65. 如何成為百萬富翁與富婆

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65.How to Become a Millionaire and Millionairess?

65. 如何成為百萬富翁與富婆
Precious advises to success --  18 secret codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼  18條

*   The important characteristics of millionaires are the ambitions of creating fortunes.


*   A satisfactory and happy marriage may accumulate a remarkable fortune.  But an unsatisfactory marriage could make the fortune shrink.  The longer the marriage lasts, the more fortune will grow.

「美滿的婚姻」可以累積財富,而「失敗的婚姻」則會使財富縮水。婚姻能夠維持的愈久 , 累積的財富就愈多。」

*   The spouse of good finance management can help you to accumulate wealth in effect.

「善於/精於理財的配偶,可以幫助你有效地累積財富 。」

*   Dose not means that two people get married, can become millionaires.  However, if the marriage lasts longer and become more stable with the solid cooperation, those couple more easy to become millionaires.

「不是說兩個人結婚以後,就能成為百萬富豪, 而是說在長期穩定 ,同心協力的婚姻狀態中,較能成為百萬富翁 。」

*   Millionaires not only have a powerful mind of doing business, but also have principles in dealing with people and various matters. Except for a few upstarts and gangsters, most of them rely on their wisdom, hardworking, and morals to start their business. otherwise they are unable to keep their own fortune.  If their fortunes are obtained by means of cheating, stealing or robbery, I believe, their fortunes will soon be used up or they will be sentenced to imprisonment.
「百萬富豪不僅有做生意的頭腦,也有做人處事的原則。 除了少數的「暴發戶」與「惡勢力」以外,大部份百萬富豪都是靠「智慧 、勤奮 與 道德」起家的 ,要不然他們也守不住他們的財富 。如果他們的財富是「騙來的、偷來的、搶來的」 我相信他們的財富,也會很快的消失掉,因為他們不是被判刑入獄 ,就是很快地把錢「花光掉」。

*   Making money should be based on honesty and legal means.  Therefore, you need not get scared to hear a knock at the door at midnight.

*   If you want to control your own fortunes, you must own your specialized skill and business first.

「如果你想要控制自己的財運 ,就必需要擁有屬於自己的專業或事業。 」

*   Be an honest man!  Never lie!  Don’t be mean to others!  Don’t cheat for money!  Don’t cheat for affection!  If you treat everyone honestly, you can avoid lots of unnecessary trouble. Meanwhile you could save a lot of time and energy, to devote your business and making more money.

「做人要誠實,不要說謊 ,不要算計人,不要 騙財 、騙感情,只要你對每一個人誠實,你就可免除許多無謂的煩腦,這樣你才能節省許多「時間和精力」用於賺錢的事業上。」

*   While you are making wealth successfully, you have to take care of your health too.  If you lose a health body, you will not have the chance to consume your money for entertainment.   Therefore, no matter how much wealth you have, it is already meaningless.

「在你成功致富的同時,也要注重你的健康 。如果你失去健康的身體,那你就沒有機會去消費、去娛樂你的財富。如果失去健康,那麼再多財富對你來說,那就沒什麼意義了。」

*   If your future comes from the efforts of your spouse, you will feel the importance and loveliness of you spouse all the more.


*   When you were still as poor as a church mouse, how did you let your spouse discover you merits and aspirations, especially you ability of financial management, which is very important to you.

「當你還是「窮光蛋」的時候 ,如何讓對方發現你的「優點與抱負」是非常重要地, 特別是你在投資理財這一方面的傑出表現。」
*   Whoever can make big money is not an expertise but an entrepreneur.  Expertise may serve those entrepreneurs and make a little money only.  If you want to become a millionaire, you must become a boss with your own investment and own business.

「真正會賺大錢的,不是專家而是「企業家」。「專家」只會替企業家服務,賺賺小錢而己。要想迅速成為大富翁,就必須自已「投資做老闆」 擁有自己的事業。」
*   If both the husband and the wife are interested in the activities of creating fortune, it is easier for them to be a millionaire.


*   Ever since your childhood, you have to study well, fulfill yourself with good natural and moral character.  You also have to participate in the activities held by variety of communities or groups and sports competitions.  Besides cultivating the special characteristics of a millionaire choose a good spouse and create a self-fulfilling business and you will be a great boss.  This is the successful secret of a millionaire.

「 從小好好唸書 、充實自己,有好品性,好道德。」「多參加各種社團活動 與運動競賽」 並「培養出百萬富翁的特質」 加上「選到好的配偶」與「自創事業做老闆」,這些都是百萬富翁成功的密訣。」

*   If you are modest enough to learn the successful experience from others and turn it to be your own. Well, you will certainly succeed.


*   If you are already a millionaire enjoying your happy life, hopefully you will not forget your duty and obligation to create blissfulness for your hometown and mankind, and to reciprocate the society as well.


*   I am very grateful to the people who have supported me and have fought together with me.  Besides, I want to show my special gratitude to the relevant departments of the government for their kind supports.  It is the government that provides us such a good environment for investment and also provides us the chances to get rich.  Thanks for the government!

「我感謝所有支持我,和跟我一起打拼的人。我還要感謝政府各部門的支持,因為是它們提供了那麼多良好的投資環境,才讓所有的企業家有機會去發財 ,所以我們特別感謝政府的幫助。」 

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