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8. Smash the “Illusion of undulating prices“; Create your brand new fortune.
8. 打破「波浪的迷思」 創造新財富

Precious advises to success   -   31secret codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼  31 條

If you want to know how to get rich, let us see what a rich dad or mom is going to tell us.

*   People think it is quite normal to see the real estate prices flipping from rising to falling, good to bad, high to low, up to down or vice-versa.  This is an illusion which will mislead you in your investment.  It must be smashed.  You should have the firm belief that the peak of your life is created by yourself and the low tide in your life is trodden by yourself as well.  Only by challenging yourself constantly, you will be able to seize hopes and make your dreams.
「 打破波浪的迷思,打破「有漲就有跌、有好就有壞、有高就有低、有上就有下」的波浪觀念。堅信人生的高峰是創造出來的,人生的低潮是自己走出來的,人生的希望是從不斷地自我挑戰得來的。」 

*   Real estates will not let you out.  It is you who will let real estate out.

*   If you always cope with money and real estate with the mentality of a poor man, you will never be a real rich dad, even if you may make a big fortune by sudden luck.

*   Investment in real estate has been a long-term investment for years.  If you can own real estate more than twenty or thirty years, you will be free from the obsession of the undulating housing prices「房地產投資本來就是長期投資 , 只要你能擁有房地產20、 30年以上,你就可以打破房價波浪的束縛。」
*   Investment in area where the rate of resident owned houses is relatively low, the risks will be higher than other areas.

*   In the cities where rate of investment is higher, the frequency of house buying and selling will be high, and the risk in investment will also be high.

*   The main reason that causes the falling of the housing price is due to the panic-stricken psychology of the people who is afraid to lose money.
「因為具有強烈怕賠錢的恐懼心理」 才是造成房價真正下跌的主因。

*   What causes the falling of the price of houses that are amid rising trend, is still the panic-stricken psychology of the people who are afraid to lose money. 

*   If the real estate market is running at a loss, it is only a false phenomena .  If you can insist and tide over the turbulence, you are still the winner.
*   The resource of land cannot be created and the land itself can not be replaced by anything else.  Therefore, there is little possibility for the land price to fall.
「土地資源是不可以創造的,土地本身是不可被任何東西來取代的」 土地價格 ( 價值 ) 更不可能會下跌的。

*   In a long-term view, it seems impossible that housing prices will go down.  If it does happen, it will only last shortly and temporarily. (merely short term adjustment)
「長期來看,房價是沒有下跌的可能 ,如果有的話,那也是短暫的下跌 ( 短暫的修正 ) 。」

*   Whoever firmly believe that the housing prices will be quickly foaming like bubbles,  will absolutely not buy any houses.   

*   If you have money, do not save in the bank.  Instead, you should buy land.  If you are smart, seek the best way to borrow more money from the bank to buy land. 

*   “There is always a way out.” is a motto for a fool to comfort another fool.  Never accept it as true.

*   The best of all investments is to invest in you own head  -  to enrich your knowledge.

*   “To refine your head with wisdom is like getting a gold ingot.” You need to smash the illusion for undulating prices, to renew your thinking, and to catch up with the trend of the world.  All successes depend on your own efforts and investments, but not on faith, luck, or ancestors.
「換個好腦袋就等於得到一個金元寶」。打破「波浪」的迷思,更新自己的思想,趕上世界的潮流,一切的成功靠自己的努力 與 靠自己的投資,不是靠命、靠運、靠祖先。

*   If you do not make any efforts, do not render services to others and neglect to buy real estate, your success is like a remote unreachable dream.    

*   There is no such reason that the house price should go down after rising up for successive years.  Should you have such idea, you are not a real investor, only a short- sighted speculator chasing after little profit.

*   There are bubble stocks, but not bubble housing market.  In the housing market, there is a professional expression - “IN THE GAME” and“OUT OF THE GAME”.  Whoever withdraws from the real estate market is the loser.  The earlier he retreats, the more he will lose.  Only those who never withdraw from the market will be the winners at last.  Remember, real estate will not give you up, it is you who will give real estate up.     
「有泡沫的股票,沒有泡沫的房市 。房市只有出場論 / 出局論 ---- 誰退出房地產市場,誰就是輸家。愈早退出,輸的愈慘,只有永不退出者,才是最後的嬴家」。「房地產不會讓你出局,只有你讓房地產出局。」

*   If you down payment more then 50%, you don’t need to worry about you will out of the real estate market. If you down payment less than 25%, you may force out of the real estate market when the real market price in down trend.

*    If you owned down payment less than 5%, you will have 95% chance out of the real estate market when the real market price in down trend.

*   The one who is waiting for miracles to come or waiting for“There is always a way out.” will never be successful.

*   You must smash the illusion for undulating housing prices .  The peak of your life is created by yourself and the low tide in your life is trodden by yourself.  Nothing you can achieve by waiting without shedding sweat and blood. 

*   The hope of your life comes from the constant self- challenging.
「  人生的希望是從不斷地自我挑戰中得來的。」

*   If you always deal with money and investments with the mentality of a poor man, even if you might make a big fortune by sudden luck, you still cannot be a real rich dad.

*   We should not work for money, but we want money to work for us.

*   Positive thinking makes one active;  negative thinking makes one passive.  But too much negative news and negative thinking will destroy your hope, ruin your luck in business, and cause your beautiful dreams to disappear like bubbles.
 「正面的思想讓人積極,負面的思想讓人消極」;「太多負面的消息、負面的思想,會摧殘你的希望,破壞你的財運,使你的美夢消失的無影無蹤 」。

*   If you really want to be a winner, please remember there is no “Theory of bubbling prices” and no”Illusion for undulating prices” in real estate business.  There is only the colloquial of this line “IN THE GAME”and “OUT OF THE GAME”.
想成為真正嬴家的人,請記住,房地產中沒有「泡沫理論」,房地產中沒有「波浪理論」 , 房地產中只有「出場論 與 出局論。」

*   Only by totally smashing the illusion for undulating prices of real estate, can you create you new fortune.  Real estate will not kick you out; it is you who will kick it out by selling your real estate.
*   Real estate will not give you up; only you will give it up by selling your real estate.  This is the“metaphor” in real estate business   - “IN THE GAME” and “OUT OF THE GAME”.

*   To own your real estate as long as you can and have confidence in real estate business.  During this special time your confidence is more important than your principles.

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