走冤枉路  )你就成功了。」

*  I take someone's mistake as my reference.
    I regard someone's success as my motivation.
    I look up to those diligent and industrious people as my role models.
   When someone gives up his chance, I will take it and try again.


*   The best or the most important investment is to invest on reforming your way of thinking, which is "Keep on learning everyday".
「投資於自己思想上的改造( 每天不斷求新學習 )才是最好的投資,這也是唯一最重要的投資。」

*   A way of thinking will bring about a similar behavior.
    A constant behavior will gradually become a habit.
    The force of habit will build up one's personality.
    The traits of a personality will be shown in one's deeds.


*   Your thinking will affect you decisions.
    Your decisions will take shape in your actions.
    Your actions will influence the outcomes.
    The outcomes will impact your whole life.


*   In order to make a living you need to have skills in some field.  But skills can only earn you a living with basic needs.  They will not bring you a big fortune.  If you want to become rich, you must obtain some specific knowledge about finance and management.  Therefore, it is the first priority for you to become a tycoon to upgrade yourself with financial and managerial knowledge and correct investment perspectives.


*   It is a terrible disaster to repay the old debt by creating a new one.  If you are unable to repay the debt, the best way is not to get into debt again.  If you really need to borrow money, you must make a repay plan from the very beginning.


*   The best inheritance from a father is not his money nor his real estate, but his good personal example for his children.  The good example will show how he manages his properties - controlling spending, saving money, making profitable investments and managing his finance in a proficient way.


*   A man who is capable in making or saving money is not really a rich father.  A qualified rich father should be specialized not only in making and saving money but also in investment and financial management. 
「會賺錢的人不一定是富爸爸,會節約儲蓄的人也不一定是富爸爸。只有會賺錢  會儲蓄且又懂得投資理財的人,將來才可能會成為富爸爸。」

*   People with scholastic degrees or high income usually do not know how to manage their money.   If you want to be a rich father, first of all, you have to learn saving, investing and financial managing.

「會唸書的人或有高收入的人不一定會理財, ‧‧‧‧想成為富爸爸,必須要先學會儲蓄、投資與理財。」

*   You will accomplish nothing, if you do not know how to put your knowledge into practice.  You will still accomplish nothing, if you put off your practice till ten or twenty years later.  Practice has to begin right now, so that you won’t say someday: “ I should have done this ten years ago.”

*   Don’t regret in ten years for what you should have done today.  Never put off what you have to do today till tomorrow. 

*   If you want to be rich, learn from those who are rich; if you want to be successful, learn from those who are successful.  But do not pick up easy and trifle things to learn.  You should try your best to grab the complete substantial and solid skills from them. 
「想發財就要跟發財的人學。 想成功就要跟成功的人學。‧‥但是千萬別只學到皮毛,而是要學會全套本領才好。」

*   If you keep on saving and investing as long as you can, money will automatically . Flow into your pocket.

*   It is amazing that money can make money, money can save money, money can reproduce money, and together with the compound interest the profit will be shockingly high.

  * It is the duty of parents to let their children live a good life, instead of a poor life.

*   Parents should be ready financially and make the best preparations to welcome their children into the world.   In this way, it is not only fair to the children but also easier for the parents themselves. 

*   You can get experience from your first mistake.  You can learn lessons from your second mistake.  But if you make the same mistake more than three times, you are hopeless then.
「一次失敗是學經驗 。」「二次失敗是得教訓。」「三次以上的失敗就是無藥可救了。」

*   Making money is important, but don’t count on how much you can make now.  If I have to choose between money and opportunity, I will choose opportunity.  Because making money has a limit, only opportunity means boundless wealth.

*   Like running a race, you must win at the starting point.  If you are already behind the others, you need to speed up your paces to catch up as quickly as possible.
「嬴 , 就要嬴在起跑線上」如果你在起跑線已經輸給了別人,你就需要加快腳步迎頭趕上。」

*    You need to eliminate your pessimistic mentality.
     You need to get rid of your bad habit.
     You need to change you old behavior.
     You need even to improve your manner of speech. 
「你的 (負面 )悲觀思想要改變,你的壞習慣要改變,你的舊行為要改變,你說話的態度也要改變。」

*   Action is the only way to success.  If you only have your ideal, but take no action, you are like living in a dream fooling yourself forever. 
「行動是達到成功唯一的一條路,只有理想而沒有具體行動者,他永遠會停留在夢想 / 幻想的階段,他不過是做做夢,騙騙自己而己!」

*   You are a smart man, if you take actions after you get information about some successful ways of making money.  On the contrary, some people are stupid like ostriches.  They would rather not to see, not to hear and not to do anything although they do know some way to make money.  It’s a pity they are wasting their knowledge, their time and their opportunity.  
「在聽到成功理財的方法之後,聽而去行的是智者,聽而不去行的是愚者。但是就是有些人情願做鴕烏,視而不見、聽而不聞。 所以己經學會賺錢的方法,而不去賺錢的人是很可惜的‧‧‧‧他是浪費知識、浪費時間、浪費機會的懶人。」

*   If you do not take care of your money today,  money will not take care of you tomorrow.  If you do not make use of your time today, then you will have no more time to use tomorrow.  Time waits for no one.

*   People who know how to use time effectively are already halfway to success. 
Time will take care of the other half.  Those who understood this rule and acted upon it have already become rich fathers.


*   The right way of thinking leads you to success.  The wrong way of thinking leads you to failure.

*   Be humble and keep learning from others, so that you can be successful.  Practice temperance and lead a simple life, so that you can reap bountiful wealth.

*   You do not necessarily listen to what I say.  But if you want to get rid of poverty you must listen to me. 

*   Success does not build on luck nor on passion, but on life long efforts.

*   Winners always fulfill dreams while losers always make dreams.
     Winners always take actions while losers always give up. 
There is nothing in the world that cannot be accomplished; there are only people who choose not to accomplish.  There is nothing in the world that cannot be resolved; there are only people who lose their faith and give up.

「高手圓夢,低手夢圓。」, 「高手動手,低手鬆手。 」世界上沒有做不到的事 , 只有不去動手做事的人,世界上沒有解決不了的事,只有喪失信心放棄努力的人(  鬆手的人  ) 。」
*   The greatest happiness in the world is to make your loved ones happy.
    The greatest virtue in the world is to learn with diligence and gratitude.
    The greatest blessing in the world is to cherish blessings and give blessings.  

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