105. 解決貧困最有效的方法,就是先解決你的無知

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105.  The best solution for poverty is to first rectify your ignorance.

105.  解決貧困最有效的方法,就是先解決你的無知

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 78條

Students slacking off on their studies are sabotaging their own future.
「不愛唸書 或 有書不好好唸,這樣的子孩是在自毀美麗前程。」

Ignorance and the unwillingness to learn post the greatest threat to your personal development. Indeed the greatest sorrows and tragedies of men stem from ignorance.
「不學習 與 無知識是你個人最大的敵人,無知也是人類最大的悲哀。」

The quest for knowledge never ends.  Nearly 50% of American youth are not keen on studying, and some are unable to graduate even from high school— a reality that calls for great concern.

One can’t expect to make a living without professional skills.  Kids unwilling to study or put in the hard work will find it very hard to survive in today’s competitive world.

Knowledge is the key to fight poverty, and education is the fastest way to a brighter future.

The” impoverished” are generally people with low-income, and the reason these people earn so little is because they lack education, thus short on skills and professional certifications.

One who lacks education, knowledge, skills, talent, or professional certifications cannot expect to find a high salary job.  Their inability to earn significant income is a direct result of their underperformance in school. 

The best solution to poverty is going back to school for further education and to obtain various professional licenses and certifications.
「 解決貧困最好的方法,就是回到學校唸書,並且好好地用功,考上各種專業證照 / 執照才行。」

Knowledge is the most formidable power, and people able to wield it most certainly have a bright future ahead of them.
「沒有任何力量比知識更強大 ,用知識裝備起來的人,他們的前途是無可限量的。」

One never gets too old to learn.  Learning brings you knowledge, allowing you to gain invaluable experience to enrich yourself.  No matter your age, learning enables you to better yourself and acquire new skills.

All skills and techniques are acquired.  Learn from others where you can; don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  Be open to receiving advice and feedback rather than pondering in isolation.

Learning is the most efficient way to better oneself, and those who learn with a passion usually see the fastest improvement.

Make the most of your potentials in order to transform and improve yourself beyond imagination.

Every man has hidden potentials, which when fully unlocked can be truly astounding.  You have to keep training in order to unleash the potential within you.  Brains are like muscles and bones—the more you train, the stronger they get.

Training is the best coach; the more you train, the stronger you get.  Learning is the best teacher; the more you learn, the wiser you become.

If you want to live a quality life, you have to first fill your head with knowledge.

Knowledge is vital in today’s competitive world, without which you’d have a hard time merely struggling to survive.

Knowledge is the best tool to help elevate the quality of your life.

Investments enable you to multiply everything ten-fold.  You can’t make real profit without an investment.

Work on your own, and you can only hope to achieve a modest income.  To amass great wealth, you need to invest.  One can’t hope to become a millionaire without investments and wise financial planning.

Obtaining education in pursuit of knowledge should count as an investment, and the best kind of investment at that.

Knowledge is the best kind of wealth.  Invest in knowledge, and knowledge will reward you with riches.

Be down to earth and study diligently.  As long as you lay down a solid foundation for yourself, you will have a most prosperous future ahead of you.
「  本本份份的做人,好好地學習,把基礎打好,就不怕沒有前途。」

Never slack off or cut corners.  You should always put in the effort and never shy away from hard work.

The best way to lay a solid foundation for a good life is to study hard with diligence and honesty.

A head void of knowledge is as useless as a lamp without oil.
「沒有智慧的頭腦 ,就像沒有蠟燭的燈籠、沒有火種的爐頭,那些都是沒有用的東西。」

A quality life is defined by wealth, time, knowledge and health.
「要想活的好、活的有品味,你就必須要有足夠的金錢與時間 / 知識與健康。」

Do not pass up any chance to learn, for learning is every bit as important as breathing.

Don’t ever pass up an investment opportunity, in the same way that you should never let go of any chance at learning new things.

The successful are always optimistic, while losers fail because of their pessimism.  In other words optimists are more likely to succeed, and pessimists are doomed to failure.

There are many cures to pessimism, the most effective of which would be to reasonably lower the standard you set for yourself.  Do not be obsessed with perfection or fear the unknown.  Know that a good life is built of confidence, knowledge, wealth and good health.

People can’t earn their ideal salary because of their poor performance back in school.  A lack of rigor in your youth may end up haunting you later in life.

As far as earning goes, knowledge is your best insurance.

Adequate knowledge and professional certifications enable you to to gain a foothold in today’s competitive world.

Keep learning, and you’d be buying yourself the best insurance for your future.

Education is the most secure insurance for a person’s future.  Sending your kids to school is the equivalent of buying them the best insurance plan available.

If you’re aiming for a perfect life, knowledge and wealth alone aren’t sufficient—you’ll also need to understand morality and your civil duties.

Poverty is not measured by the number of your coins, but by the amount of your knowledge.  One isn’t poor for the lack of money but for the lack of education.

A man can’t expect to make a living with no knowledge or skills.  Even if he’s inherited a fortune, the day will come when he squanders it all.

A man with no character or integrity, who is morally and spiritually empty, is a man who truly has nothing.

True poverty is not from the lack of money, but from the lack of spirituality, knowledge, character, moral integrity and a sense of social responsibility.

A man needs to possess proper values in order to live a fulfilling life.

A man needs to have the proper values: he needs to know that knowledge instead of money determines if a man is rich or poor; that class refers to one’s character, not social status; that living a long life without aspirations is equal to dying young; and that even with a big family, a man with no moral integrity is still doomed to loneliness.

Men obsessed with fame, money, lust, and power tend to ignore the truly valuable things in life.

We should urge our children to go to school, and teach them not to become money-grabbing opportunists.

Teach our children that the reason for learning should be the acquisition of knowledge, not the crude pursuit of wealth.

Pursuit of monetary gains should not be the sole purpose of learning.  Education is about a lot more than learning how to make money: its purpose for you to learn how to become independent, as well as how to live and work with other people; it’s about understanding your civil duty, and how you can contribute to society.

Pursuit of wealth is only a secondary purpose of education.  Its primary objective would be the learning of independence, how to conduct oneself in society, and the understanding of one’s social responsibilities.

It’s wrong to send your children to expensive schools only so that they can earn more money later in life.
「一謂地把孩子送入名校 /名系,只為了孩子以後能有高收入,這是極錯誤的做法。」

Parents should first be willing to accept their responsibility towards society if they expect their children to do the same! It is the parents’ fault to enable their children to become society’s parasites.

If a child doesn’t go to college because his mom and dad can’t afford it, the parents would have to take most of the responsibility for their child’s grim future.

Education is life’s best insurance, which is why parents should be more than willing to pay for their children’s tuition and expenses in college: it would be the same as buying your kid an insurance plan for a bright future.

A responsible parent must ensure that their children can graduate from high school, and must have enough savings to pay for their college tuition.

As parents, we must be responsible for ourselves and our children.

As a parent you must be held responsible for your income, savings and financial planning, for it would be completely your fault if you can’t afford your kids’ tuition, putting their education on hold.

The more impoverished you are, the more you should learn about financial planning.  Not only will it benefit yourself, it’d be good news for your children as well.

Everyone would like their children to study hard and finish college.  However this wish is more than talk, for you will have to pay for the expenses it entails.

A child’s lack of interest in studying and poor grades are always related to his parents’ attitudes.

Even though not all rich men’s kids go to college, they’ve got the advantage of having that option.

If you want your children to excel in school, you must first excel as a parent.

If you didn’t get the chance to get a proper education in your youth, you can make up for what you missed by going to adult school and take part-time courses.

Knowledge is the best cure for poverty.  The most effective way for you to get out of poverty is to directly address your ignorance and greed.

Learning grants you knowledge, and knowledge creates wealth, which in turn can give you a beautiful life—this is a truism indeed.

Those who have the chance to go to school yet don’t take it seriously are victims of their own stupidity.  The same goes for those who pass up great investment opportunities.

One does not become a fool because others call him so—he does by acting like one.

It’s the responsibility of a parent to learn about investment and financial planning.  Only when the parents have enough financial stability can the children focus on learning without worrying about the expenses of their education.

If you really love your children, then save up for their college fund.

We should help a man in need, but never indulge his greed.  It is commendable to help a person financially in times of emergency, but you can’t help someone who is perpetually impoverished.  They must find the solution to poverty on their own.

If you’re planning on a long career or a lasting business, you need to be educated.  Knowledge brings confidence, confidence bestows strength, and strength will lead you to success.

A wise man who understands the power of knowledge will never pass up any opportunity to learn, for an educated mind means a better life.

Knowledge can change your life, for it can bring you wealth, which in turn can help create a life of your dreams.

Education can shrink the gap between rich and poor.  Those who refuse to go to school are only digging their own grave.

The best solution to your poverty is to rectify your ignorance.

Many people faced bankruptcy trading stocks due to their ignorance of the stock market.  Many people pay rent their entire life and never own any property due to their ignorance of the real estate market.  There are also many who spend all their life doing hard labor only to earn very little due to their ignorance of professional knowledge.

Knowledge gives you confidence, and bestows upon you courage; it can bring you wealth, and lead you to success.

Study hard in school, and you’d be eliminating your ignorance.  In doing so, you become the bravest of the brave.

Opportunities are always reserved for the educated few.  The more you know, the more opportunities will come your way.

Tom Tang encourages you to invest in real estate the same way you encourage your child to go to school.  Going to school is buying your child insurance for a good life.  Investing in real estate is buying yourself insurance for future wealth.  Both are equally important.
「 唐冠軍鼓勵你去投資房地產,就像你鼓勵孩子去唸書是一樣的。鼓勵孩子唸書是給孩子買一個人生保險,鼓勵你去投資房地產是給你自己買一個富翁保險,這兩件事是同等重要的。」

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