投資理財 親子教育 雙語交流 #6

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6. The true reason you hesitate to make investment is that you are unable to find a secure way.
6.  找不到安全的方法,才是你真正不敢投資的原因

Precious advises - 46 secret codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼  46條

If you wish to be a rich man, let’s see what a rich dad or mom is going to tell us.

*   There are no absolutely secure investments, only comparatively secure ones.  If you can reduce the risks of an investment as low as possible, it will be the most secure investment.

*   To recognize the properties of different investment tools is the first step to avoid failures in investment.

*  To identify the qualities and risks of investment tools can prevent you from making mistakes.

*   The purpose of making investment is to let you enjoy making money, not to suffer the misery of losing money.

*   Good investments will help you make money; inappropriate investments will let you lose money.

*   Before you make any investments, you must investigate the advantages and risks of stocks, option, mutual-fund, bonds and real estates.

*   Poor people can’t get rid of their poverty only by saving money.  But they can get rich by making good investments.

*   You can barely make both ends meet by working with you hands.  If you want to make big money, you must depend on your wisdom and investments, instead of your two hands.  Investment is the only way to make money be your slaves..

*   Without making investments, money can’t reproduce itself.  Therefore, to grow rich must rely on investments.
*   Ordinary people are afraid of making investments just because they are lack of financial knowledge.  So, the more financial knowledge they learn, the more confident and courageous they will be in their investments.

*   Making big money depends on wisdom, not on your two hands.

* “Investment” will certainly make profits.  It is like a log drifting in the sea.  No matter how stormy the weather is, it will keep floating on the surface making the profit.
  “Speculation” is like an ironclad boat.  When weather is calm, it will float on the surface making the profit, but when weather is stormy; it will sink to the bottom and will never return to the surface again.
「 投資」就像汪洋中的浮木,不管狂風巨浪它永遠能浮出水面、因此而獲利。「投機」就像汪洋中的鐵殼船,風平浪靜時它浮在水面上獲利,狂風巨浪時它沈入水底,永遠無法翻身。」
*    Common people do not quite understand the difference between investment and
speculation. That is the reason for their investment failures.   

 *   To make investments doesn’t need a lot of money.  It is not true that only rich people are qualified to make investments.  As a matter of fact, poor people need to make investments more urgently than rich people.  The sooner they take actions, the earlier they can be successful.

*   The purpose of investments is to upgrade your living standard, not to make your life miserable.  So, never be afraid of making investments.  In fact, if one has no intention to make investments, there is no way for him to improve the quality of his life.  

*   Once you participate in an investment, you have to face risks.  It is impossible to avoid risks, but you can control the risk, reduce your loss.

*   Don’t be afraid of risks.  Instead, you should learn how to control them.  If you can deal with different kinds of risks, you will be the winner.

*    Investments will certainly bring us profits, and inevitably bring us risks too.  But we can’t stop making investments because of the risks.  What we should do is to find the effective ways to evade or reduce risks.

*   There is no 100% secure investment.  If you can reduce the risks to the lowest point,  that will be the most secure one.

*   People who can’t see what risks lie in their future are so ignorant and vulnerable  because they can’t handle their own destiny.  As a result, they’ll be cheated, exploited and enslaved by others.
「不知道前途危險的人,就是等於把自己的命運交給了別人 ,讓別人隨意玩弄宰割你。」

*   If you follow the steps of others blindly, you are letting them control your fate.  Once they make mistakes and collapse, you are doomed to failure, too.  These are so-called risky investors.

*   Failures in investment are not due to“bad luck” only.  Mostly, it is because the investors do not equip themselves with enough professional knowledge before making investments.   

*   “Keep on learning and learning”.  Only learning incessantly is the powerful weapon to conquer failures.

*   It’s most dangerous for those who don’t know where the traps are.  Only people who know where the traps are can really feel secure and confident.

*   Don’t save your money in the bank.  Hold the long-term bank stocks, and you’ll be the winner.
「不要把錢存在銀行之中,而是要去買優質的銀行股票 ( 長期持有 ) ,這樣你才會是嬴家。」

*   Do not save your money in the bank; however, you can take advantage of the money you borrow from the bank to buy bank stocks. In doing so, you are really a very smart guy.

*   Don’t be a bank saving account customer.  Be a banker yourself.

*   The biggest risk in an investment is none other than your greedy heart.  If you cannot get rid of the greediness from your heart, you will never feel secure.

*   If you do not have a thorough understanding of your investment conditions and cannot find the profitable tools either, it will be very difficult for you to make money.

*   Before you make any investments, it is extremely important for you to ask for advice from experts, so that you might avoid investment failures
「投資前向專家請益非常重要 , 這樣可避免投資失敗。」

*   Do not drift along with the current trend, and lose your direction.  The tools of investment which are suitable to others might not be applicable to you.  You have to make efforts to learn by yourself.
「不要隨波逐流 , 不要迷失自己。適合別人的投資工具不一定適合你。哪一種投資工具適合你,你要自己下功夫去學習。」

*   Actually, it is pretty easy to make money, if you can find the correct ways and means, choose the right people and do the right things. Making money will become quite easy. 
「賺錢其實很容易,只要你找對方法、找對人、做對事 ( 有具體行動 ) ,賺錢真的變得很容易。」

*   Never touch anything that you don’t understand yet.  Wait until you have mastered the skill and knowledge, then you are ready for investments.

*   Don’t let yourself stay in a state of ignorance.  The only way to overcome your defects is to stop boasting and learn diligently.

*    The more you research on the investment tools, the fewer risks you’ll encounter.
「愈能勤作投資工具的研究 , 愈能降低投資的風險。」

*   The better you can utilize the miracle of investment tools,  the more profits you will make.

*   If you do frequent research on different kinds of investment tools and learn sufficient financial knowledge, you will not be afraid of making investments any more.      

*   Money will not enable you to become wealthy .  Only successful investments can make you rich.
「錢不會讓你變為富有 , 只有成功的投資才會使你變為富有。」

*   Being afraid to make investment won’t let you feel more secure with your money.  On the contrary, it will cause depreciation of your money.

*   Understanding your own personality, your own financial power, your own agent, and your investment company are the powerful warranties for the success of your investment.
「認清自己的個性,認清自己的財力, 認清自己的經紀人,認清自己投資的公司,這個就是成功投資的保證」

*   The busiest people in the world are the poor, because they have become slaves of money.   The most leisure people on the globe are the rich, because money has become their slaves.

*   If you want to be a leisure man, you shouldn’t be afraid of investments.If you always try to avoid investments , you are giving up yourself to poverty.
*   Dreams are not the sweet words for one to boast.  They need to be fulfilled by practical actions.   The greatest choice you make in your life time is not what you should invest in, but whether or not you have the courage to make investments.

*   One who does not have courage to make investments is unwilling to change his life.
「沒有勇氣去投資的人 ,就是不願改變生活的人。」

*   Poverty is not scary.  What is scary is that you are reluctant to learn investment to improve your life.
「貧窮並不可怕,可怕的是你不願意為了改善自己的生活而去學習投資 。」

*   To make a correct investment is much more important than to complete ten ordinary jobs, because a correct investment may help you to live a wealthy life.

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