109. 抵抗經濟不景氣 (困境) ,剩者為王

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109.  To defeat the economic recession, “preservation is king.”

109.  抵抗經濟不景氣 (困境) ,剩者為王

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 60條

A man must always have an ace up his sleeve just in case, for whoever does will likely come out on top in the end.

Whoever has the ace up his sleeve will be the victor—the ace being a person’s cash savings.  In harsh economic times, whoever holds the cash is king.

In a bad economy, we have to readjust our lifestyle, evaluate past failings, and get ready to start anew.

A person can only develop resilience and fortitude through adversity.  The tougher the circumstances, the more it will bring out your potential.

Without suffering setbacks, you will never know better; setback is your best teacher.

A man with no pressure tends to slack off.  We must see pressure as a source of motivation, and transform it into a driving force.  Those who can withstand pressure become motivated instead, and become stronger for it.

Crisis is but a type of opportunity.  The wise always see opportunities in times of crisis and amidst challenges, and always manage to carve out a path through adversity.

As cost of living continues to rise, we have to earn more in order to maintain an ideal living standard. We have to really put in the hard work if we wish to have a steadily rising income.
The saying goes: “Winners wear a crown, losers wear a frown.”  I say, “those with money to spare wear a crown, those without wear a frown.”
「俗語說:「勝者為王,敗者為寇。」   吾人說:「剩者為王,不剩者為敗家子。」

Mountains of silver and gold won’t last in the hands of a spoiled rich kid.

Even a sure-fire investment opportunity is meaningless to those without the cash to invest.
「沒有儲蓄 ( 現金 ) 的人,縱使有投資發財的機會給你,也起不了作用。

Without the financial prowess to back you up, you can’t expect to accomplish great deeds.  You can’t do much good without enough cash at your disposal.

Some say that money is king.  At a time of pervasive unemployment and budget cuts, everyone is earning less.  Whoever can have substantial savings or cash at their disposal are the kings of their own fate; hence, “cash is king.”
「俗語說:Money is King 。碰到不景氣,工作又難找,又遇上公司裁員與減薪的情況下,人人的口袋都縮水了,這時能有大量儲蓄 ( 現金 ) 的人就是王,所以說:Cash is King。」

Winners are those who come prepared, have back-up resources, and always with enough cash at hand.
「有準備的人、有備份力量的人,有現金在手上的人,就永遠是王(勝利者) 。」

People with savings can rely on it to get through the hard times.  Hence, “he with strength in reserve is king.”
「 當困難來到時,平時有積蓄的人,就可以用他的積蓄來渡過難關,所以說:「剩者為王。」

When a perfect investment opportunity presents itself, only the well-prepared few with enough savings will be able to seize it.  Hence, “he with strength in reserve is king.”

You should constantly strive to hone your skills while learning a wide variety of new knowledge to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances.  These skills and knowledge will surly come in handy when changing careers or starting a new business.  Hence, “he with strength in reserve is king.”
「平時不斷虛心學習,努力求精進,且要學得多樣化技能/ 技藝,儲備知識以備不時之需。具有多樣化才能 / 知識,在轉業或創業時就能派上用場,所以說:「剩者為王。」

If you have money, education, and knowledge, you can easily get through the tough times.  The savings, education, and knowledge is accumulated through years of hard work.  Hence, “he with strength in reserve is king.”
「面對困境,如果你有錢 ( 積蓄 )、有學問、有知識,你就可順利渡過難關。這些學問、知識、積蓄,就是你平時努力的結果,所以說:「剩者為王。」

When you learn, you build strength through knowledge.  When you save, you build strength through money.

Life is unpredictable, which is why we must always have a plan B.  Those who don’t put themselves at great risks—lack of preparation can be very dangerous indeed.
「天有不測的風雲,所以說做 什麼事都要有備胎,沒有備胎的人就是陷自己於危險之中。沒有準備的人是很危險的。」

Every man creates his own destiny.  Thus a man without a plan B will inevitably suffer through a hard life.
「一個人的命運由他自己塑造而成。沒有備胎的人生,其人生一定極其坎坷 (辛苦 )。」

Luck is for those who are prepared.  The well-prepared will always find the happiness they seek.

Some people never stop complaining about having bad luck or too much pressure, unaware of the fact that they themselves are to blame, that their lack of proper preparation brought about their failures.

A man who won’t put up a fight for his destiny will be doomed by it.  The unprepared can never find happiness or success.
「不向命運抗爭的人,就會被命運吞噬,沒有事前準備的人,就不會有機會得到幸福 / 成功。」

To change your fate is to create your destiny.

Those who think ahead and prepare for anything will always emerge as victors in the end.

Don’t expect to be the best at everything, but if you understand that preparation brings you victory, then victor you shall be.

A man must never be full of himself.  He who knows how to forgive, yield to others, reflect on his own misgivings, and improve upon himself is a resourceful, well-prepared winner.

Fate isn’t sheer luck, nor is it bestowed upon you by god.  Fateful opportunities are meant only for the ready and prepared.

Don’t wait for opportunities to come your way— make your own luck.  People who understand the importance of preparation use what time they have to build themselves a prosperous life, whereas those who do not are led to decay and destruction.

Life doesn’t just go by one script.  Throughout your lifetime, you are bound to play more than one role, so equip yourself with all sorts of props in order to give your best performance and create a happy ending.

Life is more than just a single battle.  Throughout your lifetime, you are bound to face more than one battle; therefore you must equip yourself with all kinds of weapons to give your best fight.  To be a winner, you must ready yourself for any challenge.

There is always hope for the well-prepared, and those who are not are preparing to fail.  We cannot defeat a giant with a pebble, nor can we win a war with no weapons.

Life is always full of challenges—challenges that you won’t survive if you do not fully prepare yourself.

No one can guarantee that he won’t get sick, lose his job, or otherwise be caught in a random catastrophe in his lifetime.  What we can do is to prepare ourselves to face these unpredictable disasters when they come our way.

Natural catastrophes aside, the greatest crisis a modern man may have to face would be financial recessions.  Once a man’s income becomes unstable, tragedies may arise.  If we are unprepared, without any savings, we may not survive these harsh scenarios.

The fact that people purchasing their house via zero-down mortgage eventually lose their houses to the banks because they have in sufficient savings to get them through the hard times serves as a perfect example of the importance of savings.

Depression, stress, pain and loss of health all stem from greed and the pursuit for materialistic indulgence.  Men who cannot find happiness in a humbled lifestyle are asking for stress and misery.

Do not fall victim to the stresses of life.  You have to preserve some resources so you may control your own life.  That’s the meaning of “preservation is king”.
「不要讓生活壓力控制 ( 折磨 )著你,而是你要有備份的力量,這樣你可以控制生活,這就是剩者為王的道理。」

You must constantly equip yourself to be the winner, working to maximize your defense and offense in order to win in any economic condition.
「時時刻刻裝備自己,讓自己保存最強大的抵抗力 (戰鬥力),不管景氣如何變化,你永遠是嬴家。」

Spending money you don’t have is a bad habit.  Taking on debts to sustain a lavish lifestyle is called faux riche.

The government encourages increased consumer spending as a means to stimulate financial growth, in order to reach taxation goals.  The government is, in effect, strengthening itself at the expense of the average citizen.

Do not spend beyond your means.  There is a limit to premature spending.  If you spread your finances too thin, even if you don’t snap, you’d be laden with debt, threatening your state of financial and physical health.

Don’t exceed your credit limit or spend beyond your means.  Build a savings instead so as to prepare for the future.

A man who doesn’t understand the importance of savings is ignorant in financial planning.  Without savings, there is no financial planning to speak of.  In fact, he can’t even fend for himself.

Whether you’re buying a house or investing in a business, you need to have some savings left in reserve in case of emergency.  That way you’ll have the means to defend yourself and survive in rough times.
「買房子也好,投資做生意也好,都不可不保留一些準備金 (周轉金),萬一碰到惡劣環境,你也可有個抵抗力,讓自己在惡劣環境下,有個存活的空間。」

Facing financial difficulties, do not expect others to pull you out.  Help should only be given to people requiring urgent assistance instead of those trapped in long-term poverty.  If you don’t put in the hard work yourself and build enough savings, you can’t hope to rise above your impoverishment.
「碰到財務困境,不可只寄望別人會來救濟你、幫助你。俗語說:救急不救貧。如果你自己不努力工作,也沒有準備 (儲蓄 ) ,那你就不可能走出困境。」

In days of old, before setting out for war, a solider must first prepare his sustenance.  On the battlefield of life, preparations are equally important.  One must keep learning about new things, exercising to keep his body in top shape, striving to build a savings, and learning to become a better person.  These qualities are the sustenance for life.

Be mindful never to exhaust your capacity; always preserve some of your energy and resources just in case.  That’s the essence of the phrase “preservation is king.”
「 不要任意用盡你的力氣,總要留一點實力隱藏自己,多存些糧草以防萬一,這就是剩者為王的精髓。」

As long as you retain your health, there is a future.  A man who exhausts himself too much is only shortening his own lifespan.
「俗語說: 留得( 青山 )健康在,不怕沒材燒。如果過份透支你自己的體力,只有讓蠟燭提早燒盡。」

Life is not infinite, and health must be maintained through the years.  Treasure your life, and safeguard your health.

Live a life that is disciplined, spiritually fulfilling and peaceful.  The real winner in life is able to preserve good health, even improving it.  Hence, “preservation is king.”

Preservation is king.  The winners in life are those who can preserve their health or even improve it as they age.

No matter what you’re pursuing in life, be it wealth, wisdom, health, or personal growth, follow the principle of “preservation is king.”

Those who can survive the worst economic and environmental circumstances are well-prepared.  Those who are well-prepared understand the principle of “preservation is king.”

Only when a person is short on cash does he realize the value of wealth.  Likewise a man doesn’t see the importance of having a job until he loses it.

One doesn’t understand the importance of being healthy until it’s taken from him.  A person won’t know to treasure friendship until he loses a friend.

Only in the last moments of a man’s life does he understand just how priceless it is.

It is advisable to know the importance of “preservation is king” and strive to be a well-prepared, happy, and confident person.

The principle of “preservation is king” will bring you warmth like the sun, spark hope in you like the moon, give you power like a gas station, save your life like an emergency center, even enable you to help others in need like a food bank.
「 剩者為王有如太陽一樣,會帶給你溫暖。剩者為王有如月亮一樣,會帶給你希望。剩者為王有如加油站一樣,會帶給你續航力。剩者為王有如急救站一樣,可以救你一命。剩者為王有如糧倉一樣,會讓你有能力去幫助別人,助人為樂。」

May we all live by the principle of “preservation is king” and stay strong to get through any crisis—be it the economy, domestic disputes, or health problems. 
「希望大家都可以堅強起來,平安渡過金融風暴、經濟風暴、家庭風暴、健康風暴,成為真正的剩 ( 勝 )者為王。」

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