86. 賺錢之道,在於吃小虧賺大錢

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86.  The key to wealth lies in taking small losses to earn great rewards.
86.  賺錢之道,在於吃小虧賺大錢

      導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼條

Sometimes intentional ignorance and taking some necessary losses is the way to survive.

Intentional ignorance and being taken can sometimes give you an edge in terms of long-term competitiveness, and in turn heighten your chances of survival.

A smart businessman is always ready to be intentionally ignorant and take necessary small losses in exchange for big gains in the future.

Nobody likes to be taken advantage of, but a truly wise man is one who is willing to be taken for when he has to.

Raising the offer on a house might look like an unwise decision at first glance, but in reality it is an action born of reason and wisdom.

While opportunists may appear to be calculating and shrewd, they often end up losing more than anyone else.

What appears to be self-defeating action often proves to be wisdom in disguise.

Investments are not to be undertaken by the short-sighted.

Do not take the willingness to raise the offer on a coveted house for stupidity, for behind the mirage of minor immediate losses, it is a wise and well-calculated decision.

A man may appear stupid and yet is truly wise when he willingly raises the bid on a house.

A man may appear stupid and yet is truly wise when he is willing to make small immediate sacrifices.

A man may appear stupid and yet is truly wise when he gives up today’s fun and indulgence to focus on working hard and saving up.

A man may appear stupid, but is truly wise when he saves his money instead of spending it on meaningless things.

Wise men tend to stay low key, for they value the virtues of modesty and decorum.

The rich should know humility, and be eager to help others where they can; a rich man with virtues is always well-respected.

Modesty and perseverance in face of trials can help one become a better, richer man.

A man may appear stupid and yet is truly wise when he gives endlessly to others and never puts up a fight. People who care about others around them are always rewarded for their kindness in the end.

Spending a little bit more when bidding on a house is still an act of generosity, and should be commended.

Givers gain, for kindness rarely goes unrewarded.

The key to creating a lifetime of wealth is in having the wisdom yet being intentionally ignorant.

Smiles can often bring you good fortune, while tears tend to invite bad luck.

Investment requires a clear head, but a bit of naivety can sometimes bring you great fortune.
「投資必須要有聰明的頭腦 ,但偶而帶點傻氣的人,更能帶給你富貴運。」

Opportunists obsessed with immediate gains will often end up in poverty.

People I truly worry about are those who don’t take action to invest in real estate, even when the housing market keeps dropping.
「令我最憂心的事是,那些在房價下跌時,仍不知置產( 投資 ) 的人。」

When bidding on a house, attempts at bargaining for a lower price might appear like a smart thing to do, until you go home empty-handed by the end of the day.

Those who don’t understand the meaning of “givers gain” tend to stay impoverished.

Some people may appear to be stupid and yet are truly wise.  Often those who appear stupid make the most profit.

Morality and kindness may lead to short-term losses and appear “dumb” in the eyes of opportunists, but eventually good deeds always get rewarded.

He, who is taken advantage of, gains in the end.  Givers gain.  Love attracts more love.  Kindness and generosity is always rewarded.

Put yourself in others’ shoes.  The story of those taking advantage of others all the time never end too well.

Your success is determined by your actions, not your knowledge; by your sincerity and love, not your illusions.
「成功是在於行,而不在於懂得道理。成功在於你的真誠 ( 愛心 ),而不在於你的幻想。」

It was our parents’ choice that brought us to this world, but it is our choice that will enable us to become rich.

We have no power to choose the birth/ parents, but we have the power to choose the light of life. Make life more valuable, more meaning.

「我們沒有權力去選擇出生 / 父母,但我們有權力去選擇把生命點亮,讓生命更有義意 / 價值。」

How you proceed when facing the choice between long-term profit and short-term gains is up to you, just like the choice between poverty and wealth.

It’s surprising to know that intentional ignorance and taking short-term losses for future gains could be a way to great wealth.

Competition fuels innovation, just as it creates opportunities for the sharp-minded to get rich. Raising one’s competitiveness is the only way to survive in this world.

Whether you are trying to make big money or just struggling to make ends meet, you must stay within legal boundaries.

Do not try to take advantage of everyone around you, for those without friends in a world dominated by rivals can never survive for too long.

The Machiavellian type should always keep in mind that trying to survive with too many enemies around can be a risky operation in the long run.

Some would say that it is human nature to be selfish. Yet selfishness can only help you with mere survival, while learning to be selfless will allow you to live a good life.

If you have the chance to work for a truly worthy cause, you won’t feel the need to ask for any reward, for your life will be filled with purpose - the ultimate reward that can be bestowed upon you.

Take your time to decide on precisely how you intend to get rich, and think hard on what your priorities are; once you have a clear goal in mind, roll up your sleeves and start working for it!

Try to do good deeds whenever you can, for a pure heart is always rewarded in the end.
「盡你一切可能的去行善,相信你的真心能換來福報 。」

Investment opportunities abound when you keep them on your mind.  Financial planning is easy when you keep it in your heart.

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