60. 回饋社會,造福人群,成功的地產開發商 ,他們對社會貢獻是大的

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60.“Reciprocating Society; Creating Blissfulness for the People.”  It is the Successful Land Developers Who Make the Best Contributions to the Society.

60. 回饋社會,造福人群,成功的地產開發商 ,他們對社會貢獻是大的

Precious advises to success  --  22 secret codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼  22條

*   How great your heart is; how great your plan will be!
     How great your plan is; how great your success will be!
「你的心有多大,你的計劃就有多大。  你的計劃有多大,你的成功就有多大。」

*   An unsuccessful person usually looks down upon himself/herself, because he lacks of self-confidence and efforts, and what’s more, he is lacking in ambition of making a fortune.

*   Disputes should not be sparked off among friends or shareholders because of losing money.  They should be good brothers sharing weal and woe.
「朋友或 股東之間能不為「賠錢」而起爭執的,才是患難與共的好兄弟。」

*   There are a lot of essential factors involved in a successful business.   Among the most important ones are:  honesty, sincerity, mutual benefit, cooperation, professional respect and expertise.
「成功事業的要素有很多,其中最重要的要素就是 誠實、真心、互利、合作、敬業 與 專業。」

*   The more specialized one is; the more stubborn he/she is.
     To cooperate and work with an expertise, you must learn how to respect him/her.

*   Be sincere and considerate to people.  You will find true friends if you respect whoever you are going to work with.

*   A good company manager should consider any time for his clients, for the development of the company, and for the benefit of the shareholders. 
「一個好的公司經理人應該處處為客戶著想 、為企業發展著想、為股東利益著想。」

*   No matter what kind of trade you are engaged in, if you want to succeed, you must have a good interpersonal relationship.  The key of your success is to build a broad interpersonal relationship.

*   During visiting or chatting with other people, a smart man may absorb the experience from successful people to have his inspiration initiated, initiative ignited so as to create his own business opportunities.

*   You must strive for but definitely not wait for opportunities.   As for business opportunities you have to create by yourself, but not wait for others’ donations.

*   Success will never happen occasionally; however, achievement of success must depend on nonstop efforts.

*   Modestly seeking for advices, humbly asking subordinates for help, and constantly building up human relationship.  This is the shortcut for success.
「虛心求教、不恥下問、建立人脈 ,這是成功的捷徑 。」

*   Humbly asking subordinates for advises and communicating with successful people is one of the most effective measures to guide one to create a successful enterprise.

*   Getting out of your small world courageously, you will find a gigantic world and also lots of opportunities awaiting you.

*      Set up your target and run straight ahead toward the target.  Take a 20 years plan, you will definitely reap a bumper harvest.

*   In order to attain a degree, you have to study diligently as well as invest in knowledge for 20 years at least.  It also takes you 10 years or even 20 years to make a fortune by investing in real estate. 

*   The speculators who deal with short-term transactions usually are unable to keep their money in the pockets and finally they will fail to make any outstanding achievement.
「短期炒作的投機分子,往往守不住「入袋為安」的錢,最終不能成就 大事業。」

*   Those speculators who are frequently buying and selling houses and stocks will finally find their losses outweigh their gains.  This is so called: “Clever people may become victims of their own cleverness.”  

*   The purpose of making a fortune in a short term is perhaps to make a living and  to improve the quality of  life, or to save money and make investment.  But the purpose of making a fortune in a long-term is to become a successful rich dad in order to create blissfulness for the society and mankind, and to reciprocate the society.
「短期的致富目的,可以是為了「 糊口,改善生活」或為了「儲蓄 與投資」;長期的致富目的就是為了「做成一個成功的富爸爸,來造福社會人類,回饋社會。」

*   When you have found an investment project, you have to grasp the opportunity and make a plan with processing details and concrete ways and means.  And then, go forward step by step till you have attained the target.  While you have succeeded in your career, you have at the same time created blissfulness for the society and also made contributions to the society.
「 當你找到了投資的項目以後,你就要把握住機會, 訂定施行細則 與 方法。然後朝著目標一步一步走下去,直到目標達成。在你成功的同時,你也完成了造福社會與貢獻社會的目的。」

*   My fulfillment comes from improving others’ life.  Let others be happy and contented first and then my fulfillment will be realized when time is mature.  In the first place, I have to reciprocate the society and make contributions by creating blissfulness for mankind and then consider my own benefit.  The contributions to the society will promote a “Win-Win” situation.  This is where the greatness of the enlightened millionaires’ strategic attitude lies.


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