103. 知識與信心是你成功的保證

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103.    Knowledge and confidence can guarantee your success.

103.    知識與信心是你成功的保證

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼37  條

No matter how dangerous and difficult the reality is, as long as you have the needed knowledge, as well as the confidence in your own abilities, you can overcome any obstacle.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  Every step you take onward requires persistence and resilience, which in turn is fueled by your confidence in yourself.

Your strength is as great as your confidence.

Knowledge is wealth.  Action equals strength.  Confidence ensures success.  Power entails responsibility.

The indecisive makes for incompetent leaders.  Those with no confidence, easily influenced by news and rumors make for poor investors.  A person incapable of holding his own ground can only be a follower of greater men.

Even from the worst news, the wise and the brave are able to find perfect opportunities to open the door to new possibilities.

Those who would lose hope over bad news are men without confidence.

Cowardice and ignorance often contribute to a person’s lack of confidence.

Those who don’t work hard, lack self-confidence, have no financial stability, and don’t strive to educate themselves will be eliminated in the natural selection of the modern world.

Knowledge is power, and confidence is your strength.  Knowledge can save your life, where confidence can help you survive the foulest trials.  Hard work brings you closer to your goal, and persistence ensures that you accomplish great things you set your eyes on.

With knowledge comes confidence, which in turns gives you strength.  Strength leads you to success, and success will naturally bring you wealth.

Never mind the economic trend; you should never lose confidence in yourself.  The only thing that can strip you of your confidence is not being conservative, but being ignorant.

Ignorance tends to lead you down the wrong path.  Mistakes and lack of skills are the reason why one would lose confidence in himself.

If you want to carve out a path amidst adversity, you need to have knowledge on your side.  With knowledge, half the effort can give you twice the result.  You need knowledge before you can have confidence.

Knowledge is the only thing that can help you reverse the situation and break new ground.

Knowledge can help you discover financial opportunities within bad news.

Knowledge and confidence can help change your fate and bring you wealth.

Being depressed over small gains and losses is a tell tale sign that a person lacks confidence.  Being ignorant will only intensify that depression.

Knowledge doesn’t guarantee you success, but without it, you’re guaranteed to fail.

It is because of ignorance and greed that people pretend to be richer than they really are, spending beyond their means, buying houses with low or zero down payment plans.  In the end, their cash flow becomes a problem, and the house gets taken by the bank.  All in all, these people, and their families with them, fall victim to their own foolishness.

If you think that it was easy for others to make money, you’re being deceived by appearances.  Do you realize that it takes knowledge, wisdom, resilience, confidence, and hard work for the successful to accomplish what they did?

The punishment that befalls the greedy and the ignorant is to lose their houses.  The punishment that befalls those who lack self-confidence and waste opportunities is lifelong poverty.

Knowledge x 3 + confidence x3 + hard work x 3 = your guarantee for success.

Confidence is born from knowledge.  You can’t have full confidence in yourself without first being sufficiently knowledgeable.

The declining house price is not so much a bad news as a god-given opportunity for you to take action.  If you dare to pass it up, you are likely to stay a loser for the rest of your life.
「房價下跌的壞消息就是上天給你一次機會,如果你還敢繼續放棄機會,那你就可能會是一個永遠的失敗者 / 輸家。」

A troubled soul cannot find strength, and depression is at odds with confidence; fear refuses courage, and the downhearted is incapable of hope; misery sees no happiness, while despair is blind to opportunities. Give up on yourself, and you will never find success.

To winners, bad news means nothing but good investment opportunities.
「對嬴家來說,愈是壞消息, 愈是投資的好機會。」

Let the past stay in the past; everything can start anew.  Get out from the shadow of the subprime mortgage crisis.  Work hard and save up to prepare for new hopes and opportunities.
「舊事己過,一切都可重新開始。忘記次貸風暴的陰影,繼續努力工作,多多儲蓄,迎接下一個投資機會 / 希望吧」。

A man without confidence can find nothing but horror facing the falling home prices.  Those who are confident and proactive only see this as the opportunity to invest and win big.

When everyone else is cowering in fear, the courageous few who can push on against the odds are the ones who will emerge prosperous.

A winner never fears bad news; he would only be terrified if there are no opportunities.  As long as there is an opportunity, he will seize it and emerge victorious.

Students should concentrate on studying hard, and learn the skills their major has to offer.  Young adults stepping into society should focus on accumulating investment / financial knowledge.  And those who have reached their golden years should write a memoir of their successes to pass down to the next generation.
「做學生的時候要好好學習唸書,取得專業知識。步入社會之後,要好好學習取得投資 / 理財知識。年老時要好好寫回憶錄,把成功的經驗傳承給下一代。」

Confidence is like a magic pill, and knowledge breeds confidence. Success is like the savings in the bank account of your life: you make a deposit of knowledge, hard work, confidence, and investments when you’re still in your youth, so that when you’re older, you can make a withdrawal of success, happiness, joy, and glory.

成功就好比是存在銀行裡的帳戶,你下半輩子提領出來的成功、快樂、享受與榮耀,都是你上半輩子存進去的「知識、努力、信心與 投資。」

An investor must never be indecisive, or show a lack of confidence in himself. If bad news will cause you to panic, it’s because of your lack of knowledge and confidence.


To emerge victorious amidst the declining economy, one has to spot new business opportunities within bad news. Push onward, and achieve what the next man wouldn’t have dreamed of.


It’s never too late to learn.  If you missed the chance to receive a proper education, you have to put in double the effort to make up for it.  Knowledge is power and can help you rise up from poverty.

I cannot rescue you from poverty, but I can educate you and enable you to regain your confidence and eventually elevate yourself out of poverty.

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