63. 如何做到「富過三代」

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63.How to do “ The rich can pass down over three generations”

63. 如何做到「富過三代」
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*   Parents must set good examples with their own words and conducts by living a simple and economic life,  no extravagance, no corrupt life-style, no obsessions, no name-brand vehicles, no luxury houses and no showing-off resplendency with jewels in gold and silver.

   「父母要以身作則,生活上要勤儉不奢侈,不腐化不攀比,不開名車,不住豪宅  ,不穿金不戴銀。」

*   The children’s dreams of making fortune should be trained and developed since their childhood.  Even if the parents are rich, they should not let their children enjoy your luxurious life too early.

   「 孩子的發財的夢   要從小磨練起 ,即使父母「有錢」 也可不能讓你的孩子「提早」享受到你的奢侈生活。」

*    Every child was born with the instinct of survival.  We should not deprive children’s normal instinct of survival.


*    Never let the grown-up kids rely on their parents being lazy bones in the society.”

     「千萬不要讓己成年的孩子,仍然還在依賴著父母生活 ,成為社會中的(寄生蟲)懶人。」
*   The spirit of independence, initiatives and adventurousness of the children must to be cultivated since their childhood.  The parents should inspire their potentiality and let their capability develop freely as much as possible.

    「孩子的獨立自主與冒險精神要從小訓練起(培養起),要啟發他們的潛質,盡量使他們 的才能,得到自由且全面的發展。」

*   An over obedient and docile child will usually lose his ability to think and judge independently.

*   Without experience of hardships, being tempered and frustrated, a child will always be immature.

「沒有經過吃苦,沒有經過磨練 ,沒有經過挫折的孩子,永遠是不成熟的 (永遠是長不大的)。」

*   You have to be moderate in cherishing your children.  You must not over-spoil them. Otherwise you will mislead them to a wrong direction.
    「 對孩子呵護要適中。 對孩子溺愛不可過了頭,否則「愛之,適足以害之。」

*   Usually people will not pretend to be poor in order to cheat for the right of welfare.  How to become rich is your duty.  It is not only your right to get rid of poverty and go after blissfulness, but also everybody’s responsibility and duty.

    「人沒有故意裝窮,去詐取社會福利金的權利。」 如何變得富貴才是你的義務。脫離貧窮 ,追求幸福不單是你的權利 ,也是每個人應盡的責任與義務。

*   Poverty and hardship can stimulate one’s motivation of progress.  However, ease and comfort can destroy one’s will of getting better and upward. 

   「貧困可以激發一個人上進的動力 ,而安逸享樂則可以消滅一個人繼續向上的心志。」

*   If you can bear hardships, you may only spend half of your life time on them.  If you cannot, you certainly will bear hardship all your life.

   「肯吃苦,只會吃半輩子的苦 。不肯吃苦 ,則會吃一輩子的苦。」

*   Laziness,unwilling to work, it makes one incapable of doing anything. 


*   It is absolutely necessary that rich dad need pretend to be poor to a certain extent before your children grow up.

     「在孩子長大以前, 富爸爸的適度裝窮 ,確實有其必要性。」

*   If the rich high ranking people often hold parties and let children accept many gifts, it is no good for children’s progress. It will diminish your children’s aspiration for higher achievements.

     「有錢有地位的人 ,如果常常開 PARTY,讓孩子收到許多朋友送來的禮物 ,你這樣做是對孩子不好的,如果你那樣做,你會熄滅孩子追求上進的心。」

*   Whether your children are good or bad, it is closely related to the parents’ conducts.    For the sake of your children’s bright future, the parents’ conducts (examples) are extremely important.

      「孩子的好壞,與父母的行為息息相關 。」 為著孩子「將來好」,父母的好行為 ( 好榜樣 ) 就非常的重要。」

*   If you are rich. Don’t expose your money not only in front of bad guys, but also to your son.  Don’t let him see and enjoy your wealth too early.
      「有錢不要露白,財富不僅不要讓壞人看到,連你自己的子女、也不可讓他們提早看到 或 享受到。」

*   If you let the rascals see you money, your life will be endangered (murder for money).  For the similar reason, don’t let your son enjoy your money too early, otherwise his life will be destroyed (losing the ability to survive).
     「讓歹徒看到你有錢是危險的,歹徒有時會取了你的命 ( 遭謀財害命 ) 。   類似的道理 ,「有錢」不能讓你兒子提早享受到 ,否則會 毀了你兒子的命 ( 讓他失去求生能力 ) 」。

*   The living principles of the rich dads whose wealth has been passed down to three successive generations include six self-requirements as follows:
1.   Do not expose your money to others.
2.   Do not live in luxury house.
3.   Do not drive name-brand vehicles.
4.   Making money through legal ways.
5.   Do not spoil your children.
6.   Correctly bring up and educate your next generation.
7.   Parents must set good examples with their own words and conducts.
「富過三代的富爸爸生活原則,有六項自我要求 : 1.  財不露白    2. 不住豪宅    3.  不開名車   4. 財富取之有道   5. 不寵壞孩子  6.教育好下一代  7. 以身做則。」

*   If you want to pass down your fortune to three successive generations, parents themselves should be a model student of finance management.  You must control your own enjoyment.  You may “cherish” your child but moderately.  You must avoid indulging your child, otherwise, he will become a “good-for-nothing”, a spendthrift, and a “prodigal “son.  
    「 想要富過三代 ,父母本身就要是「理財模範生」, 對自己的「享受」要有節制 ,對孩子的「寵愛」要適度。    避免「放縱孩子」 養到一個「不肖子」、「敗家子」、 「浪蕩子」。

*   Your spirit and experience of being a model student in creating fortune and finance management must be inherited from generation to generation.  It not only brings honor to your ancestors, but your next generations will certainly be blessed.  As long as there is no “spendthrift”, no “good-for-nothing” in the family, it is not at all surprising to have the family fortune passed down to ten successive generations.

     「致富理財的模範生」是要代代相傳下去,不僅讓你的祖先得光榮,你的子孫也會蒙福 。只要「敗家子、 不肖子」不產生 ,能傳富超過十代, 也就不足為奇了。」

*   How to be a model student of investment and finance management?  I think we can learn from each other, restrain each other, and encourage each other.

    「如何做到投資理財的模範生 ,我們可以互相學習 、互相克制 、互相勉勵。」

*   Let the children develop a habit of saving money.  Let them have a little own money, so that, you may train them the ability to manage their own money.
    「培養孩子有儲蓄的習慣 ,讓他擁有少量的私房錢 ,這樣可以訓練 ( 培養 ) 他們管理金錢的能力。」

*   Don’t take away from your children the fun of earning money and the sense of accomplishment.
   「不剝奪孩子,賺錢的樂趣 和 成就感。」

*   Let children know what poverty is.  This is only way to stimulate them to seek fortune.

*   Children who have love, compassion, devotion, ideals, morality, belief, adhered and improvement are usually capable to resist bad influences.
 「有愛心 、有慈悲、有奉獻、有理想、有道德、有信仰、有堅持、有上進的孩子才會是有能力去抵抗學壞的。」

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