104. 只要有真才實學,就不怕不景氣

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104.   With knowledge and skills, you can stand up to any recession.

104.   只要有真才實學,就不怕不景氣

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 48條

Having competition is never a problem.  The only problem is when you’re not competitive enough.  As long as you work harder than others, and are more capable, you won’t have any fear for competitions.

It’s never really about the economy; it’s just a matter of who is more competitive.

Facing the many financial predicaments in today’s business world, you should not blame everything on the economy, but rather, ask yourself if you have worked hard enough.

In good times humble yourself to learn more, and when things are rough have the perseverance to push forward; otherwise there’s nothing waiting for you but failure.

Success is earned by your own hard work, not as a hand-out from others.

Only those willing to work hard can stay on their feet in this economy, and only those who are eager to learn and willing to put in their sweat equity will always have a job.

Company cutbacks are not the source of the problem, it’s how hard you work that matters.
「沒有失業 / 被裁員的問題,只有工作努不努力的問題。」
Losing your job is not the source of the problem, it’s how much you know that matters.

If it so happens that you’re laid off, don’t blame your manager.  Consider the possibility that it is the lack of progress on your part that has doomed your career.

Unemployment is not the source of the problem; it’s your performance that matters.

Taxes are not the source of the problem; the problem is your income being too low.  As long as you have a job with a steady income, there will be no insurmountable problem.  All you need is the resolve to deal with it.

Crashing stock market is not the source of the problem; it’s people’s greed that inflates the market.

It’s nothing rare to be profitable when times are good.  A real testament to greatness is when you can turn a profit under harsh circumstances.

Be cautious around fund managers—they are not really smarter than you; they’re just very good at using your greed to suck away your money.

The fact that fund managers are still in business when countless investors have gone bankrupt under their management goes to prove they’re nothing but liars and frauds.

The stock market doesn’t care if you’re up or down; the only thing that matters is how much confidence you have.

What drives you to buy stocks? The answer is your confidence that the market will rise.  Would you buy stocks if you don’t believe that the stock market will rise?  Hence, it’s not about making money or losing money, it’s about how much confidence you have.
 「 為什麼要買股票?因為你對股價上漲有信心,如果你對股價上漲沒有信心的話,你會買股票嗎?所以說:沒有賺賠的問題,只有信心的問題。」

The economic recession prompts us to live a humble, simple life, to keep learning and working, to start saving money, and to sharpen our skills so that when an opportunity comes our way, we can give it the best our best.

A bad environment is not the source of the problem; it’s how well you adapt that matters.

Nothing is ever perfect.  When you hit a rough patch in your life, learn to adapt and be patient; learn to breakthrough and innovate; learn to be brave and admit it when you’re wrong; and learn to become a successful investor.

Being outdated is not the source of the problem; it’s your ability to innovate that matters.

Being stuck is not the source of the problems; it’s your ability to breakthrough that matters.

Having no way out is not the source of the problem; it’s being able to move forward that matters.

Having fear is not the source of the problem; it’s possessing courage that matters.

Do not blame your low income on bad economy.  Think hard on why you make so little while the next man struck it rich.  Ask what mistakes have you made and how much effort have you put in to get what you want.
 「僅埋怨 景氣不好,收入減少是於事無補的,你總要檢討自己,為什別人可以賺到錢,而你賺不到錢?你的錯誤在哪裡?你的努力在哪裡?」

Other’s complaints are not the source of the problem; it’s admitting your mistakes that matters.

Money is not the source of the problem; it’s making wise investments that matters.

You can only earn so much working on your own, for both your time and the amount of work you can do are limited.  When you hire people, you are effectively using their time and energy to create wealth with only minor investments on your part—such is the advantage of being investors and business owners.

Leveraging other people’s time, energy, and contributions is the key to becoming rich.

Being poor is not the source of the problem; it’s the lack of financial skills that matters.

No healthy man should allow themselves to become impoverished.  The poor are often victims of their own laziness and unwise financial planning.

Job, money, wealth, social status, education, reputation, lawfulness, health, family, love, friendship, kinship, religion, and spirituality are all important facets of life.  They all deserve to be given an equal amount of attention and thought.

Life is more valuable than money.  A fulfilled person will not be easily troubled by material gains and losses.  Only an empty soul craves wealth at all cost.

The one who forsakes his heart for the pursuit of money is in fact the poorest person in the world, owning nothing but money.

Work hard and stem out your greed.  The only way to obtain a peaceful life is to stay true to your conscience, follow the law, and stick to your moral code.

Stay positive and have faith in what the future holds, and your life will change for the better.  Inner peace leads to a peaceful life.

Finding peace in your life is not the problem; it’s finding peace in your heart that matters.

Having troubles is not the source of the problem; it’s your inability to let go of things troubling you that matters.

Worries and frustrations stem from a troubled mind, and losses are often the result of excessive greed.

Optimism and positivity creates momentum while pessimism and negativity kills the will to fight.

Hard work and perseverance are the best ways to defy the economic recession.

Having competition is never a problem.  The only problem is when you’re not competitive enough.  As long as you work harder than others, and are more capable, you won’t have any fear for competitions.

Knowledge and skills can carry you through any economic crisis.

A capable man with solid skills would never have to worry about unemployment.

As long as you’re willing to put in the hard work, there’s always a job for you.  Be flexible and adaptive, and you will always stay employed.

To a man with valuable skills and talents, no bad economy will pose a problem.
Bad economy entails great opportunities.  When everyone else is struggling in despair, your big break is coming your way.

 Don’t be afraid of downturn and unemployment, as long as you have real skills, unemployment is an opportunity to create / open business. As long as you have enough knowledge and savings, you have a qualification of own your business.

Opportunities are born in the midst of despair.  The strong and resilient always come out victors.

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