62. 為什麼「富不過三代 」?

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62.Why Wealth Can Not Be Passed Down Over Three Generations in a Row?

62. 為什麼「富不過三代 」?

Precious advises to success  --  21 Secret Codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼  21條

*   It is not enough for you, the first generation, to create wealth by your own efforts.  You have to pass down your virtues and the precious experience of making and managing the fortune of yours to the next generation without any reservations.
「上一代的人,依靠自身的努力創業致富是不夠的,更要的事,是你要將你的美德 與 投資理財的經驗傳承給下一代人才行。」

*   For your own sake, for the benefit of your children and your grand- children, the parents should have a good virtue and control their own life and behavior.  Don’t show-off your resplendency with jewelries.  Don’t expose your valuables to strangers.  No extravagance!
No wasteful expenditure!  No dissipated life-style!   No grand banquets!  No luxury houses! No luxury vehicles!
「為自己好 ,為後代子孫好 ,做父母的一定要有好道德,節制自己的生活與行為, 做到「不穿金戴銀、 不暴露財富」 「不奢侈、不浪費 ,不過靡爛生活 」 「不享宴 、不住豪宅 、不開名車。」

*   The best education that the parents could give to their children is to set good examples with their own words and conducts.

*   If the children are good -for-nothing, the parents have to bear over 90% responsibility.
「如果一個孩子不成器 (不能成才), 做父母的責任佔了90 % 以上。」

*   No matter how rich you are, never let your children enjoy your wealth or touch your wealth too early.
「再富 、再有錢 」也不要讓孩子,提早享受到你的財富或接觸到你的財富。」

*   If you only leave huge fortune to your children without leaving good examples for them, you are destroying their future.
「如果父母只給兒女留下巨額財富,卻沒有留下好榜樣 ,這樣做的父母,會害死你自己的子女的。」

*   Being a rich dad, perhaps you think you can start enjoying your life.  No, you are wrong!  You must do better and better.  Here, “the better” does not mean the more fortune you will create, it means the education of your next generation should be good and then better and it also means your own accomplishment of morals should be good and then better.  And likewise, it also means the reciprocation to the society should be getting better and better.
「做為一個富爸爸」 不要以為富了以後就可以享受人生了 ,而是要「好還要再好」。這裡的好 ,不是指財富愈來愈多 ,而是指「對下一代教育 ,好還要再好。」 「對自己品格道德修養 ,好還要再好。」「對社會回饋做的不夠多 ,好還要再好。」

*   Another reason for why wealth could hardly be passed down over three generations in a row is that the parents or children have been seeking ease and comfort life, have become arrogant and have taken the enemies and opponents lightly.  They have indulged themselves in extravagance, wastefulness, over-expending and corrupt life-style.   And on the other hand, they have not accomplished the basic demand of “Being good and then better”.
富不過三代的另一個原因,就是父母 或子女「安逸、驕傲、輕敵」「舖張、浪費 、生活靡爛。」沒有做到「好還要再好」的基本要求。

*   It can only spoil your children if you leave huge fortune to them.  You will be clever parents if you leave to them the skills and capability of creating fortune instead.

*   It is more important to bring up your children to be well-educated and responsible people than to leave fortune to them

*   The busier the dad is, the less time he can spend with his children.
     The less time the parents spend on their children,  the less love they get from their parents and the easier they will be influenced by bad guys and bad things.  Finally, they will abandon themselves to vice.
「 爸爸愈是忙碌,可能給孩子的時間則愈少。」 「 給孩子的時間愈少, 孩子就愈感覺不到父母的愛 ,這樣的孩子也就容易學壞 ,自甘墮落。」
*   No matter how splendid the material life is, it is still unable to replace parental love and care.   If you can not squeeze some time to be together with your children, you try to give them lots of gifts instead.  But you still might not get your children’s love in return.

*   Therefore, whenever you are choosing you occupation , your career, or establishing your own business, you have to consider how much time you can give to your children and your family besides your working hours including time for daily transportation.
「 所以在選擇職業、選擇事業、選擇創業的時候也一併要考慮到「除了工作之外,我還能給孩子、 給家庭 ,多少的時間?」

*   Owing to heavy business the parents sometimes have to give up the time for family gatherings.  That is something very regretful and unworthy.

*   You might as well leave to your children an organization foundation fund, instead of your business directly.
「直接留事業給子女 ,不如留基金會(共同基金)給他們。」

*   There are not too many businesses which could be passed down from generation to generation.  The best one among them is the real estate investment business.
「可以代代相傳的事業 並不多,其中最好的且可以傳承事業就是房地產投資。」

*   Regarding real estate investment and land investment, if you adopt a strategy of “only for rent, not for sale”, that property might be passed down from generation to generation because its value will increase continuously and protectively and will guarantee the basic life of the younger generations.  It will be going on and on, and never be on the decline.
「房地產投資 、土地投資,若採取「只准出租不准賣」的策略,這份產業即可代代相傳,繼續增值,也可保障子孫基本的生活,綿延後代,永不凋零。」

*   Regarding the wealth that could be passed down over three generation in a row, or the businesses that could be inherited form generation to generation, there are not so many successful examples being retraceable.  However, the best of all businesses is the real estate investment businesses.

*   Land lease business is one of the most stable and profitable businesses, and the owners almost need not spend much time to manage it.

*   To contribute love and care to the people and to make more public benefit to the society is the most lofty sentiment of mankind and is also our highest moral criterion.
「能對社會付出愛心 與 關心,多多做公益,是人類最崇高的情操,也是我們最高的道德標準。」

*   Even if wealth could be passed down over three generations in a row, do not forget to reciprocate the society and contribute love to the society.

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