82. 善錢與惡錢

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82. Good money and bad money
82. 善錢 與 惡錢

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼69條

There’s nothing good or bad in money itself, only in where it comes from and where it’s going.

With the  proper and legitimate earned money is good money. With the immoral, illegal, unconscionable evil earned money is bad money. Use the money to do good thing is good money. Use the money to do bad thing is bad money.

Good money brings good karma.  Bad money brings bad karma.

Bad money, bad thoughts, bad behavior will only bring about bad luck and troubles.

Good money, good thoughts, good behavior will surely bring good luck and peace.

The desire to steal, rob, and commit crimes are all bad thoughts; so are thoughts of overnight riches, getting something for nothing, and living an opulent lifestyle.
「想偷、想搶、想做壞事,這些均屬惡思想。 想發財、想不勞而獲、想過一個奢侈的生活,這些思想也均屬惡思想。」

Money borrowed irresponsibly with no regard for one’s own ability to repay that debt is bad money.

Money borrowed to buy a house or car with zero down payment, being faux riche, is bad money.  Money borrowed on an over-extended credit card, going over the credit limit, is also bad money.

Money obtained illegally and immorally by stealing, robbing, cheating, murdering, and committing crimes is bad money.

Money that doesn’t help elevate your moral ethics or purify your mind is bad money.

Money earned by physical labor and intellectual effort, which conforms to society’s code of ethics, is good money.  Any other kind of money is bad money.

The happiness you get from bad money can only last a short while, not a lifetime.

Money borrowed beyond one’s ability to repay is bad money

Only borrow money if you have the ability to repay.  Don’t borrow if you can’t repay the debt, otherwise you may be using bad money.

Money earned by legitimate work is good money.  Money borrowed beyond one’s ability to repay is bad money.

Overuse of borrowed bad money is one of the main causes of bankruptcy.

Too much inheritance for children is not always a good thing.  Money that isn’t good for the children is also bad money.
「 有時父母會留下很多的財產給子女,這些過多的錢對子女不一定有好處,對子女沒有好處的錢,也是屬於一種惡錢。」

Money that fall from the sky or gained without any effort may very well be bad money.

If your children know your money comes from illegally seized, this would twist their integrity and destroy their reputations.  They would never be able to live with pride.

Take this advice to heart: we must leave our children with good money, not bad money. 

Water can float a boat as it can flip a boat.  By the same token, money can save lives as it can destroy lives.  Therefore we must only pursue good money and refuse bad money.
20*「 水可載舟,水也可以覆舟。同理,錢可救人,錢也可以害人。所以我們一定要去追求善錢,而不要去追求惡錢。」

You must recognize the true meaning of money so not to let money destroy your heart and aspirations.

Money can buy a house but not a cozy home.

Money can buy a clock but not precious time.

Money can buy a bed but not adequate sleep.

Money can buy books but not knowledge.

Money can buy medical care but not lost health.

Money can buy blood but not life.

Money can buy status but not respect.

Money can buy power but not buy happiness.

Money can buy a spouse but not true love.

Money can buy sex but not love.

Money can buy things but not the soul.

Money can buy moments but not eternity.

Money can buy atonement but not peace of conscience.

Money can buy bad people but not good people.

Money can buy enjoyment but not content.

Bad money can destroy a man’s heart and aspirations.  It can also destroy his morals.

We were taught in school to aim not for high government positions but to accomplish greatness.  Yet as grownups, we found that everyone only aims to make big money.  Is that what the teachers meant by telling us to “accomplish greatness”?
「從小老師教導我們要立志做大事,不要立志做大官,長大以後,怎麼發現人人都在立志賺大錢 / 發大財。難道老師教導我們做大事就是指「賺大錢」?

Bad thoughts and bad behavior stem from the willingness to forsake one’s moral conscience in the pursuit of money.  The sole purpose of thieving, pirating, robbing, cheating, lying, and murdering is to obtain bad money.

Don’t take bad money; don’t do bad things; don’t say bad words; don’t choose bad roads.

The most pitiful people in the world are those who have nothing left except money.

Money made by someone who doesn’t care about anyone’s benefit but his own is bad money.

Unscrupulous businesses that make unscrupulous products don’t care about the health and safety of others.  The money they make is bad money.

A person who evades tax liabilities only cares about his own profit and not the benefit of the entire society.  The money he saves is bad money.

A man who has lost his conscience and only takes bad money is indeed despicable as well as pitiful.

When the government borrows against the national deficit to print more money, most of it is bad money.  If the increased deficit cannot be compensated by tax increases, then it becomes bad money to be repaid by our children.

Individuals should not pursue bad money, nor should the government print bad money.  Too much bad money will surely end up in disaster.

Mountains of bad money bring mountains of disasters.

Robbers steal from the bank; the government steals from future generations.  Either way it’s bad money.

Study hard and work diligently to earn money.  Never take nor borrow bad money.

The damage brought about by bad money far exceeds any happiness it can bring.

We should set our sights on making good money, not bad money.
Thoughts that lead to bad money are bad thoughts.  Behavior that generates bad money is bad behavior.  We must not only eliminate bad behavior but also bad thoughts.
「 一切讓你產生惡錢的思想,就是惡思想。一切讓你實現惡錢的行為,就是惡行為。我們不只要戒除惡行為,也要戒除惡思想。

Everyone wishes to make more money in order to afford the best education for their children, but if what they use is bad money, then it will ultimately backfire.

Bad money won’t bring your children happiness; it can only bring them notoriety.

 If parents were disorderly conduct, violation of the law, the parent’s notoriety will give the children the most serious injuries. Children often accused or discredit by others, completely destroyed the next generation’s happiness due to the previous generation’s notoriety.


All the money in the world cannot redeem one’s mistakes.  To avoid failure, you must control your greed.

The way to avoid failure is to first keep control over one’s own greed.  Next is to keep control over one’s own mouth, eyes, ears, and carelessness.

The cause of pain and failure in life is saying what shouldn’t be said, seeing what shouldn’t be seen, hearing what shouldn’t be heard, doing what shouldn’t be done, and taking what shouldn’t be taken.

You may fool everyone at one point or even fool some people indefinitely, but you cannot fool yourself forever.  Whoever thinks he’s the smartest of them all is in fact the most foolish of them all.

Those who toy with others never end up in a good place.

All troubles stem from the heart.  All misfortune stems from greed.

Short money is not a big problem, only bad money, evil money, bad thoughts and bad behavior is a big problem.

The biggest mistake in life is falling prey to bad / evil money.
Bad money, bad thoughts, and bad behavior will only bring you a guilty conscience. 

If you don’t do bad things, don’t take bad money, don’t possess bad thoughts, then you should be able to live in peace with a clear conscience.

If you can be at peace with your conscience, then you can find peace in your life.

Good health is very important but good money, good thoughts, good behavior is more important..


Bad financial and living situations can easily lead one to risk everything and commit illegal acts.  Hope you can retain your self-control, stay away from bad money, bad thoughts, and bad behavior in order to avoid misfortunes and have a bright future.

The only way to be at peace is to change the world through good money, good thoughts, and good behavior.

Life has many games, if you lost one game, you do not become despondent. You need thoroughly review, turn over goodness. Do good, do successfully after that, Take responsibility, correct the mistake is right way to goodness. To take advantage of good money, good thoughts, good behavior to light the rest of life, turn evil money into good money, turn bad behavior into good deeds, it’s the only way to make up for your faults.
「人一生中有許多局,萬一你其中的一局做失敗了,你不要喪志,你要徹底檢討,認真改過,重新向善,在你以後的幾局裡,要把它做的好,做的成功。勇於承擔責任,知錯則改 ,善莫大焉。 要利用善錢、善思想、善行為去光明你的餘生,把惡錢變為善錢,把惡行變為善行,這樣才是你唯一彌補過錯的方法。」

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