投資理財 親子教育 雙語交流 # 21

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21. Combine your money and investment actions, you will  be rich one day.
21. 你的錢一定要與你的投資行動團結在一起,這樣你才會有爆發的一天。
Precious advises to success  --  26 secret codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 26 條

Do you know how to get rich?  Let’s see what the rich dads or moms are going to tell us.

*   People who don’t take actions in investment will never get rich.  They would achieve nothing except remorse plus remorse.

*   If you want to reverse your bad fortune tendency, start to take actions in investments.

*   If you can make full use of the power from the financial leverage, you will increase the rate of your reward tremendously.

*   If you can study hard and make your efforts, no matter how great your dream is, it will come true.

*   I would rather have a hen that can lay eggs than to have a gold hen that cannot.

*   Only when you really master the skills in financial management, you can become rich.  Without the skills you’ll never be a qualified rich man even though you have a lot of working income.

*   The millionaires of today are no more remarkable rich people.  If you are satisfied with being a millionaire, you are lagging behind the time.

*   With the rising of the living costs, the status of a millionaire is no longer as unique and adorable as before.

*   Every small investment is a step toward success.  Every action of investment, large or small, will accelerate you steps to success.

*   You cannot achieve anything with remorse.  You should take actions immediately.  There will always be some hope for you to be successful.

*   We should hold real estate first, and wait for its value to increase naturally, instead of buying real estate when its value is declining.  Investment in real estate and speculation on stocks are of two different concepts.

*   It is the wisdom of every investor to have a clear understanding of the current trend.

*   It is absolutely insensible to confront the general trend.  It is like knocking an egg on a rock.  That will only bring trouble upon  yourself.

*   When standing at the cross road of making decision on each investment, we need more wits and enough courage to make a correct decision.

*   To build up your luck in fortune, you must begin with the action of investment, without of which all investments are like day dreaming.    

*   If you do not take practical actions in investment, you will never have the luck to do anything with wealth and fortunes.

*   To change you financial luck, you have to begin with the actions of investment.

*   It is impossible for me to teach you how to become rich.  You may join the “Club for the Rich” yourself.

*   If you are not going to make any decision of investment today and would like to wait until next year.  Then you will never have a successful tomorrow.

*   When you join any investment in reality, you will have various experiences.  You will have sunny days or raining days, sweetness or bitterness, and happiness or sadness.

*   If you want to enjoy the excitement and stimulation of making money, or to experience the suffering and regretting of losing money, you must involve yourself in investments.

*   If you want to be an indefatigable giant in investment and financial management, you should learn experiences and precious lessons from you losses or failures.

*   The money itself can’t help you to become rich.  You should learn how to make use of money, invest with money, and let money to reproduce itself.  Only in this way, you can become a rich man.

*   Your money must be closely joined with you investment, otherwise, your money will become dead money.

If you can fully utilize your money to make correct investments, you business will be booming.

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