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9. If traditional education cannot help you to become a financially free man, you have to receive education of finance and commerce.
9. 如果傳統的教育 , 不能教育你成為「財務自由的人」 你就要接受財商教育了

Precious advises to success - 28 secret codes.
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 28  條

 If you want to know how to get rich, let’s see what a rich dad or a rich mom is going to say.

*   The purpose to study hard is not to get diplomas, nor to complete one or more job application plans or employee enrollment plans.
「好好唸書,不是為了拿一張文憑,也不是為了完成一個 或 多個「應徵計劃 或 雇員計劃。」

*   I do not wish to have a very docile and obedient kid.  I wish my kid is independent in thinking, responsible in work and reasonable in demand.

*   Although it is important for a kid to study diligently, yet it is more important to train him to have good moral, high intelligence, nice interpersonal relationship and talents in arts and sports.  

 *   If a college student is no more interested in his specialty when he is a sophomore, his parents should encourage him to make his own choice, instead of forcing him to accept their arrangements and instructions.

   *   The higher the position and salary one has, the easier he will lose his freedom at work.  In order to maintain the security of his income, he has to abandon his life style and freedom.
「愈是高薪,愈是高職位的人,愈容易失去工作上的自由,為了維持收入上的安全感,他們幾乎是失去了的自由 與 理想。」

*   In order to seek high income and obtain security, we’ll lose our true freedom, and also our lofty ideals.

*   Young people!  Where is your financial freedom?  Where is your goal?

*   Since you were a teenager, you have had numerous debts and become the slave of money.  Your rest life will never be bright and splendid.

*   People with much knowledge and those who never go to school both could become fools in money management and slaves of money.

*  The higher income a specialist earns, the more anxious he is to ensure the security of his money .  This will let him become a slave of money
「愈是高收入、高職位的人,愈是渴望得到金錢上 ( 薪水上  ) 的安全感,愈是這樣做,愈是容易變成金錢的奴隸。」

*   It is very risky to entrust your security to other person (like your boss), because your boss can fire you at any time with any reasons.
「把安全感寄託在他人 ( 老闆 ) 身上是很危險的,因為老闆可隨時解僱你。」

*   If you set up your passive income (income from investments) as early as possible, you do not have to worry, you will fire by others.
「提早建立起被動收入 ( 投資收入 ) 你就不怕他人會隨時解僱你 。」

*   The security sense of your life comes from your efforts with sweat and blood;
  But freedom in work comes from the real estate investments. 


*   One who dares to quit his job and establishes his own business is a courageous fighter.  All fighters have to pay the price by shedding their sweat and blood.

*    Only if you can sacrifice the security sense of your working income, you can exchange for the freedom in work.  If you are not willing to sacrifice the security sense of your working income, you have to sacrifice the freedom in your work.
「只有犧牲工作收入上的安全感 , 才能換得工作上的自由 , 如果你不想犧牲工作收入上的安全感,你就得犧牲工作上的自由。」

*   If you refuse to sacrifice the security sense of your working income, you will live like a convict in prison with no freedom at all.

*   Tell you children:  “ Having a higher education is not for seeking a stable job with high pay, neither for you to accomplish a job plan or an employee plan.”

*   You should make your own money.  If you work for others, you will never make big money.

*   Tell your children: “ It is not the purpose of you education to have your salary raised, position promoted, or ranks of VIP .” The purpose of you education is service the people.

*   You cannot obtain freedom for nothing and same with freedom in finance.  You have to pay the price for them.
「 自由不是憑白獲得的,財務自由也一樣,是需要付出代價的。」
*   Having knowledge of finance, mastering the skills of investment and financial management are more important than getting a doctorate.

*   A man who is running short of money and having heavy debts, he has no freedom in finance.  But the biggest harms will fall on his growing up children.

*   It is not worthy to sacrifice the time you share with your children in order to fight for the security sense of your life.

*   One who has become a slave of money and lost his freedom in finance is not allowed to stop working. 

*   To learn from successful people or to co-operate with them is the guarantee to success.
「成功就要向成功的人學,想成功就要與成功的人士合作共同創業 , 這就是成功的保證。」

*   It is the defect of the current education system that the students are lack of financial knowledge and short of financial training.

*   If traditional education cannot help you to be a financially free man, you have to accept education of finance and commerce.
「如果傳統教育不能讓你成為財務上自由的人 , 你就要接受財商教育了。」

*   If your present environment cannot help you to be a financially free man, you have to change your life style and receive education of finance and commerce.

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