81. 拒絕變窮、拒絕做違法的事,拒絕做傷害下一代的事

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81. Say no to poverty, say no to unlawful acts, say no to things that will jeopardize your children’s future.
81.  拒絕變窮、拒絕做違法的事,拒絕做傷害下一代的事

The golden rules of success – 81 secrets
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼81條
How do you create wealth? Listen to what rich dad and rich mom have to say.

As we  say no to poverty, you must also say no to committing crimes and breaking the law.

You have the right to say no to poverty, but you don’t have the right to steal, rob, murder, kidnap, or embezzle money.

Wanting to be rich does not give you the right to commit any crime.

Poverty does not justify the offenses you make. Not because of their own cause can rationalize the crime.

You can live your life in poverty or you can live your life in riches.  The biggest difference between the two is your mentality、goals、resolve.

No one can guarantee that a rich man will stay rich his entire life, but if you don’t work hard, I can almost guarantee you’ll be poor your entire life.

Saying no to poverty will give you power and drive to work hard.  You can only start working hard when you have a clear goal for your wealth.

A person begins to work hard when he says no to poverty.  A person starts to fight for survival when he refuses to give in to death.

Some people end up poor because they have lost the burning desire for a better life.  If you get used to simply going with the flow, you will lose the burning desire to change your circumstances.

One who is satisfied with the status quo and doesn’t want to change will never advance in his life.

To go from being poor to getting rich, you must be devoted to learning, devoted to hard work, and devoted to saving and investing wisely.
「想從窮變富,你必須努力的學習,努力的工作,努力的儲蓄 與 做出正確的投資。」

To go from being poor to getting rich, you must learn from other people’s experience and mistakes.  Leveraging the power, you don’t end up spinning your wheels.  

Money doesn’t come easy, therefore spend it prudently.  Otherwise no matter how much money you have, poverty will catch up to you one day.

Besides their diligence and intelligence, many entrepreneurs share another trait –they all choose to say no the poverty.  Starting a business or a factory is a method of they realize their dreams.

If people are happy to be poor then no one will start a business or opened a factory.  If no one wishes to be rich, then no one will be motivated to work hard.

Young people need to stay motivated and work hard to say no to poverty.  Middle-aged people also need to stay motivated and work hard to say no to poverty.  Retirees especially need to have savings and be independent to say no to poverty.
「 年輕人要勤奮上進,拒絕自己成為窮人。中壯年人也要勤奮上進,拒絕自己成為窮人。老人更要有所積蓄,自食其力,拒絕自己成為窮人。」

In order for an old man to live independently without relying on his children or the government, he must accumulate enough savings and pay off his home mortgage before he retires.  Otherwise he will not be able to live on his own and to secure the rest of his life.

If you want to accumulate enough savings for retirement and own real estate free and clear, then you must create a financial plan early in life.

You must first have dreams before you can have a goal.  Only when you work hard to accomplish your goals, will your dreams come true.

You can never become rich if you never wish to be rich,.

Most people want to be rich, but most people will only do the things that poor people do.

If you don’t want to be poor, then you must not do the things poor people do.

Greed begins with one who only envies the wealth of others but doesn’t commit to working hard himself.  Crime spawns from someone who wants to get rich but doesn’t want to follow legitimate paths to wealth.
「不知自己努力,卻只會羨慕別人的財富,這就是貪婪的開始。想辦法去變成有錢人,但卻不遵循合法 / 正常的管道,這就是犯罪的開始。」

Stealing small things or taking advantage of others here and there may not be a major crime, but they help breed a criminal habit.

Petty greed can become insatiable.  Misdemeanors can turn into felonies.  Those who don’t know the meaning of money or wealth can end up committing serious crimes due to greed.
「從小貪變大貪,從小罪變大罪。不懂得金錢 / 財富義意的人,最後可能會因為貪財為非作歹,犯下大錯。」

We must say no to poverty, but also refuse to engage in petty theft and misdemeanor as well as heinous crimes.

Don’t steal someone else’s bread just because you are hungry.  Don’t rob a bank just because you are poor.  Don’t commit heartless crimes just because you are greedy / hatred / ignorance.
「不要因為飢餓,就可以偷別人的麵包吃。不要因為窮,就可以去搶銀行。不要因為貪心/貪婪 / 瞋 / 痴,就可以不擇手段,貪瀆枉法,為所欲為。」

The most despicable thing to do is, after you’ve made a mistake, to look for all kinds of rationale to justify your illicit actions for the sake of dodging punishment or responsibility.
 「不可因為犯了錯,就找些稀奇古怪的理由來搪塞,把不正當的行為合理化,以圖減輕自己的刑責 / 責任,這種近似耍懶的手法最為無恥。」

The worst thing to do is to justify your own illicit actions for the sake of dodging punishment.

“Saying no to poverty” means we should aim to amass our wealth slowly through hard work and diligence, conservation and saving up, investing and managing money effectively.   It does not tell you to get rich instantly through stealing, robbing, murdering, cheating, kidnapping, or embezzling.

“Saying no to poverty” means we must use proper, legal channels to amass wealth slowly, and not use illegal means to appropriate dirty money.

“Saying no to poverty” means we must use wisdom and sense in investing and preserving our principle.

“Saying no to poverty” doesn’t mean we can use any and all means to get rich, disregarding all rules of justice.

“Saying no to poverty” doesn’t mean we can use any and all means to get rich, disregarding all rules of ethics.

Saying no to poverty should encourage you to strive for greatness, not to commit crimes.

Everyone has unique strengths and hidden potentials.  Once you fully exert your strengths, you will surely overcome poverty.  But always take the high road in overcoming poverty, never do it through illicit means.

You shouldn’t make dirty money through criminal acts.  You shouldn’t engage in crime and harm others in order to overcome your own poverty.

Gambling can make you poor, so don’t gamble.  Playing stocks can make you poor, so don’t play stocks.  Engaging in crime can send you to prison, so don’t engage in crime.
「 賭博會讓你變窮,所以不要去賭博。炒股會讓你變窮,所以不要去炒股。

Our society is full of criminal activities and traps to lure you in.  How to say no to those lures is an important subject to learn.  Staying away from criminals and criminal acts is effectively protecting yourself.
「 社會上的壞事太多,到處存在著陷阱、引誘著你去做不法之事。如何學會拒絕引誘是很重要的課題。不沾染壞事情,不去與壞人為伍就是保護自己。

Learning how to protect yourself means leaning to refuse external lures and illegal acts.

Money and sex are the biggest lures in life, just as prestige, status, and power are the biggest traps.  People often make mistakes because they lack self-control.  The most important life lesson to learn is how to control ourselves.

If you don’t have self-control, then learn to steer clear from criminal acts.  Stay away from crime is a good way to play it safe.

Learning to protect yourself means learning to refuse and to say no.

If you don’t engage in criminal acts or fraternize with criminals, you are effectively protecting yourself.

Distancing yourself from criminals and saying no to criminal acts are the best ways to protect yourself.

Some say, “Poverty leads to crime,” when in fact, poverty has nothing to do with crime.  Only those who are greedy will commit crimes.

Those who are greedy often find ways to seize money illegally.  This is the true cause of crime.

Petty theft and misdemeanors are the beginnings of all serious criminals.  If unchecked, these actions will evolve into heinous crimes.  Therefore, we must eliminate greed and refuse to engage in petty theft, corruption, and misdemeanors.

As we say no to poverty, we must also say no to corruption and illegal actions.

We can create a social image of decency if the people don’t engage in bribery and the politicians don’t engage in corruption.

Even the poor should live with dignity and integrity.  Refuse to be a parasite of society no matter how poor you may be.
「 窮人也要窮的有骨氣、有風骨,再窮也不去做一個社會上的寄生虫。」

Those who constantly live off of welfare and those who have money but pretend to be poor in order to get welfare are the scum of society.  Crooks abound in our society, from small-time to big-time.

Those people who have money but pretend to be poor in order to get welfare are small-time crooks.  Those politicians who embezzle money and cheat on votes are big-time criminals.  Whether big-time or small-time, skimming money is always wrong.
 「 有錢卻故意裝窮人,騙取救濟金的人,算是小騙子。政冶人物騙錢、騙選票,算是大騙子。不論大騙子、小騙子,他們A錢的行為,都是不正確的示範。」

It’s wrong to skim money whether they are a big-time criminal or a small-time crook.

It’s wrong to commit a crime in order to rid yourself of poverty or to seize power and profit.

As we say no to poverty, we must also say no to greed and illegal actions.
「在拒絕變窮的同時,也要拒絕貪婪 ,拒絕做不法的事。」

Those unscrupulous businessmen haven’t got a lick of conscience when they only care about maximizing their own profit and not about others lives.

If a society has many unscrupulous businessmen, this is representative of a social morality that is sinking.

If you disregard moral and legal standards, no matter how much dirty money you make, you’ll still live in shame.
「忽視道德與法律的標準 / 準則,任意妄為的賺黑心錢,就算你有錢,那也是可恥的。」

No one should engage in illegal activities or make others poor just to gain wealth for themselves.  It’s immoral to amass wealth for yourself while causing others to become poor and ill.
「沒有人可以因為自己想變富,就可以去做非法的事。也沒有人因為想自己變富,就可以讓別人變窮。只顧自己變富,而不顧他人變窮 / 變生病是不道德的。」

You can love money, but only love legitimate money.  You can make money, but only make ethical money.

Skimming money makes one richer and others poorer.  This behavior is utterly immoral and atrocious.

Those who pretend to be impoverished to get welfare benefits are depriving others of their welfare.  A government that has a budget deficit is depriving the next generation of their assets.  Human beings who abuse nature are depriving the next generation of their survival.
「故意裝窮人, 騙取救濟金的人,就是在剝奪別人的救濟金。政府的赤子預算,就是在剝奪下一代的資產。人類破壞地球生長環境,就是在剝奪下一代的生存空間。」

Some houses are foreclosed and auctioned off by the bank because of those people who are faux riche and buy property with zero down.  Although these home owners don’t lose much, the banks lose a great deal.  Those people who took out subprime loans that led to tremendous losses for the bank, the real estate market, and the entire population are utterly despicable.
「 打腫臉充胖子,用零頭款買房子的人,最後因為種種原因,房子被銀行沒收拍賣,雖然屋主本人損失不太大,但銀行及大眾的損失就太大了。次及房貸,讓銀行賠錢、讓房價大跌,讓全民財產縮水,這種害人害己的零頭款的貸款人,實在是太可惡了。」

As we refuse to be impoverished ourselves, also refuse poverty for others.

In rejecting poorer, we should also refuse to make the world poorer.  As we say no to our own poverty, also say no to world poverty.
Warren Buffett has pointed out in the movie “I.O.U.S.A.” that the US has been diagnosed with budget cancer, and it’s threatening the economic future of our children.  This is not only a financial problem, it’s also a moral problem.  Continuing the mass consumption of our children’s resources and leaving them our debt is morally wrong.  It’s also morally wrong for the government to keep an imbalanced budget, leaving debt to the future.
「 巴菲特在「I.O.U.S.A」的影片中,指出美國已經罹患預算癌,並已威脅到未來兒孫的經濟前途。這不只是一個財務問題,更是道德問題。繼續這樣寅吃卯糧,債留子孫是不道德的。政府預算不平衡,把債務留給子孫是不道德的。」
It’s immoral for a government that doesn’t know how to balance their budget, to leave all their debt to their future generations by thoughtlessly issuing bonds or printing currency.

The subject of the UTMOST importance for today’s society is preventing poverty for our future generations and eliminating pollution in this world.

Problems such as the budget deficit, debt for the future, environmental pollution, global warming, political struggles, and the degradation in moral education, are all forcing our descendants into poverty.  If we don’t take these problems seriously, our children and grandchildren will be living a destitute life.
 「 預算赤字、債留子孫、環境污染、地球暖化、政冶鬥爭、道德教育品質低落等,正在逼迫下一代走向貧窮,如果我們再不重視這些問題,我們的子子孫孫將不會有好日子過。

Predecessors, who don’t care about the living environment of the descendants, causing environmental pollution and global warming, will obliterate their descendants’ right to live a normal life.

We are putting a burden of poverty onto our descendents with our budget deficits, political struggles, and debt for our descendants.

Because the next generation has a right not to be impoverished, therefore, this generation has a responsibility to balance its spending, not to make our descendants pay our debt.

Those who are faux riche and spend excessively, living off of borrowed money, will never be rich.
「 打腫臉充胖子,花錢過度,靠舉債過日子的人,一定富不了。」

Those that spend tomorrow’s money today, over-drafting on their budget, must be buried in debt.

It’s wrong for the government to be faux riche and create a budget deficit, spending our children’s money, leaving them our debt.  A government that lives off of borrowed money, leaving debt to our descendents, is truly vicious.

Our government lives off of borrowed money, leaving debt to our descendents.  This type of policy is truly vicious.

Politicians not only make empty promises, they even bribe their constituents with our future generations’ money.  Their actions are truly vile.

People today are selfishly causing environmental pollution, global warming, rising sea level, and shrinking farm land, leaving our children and grandchildren a destitute future.  Their actions are truly egregious.

Save the earth, save the world, save our future generations.  Please put an end to all our transgressions.

“Rich but merciless” is a common yet undesirable behavior for people today.  We should all be vigilant in that as we say no to poverty for ourselves, we must also prevent our descendents from falling into poverty.

As you say no to poverty, you must also prevent your descendents from falling into poverty.

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