97. 聰明的人不該坐失良機,應該要有行動了

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97.  Being a smart man, you must take action rather than being idle and missing out on great opportunities.
97.   聰明的人不該坐失良機,應該要有行動了

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 73條

To winners, the worst news means the best opportunity for investments.
「對嬴家來說,愈是壞消息, 愈是投資的好機會。」

There is no strength in worry, no confidence in depression, no courage in fear, no hope in moping, no joy in misery, no opportunity in despair, and no success in quitting.

It’s important to seize the opportunities to become rich; otherwise you may suffer a hapless life of hardship, and worse—drag down your family and children to suffer the same struggles.

The subprime mortgage crisis has brought about a disaster for the US real estate market.  But it has also created an opportunity for the United States government to improve their laws and policies concerning real estate loans, to ensure a steadier, healthier future for the real estate market.

While the falling real estate market is bad news for many, it’s also the perfect opportunity for you to make a purchase.  If you miss this opportunity, you may never come close to buying a home again.

The subprime mortgage crisis caused many to lose their houses, shattering the American Dream of many.
The subprime mortgage crisis and the financial crisis that followed, lasting from 2006 till 2010, not only severely devalued the assets of the average American, but also had a serious impact on United States’ financial prowess and its reputation as the center of world economy.

If a person’s expenses consistently surpass his income, and if this person does not have adequate savings to begin with, he is almost certainly doomed to poverty.

A government that gets by on debts, which are bound to be passed down to future generations, can only drive the nation towards further economic turmoil.

If the home loan policy is tightened too much, it will make it even harder for real estate owners to get a new loan they’re in dire need of.  Not only that, it will actually increase the number of people falling behind on their payments, as well as the number of houses being foreclosed.

As the banks tighten the requirements of mortgage applications, insisting on close inspection of the applicants’ financial capacity, it may make it even harder to find qualified buyers in a real estate market already drowning in unsold homes.

Even if you have a down payment, you still need proof of substantial income level to get the loan you need.
「 僅憑有頭款但沒有足夠收入的人,也是很難取得房屋貸款的。」

If the subprime mortgage crisis causes U.S. financial institutions to raise the requirements for mortgage application, or decrease loan amounts, then it will most certainly  have a negative impact on the US economic growth in future years, as well as the real estate recovery.

The persistently dropping real estate price in the U.S. posts a more serious threat to US economy than the financial crisis itself, for it directly impacts the average Americans’ standard of living and security.

You can often find some exquisite-looking houses in small towns costing as little as $100,000, only because there are no job opportunities in the region.  People can’t live where they cannot work, therefore, the real value of a house is closely related to the state of local economy.

The actual value of a house should be tied to its construction cost.  However, in regions most heavily impacted by the economic recession, the housing price has fallen below its original cost of construction, creating losses everywhere.

If housing prices in the United States keep dropping, it can cause huge setbacks to the US economic recovery, financial stability, and even public safety in certain regions.

Success never befalls upon pessimists.  Only optimistic people treat the worst news as the biggest opportunity.
「悲觀者,他將與成功無緣。而樂觀者總是認為愈是壞消息 ,愈是一個大好的機會。」   

Bad news and good opportunity are two sides of the same coin.  For those who can spot an opportunity for what it is, every bad news is indeed promise of good news in disguise.
「壞消息與好機會是一體的兩面,對於能善用機會的人來說,愈是一個壞消息 ,就愈是一個好消息」。
Negative people see bad news as just that—bad news.  Positive people treat bad news as good news.  A man with foresight would see any bad news as a good opportunity for investment.
「消極的人認為壞消息就是壞消息。積極的人認為壞消息就是好消息,有遠見的人認為愈是壞消息, 愈是投資的好機會。」

Let bygone’s be bygone’s, for you can always start over.  Leave the nightmare of subprime mortgage and the real estate crash behind.  You must keep working hard, and start saving money, so as to get ready for the brand new opportunities just around the corner.
「舊事己過,一切都可重新開始。除掉次貸風暴房價下跌的陰影,你要重新努力工作,多多儲蓄,迎接下一個投資機會 / 希望吧。」

A man without confidence would be petrified by the falling real estate prices, while a person with a positive mindset would only see it as the perfect opportunity to invest.

Winners are those who have the courage to move forward in the darkness while others tremble in fear.
「當大家都在懼怕的時候。能奮勇向前挺身而出的人,才會是真正的領頭羊 / 獲利者。」

A stagnant real estate market should be seen as an opportunity to aggressively invest in real estate for sure gains in the future.  A man with foresight always comes out on top.

The economic crisis has passed, and everything can start anew.  Bad news only means great opportunity for investments.
「經濟風暴己過,一切都可以重新開始。愈是壞消息, 愈是投資的好機會。」

The real estate market is still in a period of downturn, which has scared plenty of home owners into selling their residences below market price.  Now is the chance for those ambitious investors to get their cash ready and jump in to snatch a well-located property at the most opportune time. 

When the opportunity is ripe for investment, he, who holds the most cash, wins.

Winners are those who have the foresight, brain power and substantial financial capability, who are always prepared and ready for action, men who know to invest.
Winners do not fear bad news; they only fear the lack of opportunities.  As long as there are opportunities, they will seize them and emerge victorious.

A string of bad news is a string of opportunities for you, and if you keep passing them up, you will forever stay a loser.

If you don’t want to stay a loser, you must learn to seize every opportunity.  If you are always waiting for something better to come, and never taking advantage of what’s in front of you, you’ll be doomed to fail.

A low housing market is the opportunity that many have been waiting for to turn the tide for themselves.  If now is not the time for you to buy, then when is?

Those who can make up their mind and take action are capitalizing on every opportunity.  Others who sit around waiting for something good to happen are letting real opportunities pass by.

As the market downturn draws to an end, it’s time for you to move in and invest.

Waiting in vain never accomplishes anything: if you want to make a profit, you need to act now.

Time and opportunity wait for no one.  Only those determined to take immediate actions can keep up with opportunities.

Don’t idly wait for opportunities to pass you by.  You’ll be left with nothing but regret.

An opportunity seized may change a person’s life, so don’t let any pass you by. If you don’t want your life to be a waste, learn to create opportunities and grab them when they come your way.

A humble clam can turn worthless sand into pearls.  Similarly, without that modest investment in real estate ten, twenty years ago, how can you be a millionaire today.
「記住 / 記著,讓沙子變珍珠的是蚌殼 / 蚌母。同理,讓你變富翁的是你十、廿年前 (房地產 )的投資,如果你沒有十、廿年前的房地產投資,你今天如何成為富翁呢?」

The best opportunities, like time, wait for no one, so seize them at all cost.
「愈是好機會,愈是要抓住它不放,因為機會 ( 歲月 )是絕不等你的。」

The only path from poverty to wealth is paved with rational, decisive and opportune investments.

To live an enchanted life, you must hold true to your ideals and seize good opportunities in life.

Greed often permeates our lives.  Making low-ball offers in buying a property is an example of that.  Many great opportunities we come across are drowned out by our greed.

What is your dream?  What will your future be like?  People often do too much thinking yet take too little action.  They have too many desires but aren’t willing to give anything up.  Don’t leave any regrets, seize the opportunity to buy a house right now, and be a successful investor today!

The 10 keys to become a millionaire: visionary, foresight, courage, tenacity, willingness to work hard, hunger for learning, resourcefulness, the ability to raise capital, the decisiveness to seize opportunities, and the potential to create your own opportunities.
「富豪成功的十大要素,有「眼光和遠見、膽識和毅力、勤奮和學習、整合資源的能力、募集資金的能力、把握機會的能力 和 創造機會的能力。」

It’s important to seize the opportunities to become rich; otherwise you may suffer a hapless life of hardship, and worse—drag down your family and children to suffer the same struggles.

A man sees a red cherry hanging from the tree.  He decides to come back in a few days, so it will ripen even more, only to find later that it’s been eaten by birds.  When there’s an opportunity, if you wait to think it over, doing nothing, you will end up losing it.
「 樹上有顆紅櫻桃,但還不太熟,你想過幾天再來摘它,結果隔天櫻桃就被小鳥吃掉了,你想、你等待、就是沒行動,機會就是這樣消失了。」

Most people are waiting for housing price to hit rock bottom before moving in to invest.  This may appear to be the action of a shrewd investor, but really it’s just an obsession with petty gains.  Their fear of losing small profits prevents them from taking action and therefore, they will miss out on the best chance to invest.

Don’t forsake an opportunity of a lifetime for such things as petty profits and greed.  Stay focused on your vision and have the foresight to see what’s truly important.

One single match can burn down a house, just like how your greed and pettiness may blind you from an opportunity of a life time.

A narrow, heartless mind and a stubborn, unyielding personality can wear down on your wealth like a match can burn down a house.
「狹隘無情的心胸 與 頑固不冥的個性,就像一根小小的火柴棒能燒掉你的財富。」

Poverty stems from greed.  In other words, greed will lead you to poverty.

Greed is the obstacle between you and success.  The greater the greed, the farther you are from wealth.

Whether you find success and happiness in life is often determined by how greedy you are.

If we don’t give anything, we’ll get nothing.  The unwillingness to give up money stems from our all-consuming greed. 

If you let go of the money in your hand, how can you ever put it to use?

Today you forsake an opportunity; tomorrow opportunity will have forsaken you.  In the end, you will be the architect of your own poverty-stricken life.

It’s very unfortunate when you find yourself in a falling real estate market and yet don’t have the sense to know when to buy.  Just as when you come across an opportunity of wealth and yet don’t have the sense to seize it.

Opportunities are to your life like the roots are to a big tree.  Once disintegrated, the tree will eventually fall.  If you keep wasting opportunities because of greed and laziness, you are letting the roots of your life wither away.
「機會就像大樹的根部,若樹根腐爛,大樹終將是會枯萎的。讓樹根腐爛的原因就是你的不勤奮、貪婪 與 浪費機會。」

People work to earn a salary, which they use to improve their lives.  However, the largest revenue an individual can generate is from investments instead of salary, which is why giving up investments for a day job is very unwise.

Working long hours for money enslaves you.  That’s why you must learn to invest, and be your own master.

The only way to have money work for you is to learn how to invest wisely.

Tired of being a slave to money, your boss, and your landlord?  Invest right now and create a brighter future.

While the house price is still low, go and purchase the best bank-owned house on the cheap.  Live in it or rent it out until the real estate market rises, then you can sell it.  Follow this cycle and you’re guaranteed a wealthy life.
「趁房市不好的時候,用最低的價錢去買到狀況最好的拍賣屋 ( 廉價屋 ) ,然後自住或出租,直等到房價回升以後再出售它,如此循環操作,保證你獲利豐厚。」

There are an abundance of opportunities to create financial fortunes in the coming years between 2011 and 2014: don’t miss your chance to invest and make yourself rich.

Success requires action, and action must precede success—a key to always remember.
「 行動是成功的必然條件,也是成功的先決的條件,希望你沒忘記它。」

Good plans alone are never enough—a goal without execution is nothing but a pipe dream.

Don’t be just a talker: be a doer, for there is a big difference between a promise and a result.

Sitting around waiting is a fruitless game we can’t afford to play.

Staying on the move not only keeps your body in shape, it also promotes the growth of your assets.

The best thing about investing is not the profit you gain for yourself, but how it benefits the world.

As long as I’m alive, I will keep making sound investments, not for my own profits, but to help make a better world for humanity at large.

“Limited resources versus unlimited needs” is an important theory in economics.  It is manifested in the rising of real estate markets.
Understand the conflict between limited resources and unlimited needs, and you will realize how important timing is to any investment.

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