94. 凡事要有準備,有準備就不怕遇到困難與挑戰

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94. Be prepared for every situation, so you are unfazed by any difficulty or challenge.
94. 凡事要有準備,有準備就不怕遇到困難與挑戰

    導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 29條

One should always prepare for anything, even the most improbable outcomes.  Once you are prepared, you will have no fear for any danger or challenge.  Whatever problem lies ahead, you will be well-equipped to handle it with ease.

Always plan for the worst, and create strategies to deal with the most unlikely scenarios, so you can be ready to handle any challenge.  Only then can you enjoy a steady and peaceful life.

The only way to mitigate the vast unemployment problem is for the government to create a better environment and opportunities for investment, encouraging corporations to expand and start hiring people.

The United States can no longer depend on consumer spending for financial stability. The government must take action to improve the investment climate, initiate programs to reward enterprises for increasing productivity and export.  Only then can US economy hope to regain its former glory.

Lowering taxes is only a good thing when the government has a balanced budget.  But if the government has an increasing budget deficit, such maneuvers would mean nothing good, and will only push our debts onto the future generations of our nation.

If the government cannot resolve its budget deficit, it will damage our nation for generations to come.

Often politicians advocate tax cuts amidst increasing budget deficits just to bribe for votes.  Such opportunistic maneuvers should be condemned.

Do not blame the economy when you can’t find a job after being laid off.  Blame your inferior performance at work compared to others.  To keep your job, you have to be more skilled and more efficient than the rest.

Losing your job is really not as terrible as it’s made out to be.  The same cannot be said about losing your confidence over it.

Losing your self confidence and giving up on finding another job is the real reason you are unemployed.

A man without the confidence and courage to defeat his competition is a failure ruled by cowardice.

Complain less and work more; slack off less and get more done; take fewer days off, and work more overtime—this way you may avoid becoming another layoff victim.

The recession forces companies to take up drastic measures such as layoffs, buyouts, down-sizing, and reducing costs in order to survive.  To keep your job at times like these, you have to even harder.
「碰到經濟不景氣, 裁員、企業合併、精減人事、降低成本、這些都是企業求生存的方法。不想成為失業族,你的工作態度就得更積極一點。」

During times of economic recession, keeping your job should be your priority.  Keep in mind what’s at stake here is not the prospect of a pay raise but the risk of losing your livelihood.

Always be vigilant of your surroundings, and focus on personal growth.  The more skills you have, the more job security you will get.

Whatever the reason for laying people off, those who get cut are usually someone who under-performs or have nothing to do.

If you’re laid off, don’t blame your boss.  Ask yourself whether you have done your job to help the company make money or save money.

Finding the right job at the right company is equivalent to finding the golden goose.  It’s not the size of the company that matters, but its potential for growth.

Thing that will ensure your job security: great job performance, high numbers, good team work, and the ability to kiss up to your boss.

Always remember that only you are in charge of your occupation, your future, your marriage, your world view, and your fate.
Life is precious, and one of the things that makes it so fascinating is a multitude of competition.

Competition fosters progress.  As long as you’re prepared, you’ll never falter in the face of challenge and competition.

Losing one’s job is but a small obstacle to overcome in life.  A wise man would treat it as an opportunity to create a better life.

A crisis is an opportunity in disguise, a test of your adaptability.  It is the best chance to turn your life around, and the starting point of a glorious future.

Unwise investments guided by nothing but greed almost always end in failure.

Always keep an eye on your job performance, for slacking off on the job is the fastest way to lose it.

Life is as unpredictable as the weather.  You should always prepare for all possible scenarios in life: financial crisis, bankruptcy, losing your job, real estate crash, illnesses…  It never hurts to be prepared.

It is wise to consider the worst case scenarios in everything, and devise strategies beforehand to deal with what might happen.

Always plan for the worst, and create strategies to deal with the most unlikely scenarios, so you can be ready to handle any challenge.  Only then can you enjoy a steady and peaceful life.

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