64. 現代的富爸爸是如何教育下一代的

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64.How Do the Modern Rich Dads Educate Their Next Generation?

64.  現代的富爸爸是如何教育下一代的

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*   How to raise the next generation to be valuable and responsible citizens is the duty of all parents.


*   Although the youths of today are particularly smart, yet they are too dependent on their parents.  That’s why they usually lack of self-confidence and financial independence.


*   The kids nowadays are very lucky to be born in the time of self -determination.  They can do what they wish and choose what they like.  Unfortunately, we haven’t passed on to them the wisdom and knowledge of what to do and what to choose.


*   When children are growing up, they need encouraged and inspiration, also need to give strict disciplines.  children need to build up their self-confidence and also their sense of responsibility. 

「孩子的成長需要給予鼓勵與啟發, 但也需要給予嚴加管教。孩子需要自信心,同時也需要責任心。」

*   You should pay special attention to “Education of opportunity”.  Education for children is not performed at school only, but in every ordinary event of daily life.

「要抓住每一個「機會教育」機會,孩子的教育不完全只是在學校中, 而是在每一天的生活之中。」 

*Don’t show negative examples to children.  Never ever imbue them with negative and pessimistic thinking.

「不要做負面的示範,更不要向孩子灌輸負面( 悲觀)的思想。」

*   Don’t educate children in the way of preaching.  You yourself should be their role model.  The best way to educate children for the parents is to set good examples with their own conducts.

「不要用說教來對待孩子,要用身教來影響孩子 。家長以身作則是最好的教育。」

*   Don’t do everything for you children.  You have to help them build up their self-independence, correct mistakes and develop their spirit of responsibility.
「不要事事都替孩子做 ,要培養孩子具有獨立自主的精神,有錯則改,具有勇於負責任的態度。」

*   Excessive protection of children, make them lost their independence and autonomy.  If the parents do so, the child will lose their capability of making a living and the ability to make judgment independently.

「過多的保護孩子 ,會使孩子失去獨立自主的能力。 如果父母這樣做,反而會使孩子失去了謀生能力 和獨自判斷的能力。 」

*   A kid who is too dependent on his parents usually doesn’t know how to draw up a plan for his life.


*   A kid should possess self-independence, responsibility, leadership, decisiveness and execution.


*  If children need to succeed and survive in such turbulent competitive world, so they must learn how to judgment independently, choice their  right life.


*   Children should learn how to complete their own business and solve their own problems.  They have to develop the habit of independence, self-motivated, self-driven habits.


*   Give back the right of choice to your children.  Let them become master of their own lives, not totally relying on their parent.


*   As parents you should stimulate your children’s curiosity.  You need not teach them everything.  Try to arouse their interest in doing or researching different projects.  You may give them some instructions, but not critical pressure, so eliminate their enthusiasm.

「要培養孩子的好奇心,不要什麼都教他們。 要培養孩子研究事務的興趣 ,父母可在旁邊多指導,但不宜批評打壓,以至於消滅他們的熱情。」

*   Whenever your children meet with failure, let them bear the responsibility for the consequence.  Children, who are responsible and dare to admit mistakes, will have outstanding achievements in future.

「當孩子失敗時,讓他自己去承擔責任。 勇於認錯負責的孩子,長大後才能成大器。」

*   Make less criticism and give more advises to your children.  Do not always find faults with them.  Between you and your children you have to communicate and exchange views with each other more frequently.


*   You should trust your children because “trust” can stir up their sense of responsibility better than punishment.

「要信任孩子 ,信任比懲罰更能夠激起孩子的責任心。」

*   Let your children have their own universe to bring full play to their talent and imaginations.  Give encouragement to them instead of denial.  A child who is accepted and supported by his parents will have unlimited potential and his achievement will be unlimited too.
「讓孩子自己有一片發揮的天地。把對孩子的「否定 」變成「鼓勵」
 一個受父母肯定的孩子,他的衝力會無限大 ,他的成就,也就會無限大。」

*Don’t restrict children’s freedom with too many disciplines.  You ought to let them do what they are interested in.


*   Give back the right of self-determination to your children.  It not only can develop their ability of independence, but also be helpful to what they are working on.


*   Don’t make decisions for your children, such as his interest, his career, his future and his spouse.

「不要替孩子去決定他的興趣 ,他的職業 ,他的前途,他的配偶。」

*   Punish failure would hurt a child’s motivation to make progress.  You ought to encourage them to learn from failures and become stronger and more mature.

*   Don’t punish children for their setbacks.  But you may punish them for their bad behaviors, such as being lazy, relying on others, evading responsibility and so on.

*   Do not do preaching to your children.  If they really believe in the preaching, they may lose their ability of self - judgment.


*   Encourage your children to do more house chores.  Don’t do everything for them.  Let them go and doing all the daily routines.


*    Don’t interfere in children’s business too much.  Don’t deprive them of their right of choice.


*   One who is full of self-confidence will always be lucky and smooth in his career.  But one who lost self-confidence will never be successful.

「 一個充滿自信的人,事業總是一帆風順的。一個失去自信心的人,永遠不會獲得成功。」

*    Self-confidence has to be built up gradually.  First, you must believe that your children are smart and capable.  A support, a positive, an encouragement, a compliment, can stimulate a child’s self-confidence.
「自信心是需要逐步培養的,首先你要相信孩子是有能力的。一個支持 、一個肯定、一個鼓勵、一個誇獎,都可激發孩子的自信心。」

*   Do not raise your children to be your successors, because they might not be interested in your specialty and career.


*   It is the duty of parents to help their children to discover their talent and interest.

「去幫助孩子發覺他的專長與興趣,是父母的責任。 」 

*   It is the obligation of parents to help their children to display their potentiality.


*   Don’t suppress your child’s feelings because being joyful, happy, angry, sad, and anxious are all normal reactions of human.  You should give them the chance to let off their emotion.

「不要壓抑孩子的情緒,因為喜 、樂、怒、 哀、 愁是人的正常反應。要讓孩子有發洩感情的機會。」

*   Try to be your children’s good friend, so that they are willing to talk to their parents.  Let the children tell their parents whatever they have in their mind. 

「做孩子的好朋友 ,培養孩子願意跟父母說話的習慣 「讓孩子有心裡話,願意和父母說。」

*   I will try my best to spend more time with my children and be their intimate friend, to whom they will tell what they have in their hearts.  I am not going to chide them in the way as a parent or as an elderly.


*   Spend more time to keep your children company.  No matter how busy you are, you have to play with them and have hearty talks with them as equals.

「多陪陪孩子, 無論多麼忙,都要和孩子一起玩 ,平等的談心。」

*  Don’t lose your temper when your children have done something that is against your expectations.  You should listen to their explanations first.

*   You have to educate your children to tell the truth and encourage them to be a man of integrity who dare to do something and dare to bear responsibility.

「培養孩子說誠實話 ,要求孩子敢做敢當,像個有骨氣的人。」

*   If you want to be a friend of you children, you have to learn their language instead of asking them to learn you language / thinking.

「如果你要做孩子的朋友,那你只有學習他們的語言(電腦語言),而不是要求他學習你的語言 / 思想。」

*   I’d rather have a child who has internationalized mentality and concept than a child who is narrow-minded without world outlook.

「  我要有一個有國際化思維和國際觀的孩子,不要有一個狹隘封閉沒有世界觀的孩子。」

*   I’d rather have a child who is reasonable with clear logic senses than a child who is obedient and docile.

「  我要有一個明理、講理的孩子,我不要一個百依百順,沒有主見的孩子。」

*   I’d rather have a child who is responsible and strives to make progress than one who always finds excuses and shirks responsibility.

「  我要有一個負責上進的孩子,我不要一個推諉搪塞責任的孩子。」

*   I’d rather have a child who is independent and self-determined than a child who has to depend on his daddy for living.

「  我要有一個獨立自主的孩子,我不要一個依靠老爸生活的孩子。」

*   I’d rather have a son who has his own judgment and choice than one who has no definite views of his own.

「  我要有一個有判斷、有選擇能力的孩子,我不要一個沒有主見的孩子。」

*   I’d rather have a son who has self-confidence and high aspiration than one who has no ambition at all.

「  我要有一個有自信、有報復的孩子,我不要一個沒有企圖心的孩子。」

*   I’d rather have a son who is happy with his own ideal than one who is always reluctant in doing anything.

「  我要有一個有快樂、有理想的孩子,我不要一個做事勉強的孩子。」

*   I’d rather have a son with whom we can have hearty talks than one who doesn’t talk to me and stays at a respectful distance from me.

「  我要有一個能談心的孩子,我不要一個敬畏我,不跟我說話的孩子。」

*   You have to learn more up-to-date things, so as to establish common interest with your children.


*   You have to learn your children’s computer language instead of asking them to learn your old language.


*   Only you go to meet the child’s life, can not ask children to adapt to the life of yours.


*   To understand the child’s grow up background, try to understand children’s ideas, so you can communicate with them and live in peace.


*   Spend more time to keep your children company.  No matter how busy you are, you have to play with them and have heart to heart talks with them

*   You have to learn new knowledge diligently and accept new ideas and new concepts.  By doing so, your generation gap might be avoided.


*   Good marital relationship is a hotbed for children to normal development. A broken family, children hurt worst.


*   Family lost love, the life certainly chaotic. Parents do not set a good example, difficult to teach children to be good.


*   To educate the next generation, parents should set a good example, first educate themselves.


*   In molding the character of children, parents should set good examples with their words and conducts because example is better than precept.  Meanwhile, don’t educate them in the way of preaching.


*   Human beings have already marched onto the stage of the world.  So, we have to instruct our children in the way of internationalized thinking and concept of value.  It is wrong to stick to those deadly obsolete doctrines.  Never ever imbue the children with passive thinking.

*   Give back the right of choice to your children. Let them be their own masters.


*   Do not set up too many disciplines to restrict your children’s freedom.  Let them do what they are interested in.

「不要用太多規矩限制孩子的自由 . 要讓自己的孩子去做他自己喜歡做的事。」。

*   Do not interfere your children’s business too much.  You are depriving them of their right of choice.


*   Whether one is happy or not mostly depends on whether he is able or not to do what he is interested in.  These two factors are closely related to each other.

「一個人快樂與否? 和他是否能做自己有興趣的事,有著相當大的關連性的。」

*   15% of one’s success in his career is determined by his professional skills.  The rest 85% depends on his interpersonal relationship and his worldly wisdom.

「一個人事業的成功15%取決於他的專業技能,另外的85%要依靠人際關係 和 處世技巧。」

*   I will do my best to spend more time to keep my children company and try my utmost to be a father to whom they can trust with whatever they have in their hearts.


*    If you don’t learn new knowledge and do not keep in touch with new thinking and new concepts, you are poor and backward in the scope of knowledge and thinking.  Then you will be unable to understand the idea of a child.

「如果你 不學新知識,不接觸新的思想觀念,知識匱乏,思想陳舊,你就不能理解孩子的想法。」

* Always bring children to go hiking, walking, traveling, visiting museums, listening speak, learn computer and etc. This is the best chance to have heart to heart talks with them, communicate with them as well.  These activities not only can improve their health, also increase their new knowledge.

「要經常帶孩子一齊去爬山、打球、散步、旅遊、看展覽會、聽演講、學電腦、、等,這是與孩子談心、溝通的最好機會,而且有益健康,有益增進新知識。 」

 The election of rich dad is your good luck. How to choose for their children is to use your wisdom, how to education their children is your responsibility, how to get a good boy is depend on your good example.

「選對富爸爸是你的運氣好,如何選對子女是要運用你的智慧,如何把孩子教育好是你的職責,如何得到一個好孩子是在於你的以身作責。 」

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