96. 你要跟時間賽跑,這樣成功才會屬於你

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96.To find success, you must race against time.
96.  你要跟時間賽跑,這樣成功才會屬於你

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 59條

Time is costly.  Thinking fast, and moving fast will lower that cost.  Always being mindful of time and taking speedy action is the secret to success.

How do you master time?  Make full use of your time to increase your efficiency.  Higher efficiency will create more time for you to make use off.  This is the only way to be the master of time.

Time is a limited resource, for as the clock counts down, you have less time to finish what you’re doing.
「 時間是一種有限的資源,隨著時間的流逝,你可利用的時間就愈來愈少了。」

Health should also be regarded as a limited resource, for as the years go by, your health invariably declines.

If your wealth is shrinking as you grow older, you should count yourself as an incompetent investor.

If you waste the years you spend in school, then you’ll miss out on learning the survival skills to help you make a good living later in life.

If you squander away your money-making years then you can never get rich.

The optimal age to be amassing wealth is between 25 and 45 years of age, so don’t wait too long or you may wake up one day and find you’ve wasted your prime years.

Time can be transformed into wealth, which is why he who wastes time can never get rich.

Contrary to the common belief that wealth is simply money and coins piled up over the years, wealth is really an accumulation of time well used.

Every single minute should be held precious.  Every minute wasted is a minute you’ll never get back.
「 每一分鐘都是寶貝的,浪費一分鐘,就是浪費一分鐘。

The poor have their entire lifetime to squander, whereas the rich don’t have a second to spare.

The wealth of a rich man is built on the hard work of others.  The wealth of a poor man is amassed with his own labor.

Know how to use time wisely is being the master of your own time.  And those who also excel in making use of others’ time are bound for success.

Managing a company is basically making use of the employees’ time to create wealth.  Similarly, if you have ten apartments rented out, you are creating wealth with the time of ten tenants.

Any single man only has a finite amount of time, but if a person can make use of other people’s time as his own resources, he can create massive wealth with virtually unlimited amount of time, and this is the secret of becoming rich.

No one lives forever, but if you can substantially improve your efficiency, you’d be earning yourself extra years in life, with which you may create extra riches.

You don’t have to build wealth with your own two hands.  Simply hire the right talents, and use your employees’ skills and time to create tremendous wealth for you.

A successful man never has enough time, so if you’re feeling like you’ve got plenty of free time on your hand, it’s safe to say you have been slacking off and wasting your life.

A slacker always has a lot of free time on his hand, yet he’s not just wasting precious hours, he’s throwing away his life and draining our society of resources at the same time.

The poor do not regard time as a precious commodity.  They value money over time—they’ll sell their lives to you day after day for as long as you’re willing to give them a day’s pay.

The rich see how precious time is.  They treasure it far more than dollar bills, for they understand how time can easily bring them wealth, which is why the wealthy are often highly efficient managers of their own time.

If you want to succeed, do not waste your precious time.

Time is precious.  Those who value their time are also creating their own wealth.

Be the master of your time.  Knowing the right time to act during bullish and bearish markets will often decide if your investment will strike gold or end up a failure.

Hard work is indeed pivotal to success, but one may never underestimate the importance of investment timing.  The combination of precise timing and a wisely-chosen investment will bring you money effortlessly.

Some say that time is gold.  I say that precise timing is worth more than diamond.  In other words, perfect timing is more important than time itself.
「 有人說,時間就是金錢,我說,精準的投資時間點是鑽石。換句話說:,「精準的投資時間點」比時間本身更為重要。」

Whether you’re investing in your education, a career, real estate, or the stock market, you need to know when to act.

If someone fails to invest even when he’s aware of the best time to do so, then he is an incompetent investor with no sense of urgency.

Investment is a long term process.  Without time to percolate, there won’t be any substantial profit to speak of.

Investing without thorough research always has a high risk of failing.

There’s nothing worse in business than having the wrong partner, so choose carefully.  Blindly trusting the words of celebrity Wall Street commentators is no different from picking the wrong partner.

The lower the housing market gets, the more buyers there are to scoop up bargains.  Speedy action is the key to getting a deal. 

As housing prices plummet, many more buyers will enter the market to scoop up bargains.  Therefore you must act fast to get the house you want.

In today’s competitive world, speed and efficiency are the best tools to help you win.

Indecisiveness brings about failure.  The same applies to investing—without a speedy response and action, opportunities will pass you by.

The modern society is characterized by its fast pace, and demands rapid responses, in thinking and in acting alike, from a person who wishes to succeed.  Whether you are an employee, a student, or a business man, you are required to be nimble-minded in order to gain the upper hand.  Timing decides everything.

There are many goals to achieve in business, including high efficiency, low costs, as well as constant improvements and innovations.  The effectiveness of your endeavors in all of these is decided by your timing.

Having a competitive edge is more than just lower costs, but also higher quality and faster speed.

Investment has everything to do with timing.  Should you invest faster or slower?  Sooner or later?  These decisions dictate the outcome of your investment.

When you spot an opportunity, you must act fast, otherwise you won’t turn a profit.

Think fast and act fast, and you will be lowering your cost of time.

Most people think of total business cost as the combination of payroll, supplies, rent, taxes and other overhead, but rarely include opportunity cost and time to that list.  Unbeknown to them, time is the most costly of them all.
「一般人計算成本,只考慮到人工、材料、房租、稅金、各項費用等,很少人會想到機會成本與時間是成本, 其實時間成本是所有成本中最貴的一個。」

Location, location, location.  When buying real estate, location is everything, for it determines how much money you can hope to make with it.
「買房子首重位置, Location、Location、Location,所謂房地產的位置決定一切,這個房地產的位置決定了你將來賺錢的大小。」

A well-located house has a lower opportunity cost, a higher price, and a faster rate of growth. Whereas an ill-located property tends to have a high opportunity cost, a low price, and limited growth potential.

Learn to invest while you’re still young, so as to lower your cost in time.  Buy a house in a good school district, so as to lower your cost in opportunity.  A master of both time and opportunity is bound to be a successful investor.
「  趁著年輕提早學會投資,為的就是要降低「時間成本」。買房子要選好學區,為的就是要降低「機會成本」,如果你能把握這兩項原則,你的投資買賣就成功了。」

The most expensive of all business costs is time.

To race against time, we must work to achieve higher efficiency and productivity.

Time saved is time well spent.  Using your time wisely is the same as valuing your life.

The smaller, slower fish is always food for the bigger, faster fish.  Speed is the secret to success.  If you can think fast and be quick to react, you will have the absolute advantage over your competitors.

Action plus speed equals victory.  You won’t accomplish anything without action, and you can’t capitalize on opportunities without speed.  When buying a house, if you are not mindful of the location, timing, speed, money, and action, then you are bound to lose money over your investment.

Rich people race against time on a daily basis. Can you say the same about yourself?

Maximizing your time will win you the market.  Maximizing opportunities will win you great wealth. Maximizing your health will win you your life.

Change your destiny by maximizing your time.  Time wasted is life wasted.

No one gets a second chance at life, nor can anyone return to youth.  Wasting time is the same as wasting your life.

Race against time and always act fast, and you will surely succeed.

The two secrets of success are having time on your side and taking immediate action.

Talking does nothing for you; neither does over-thinking.  Only with action, efficiency, and the extra time you save, can you accumulate more wealth, and change your fate.

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