115 不做沒效率的投資,不做失敗的投資,不做貪婪的投資,這三件事就是你投資成功的秘訣

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115 The three rules to successful investment: don’t engage in ineffective investments, don’t invest when it’s prone to failure, and don’t invest based on your greed.

115  不做沒效率的投資,不做失敗的投資,不做貪婪的投資,這三件事就是你投資成功的秘訣
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 64 條

The secret to success is having a clear and viable goal, a goal that you are willing to work hard and fight for.
「 成功的秘訣在於你有一個明確可行的目標,而且努力堅持,奮戰到底。」

Never give up, and you will prevail: in war, as well as in life.

Any form of success requires time.  In order to succeed, you have to have a clear goal you will valiantly fight for and never give up on.
「任何成功都需要有時間這個因素,在成功之前,你最需要的是確定方向 (目標)、


Pay attention to your primary objective, and do not be distracted by anything else.  Without a target, you can’t achieve anything.
「要專注你的主要目標,不要讓你的目標輕易的被其它事務所分散掉 / 取代掉,沒有一個固定專一的目標,你將會一事無成。」

Focus on your primary goal; don’t deviate from pursuing it because of various distractions.  If you allow other matters to interfere with your plans and sabotage your confidence, you may end up forsaking your dream.

Why is it that after all the effort you put in you haven’t really accomplished anything of note?  That is because you did not have a goal, and thus your hard work were in vain.

Without a clear goal in mind, always chasing after shiny things, you’ll never be able to finish what you’ve started.  Your plans are constantly altered and forsaken—you will end up accomplishing nothing.

Opportunists who always pursue the next money maker without a clear objective in mind are the worst.  They keep themselves busy, yet at the end of the day all their efforts went into nothing.

The reason most people fail is not necessarily because they haven’t worked hard enough, but more likely because they didn’t set a goal for themselves and therefore went down the wrong path.

Generally speaking, the busiest amongst us are often also the most incompetent.  People who feel they have to do everything by themselves will never get much done even if they keep working themselves to exhaustion.  They are being foolish, not knowing how to delegate work and effectively use other people’s talent.
「 一般說來,越忙的人越是低能。凡事都得自己親自處理不可的人,就算他整天忙到累死,也不會有成績,他的辛苦,他的忙都是自找的,那只說明出他是一個不知分工授權、不知人善用的人。」

The reason why low level employees are always kept busier than their superiors in management positions is because the latter’s job is to give orders while the former’s responsibilities are to carry them out.

If you plan on earning money with nothing but your own two hands, you should ready for exhausting work.  Only those using wisdom to acquire wealth can do so without breaking a sweat.

Before the construction of a tower can begin, a blueprint has to be drawn first.  In much the same way, to obtain a college degree, you must first finish elementary school.

Draw a blueprint for your own future, and think about what kind of man you want to become.

Without a blueprint or a goal, you’d only be wasting your time, energy and money.

Executives love golf because it’s a sport that focuses on a single goal, despite the other elements such as the topography of the course and the effects of the wind.  As golf experts would say, it’s not a question of how hard can you hit, but rather how accurate is your aim.

Many rookie golf players try to hit the ball as far as they can, while veterans know it’s the accuracy that counts.  As experts will tell you, an accurate hit is much better than a powerful hit.

In golf your aim is more important than your distance.  In life, your goal is more important than your effort.

Hard work without a goal is ultimately pointless.  Ascertain your direction in life; otherwise all the effort you put in will only be in vain.
「 沒有目標,再多的努力也沒用。沒有訂定好努力的方向,再多的辛苦也是惘然。」

As long as you have picked your destination in life, even if you’re not progressing as fast as you’d like, your hard work are never in vain.  By contrast, if you’re going down the wrong path, no matter how fast you are it will all be for nothing.

If you take on a zero-down mortgage, you’re going down the wrong path.  Taking on debts without learning to save first is like trying to run before learning to walk—it never ends well.
「用零頭款買房子的人,就是走錯了方向。  沒有學會儲蓄就先學會借錢,就像嬰兒沒有學會走路就想學跑步一樣,那肯定是會失敗的。」

Build up enough savings before buying a house, just like how a baby must first learn to walk before trying to run—one step at a time.

Those who have insufficient savings yet try to purchase a house with zero-down mortgage are like babies trying to run without even knowing how to walk.  Taking on a zero-down mortgage is a display of ignorance in terms of financial planning— you’d be biting off more than you can chew.

A man must never fear hard work, but should never work in vain.

When you’re working twice as hard as the next man yet have accomplished nothing useful, you know that you’re being inefficient.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your hard work, you need to choose only the worthy tasks to invest your time and energy in.

Efficiency requires one to fully analyze the situation, and acting without doing so will be similar to a doctor randomly prescribing medicine without examining the patient: the resulting efforts would be wasteful and ineffective.

Investing in real estate will not necessarily turn a profit.  Whether you can make money depends on whether your investment was on par.

People with low income who resort to zero-down mortgages to buy a house are going down the wrong path for they are wide off the mark in solving their problem.

Work hard to earn more, and be frugal to save more.  Plan out your finances and invest wisely but never greedy.  These are pointers on how to get rich with the highest possible efficiency.
「 打工多賺錢,勤儉多儲蓄,會理財、會投資,且不貪心,這是一條有效率的致富方法。」

Today’s youth tends to shun hard work and lack the discipline to save money.  They bury themselves in illusions about riches and fancy mansions, easily resorting to zero-down mortgages to buy the houses they want, ending up in grave financial trouble.  They are in fact putting the cart in front of the horse and acting irrationally.

Today’s hard work is all for tomorrow’s progress.  But don’t work in vain-- always have a clear and viable goal in mind.

Once you have a clear and viable goal in sight, you have to be persistent until you reach it.  Success belongs to the persistent few who never give up.

Success is reserved for those who are driven by objectives and goals.

Success is bestowed upon those who are down to earth, frugal, and willing to fight for their dream.

Always look where you’re going.  Hard work is important but you shouldn’t even start working until you have a clear goal in sight.

Investment is vital if you want to get rich, but you have to use your head.  Thoughtless investments are random investments.

Random investments are always risky.  Greedy investments are always prone to failure.

High risk investments are bound to wind up in failure.

One has to be extra careful around “high yield” investments, for those are mostly nothing but scams.

Laziness, greed and dishonesty are among the worst possible human qualities.

Failures are too often brought about by laziness, greed, dishonesty, as well as a lack of goal and efficiency.
「人的失敗 與 偷懶、貪婪、不誠實、沒目標、沒效率有關。」

Be efficient and result-oriented in everything you do.  Don’t engage in activities that keep you busy but have no effect.  Spend your money with discretion and build your wealth with wisdom.

Be efficient with your efforts.  Make sure your work yields results.

Money should be spent with discretion.  Wisdom must be applied to building wealth.  Contributions should be your gift to humanity.

Investments are meant to make you money, which is why you have to be efficient and effective as an investor, otherwise you’d be hurting your chances of success.

Purchasing a house without a down payment or sufficient income is the perfect example of a bad investment destined to fail.  On the other hand, buying real estate with cash without any financial leverage is an inefficient investment.  A wise man should manage to find a balance between the two options.

Busy work doesn’t guarantee a man’s success.  It is wise investments that do.
「 決定一個人的成功,不在於他忙不忙,而在於他有沒有做到有效率的投資。」

Investing in prime real estate will guarantee profit.  House price in densely populated areas tends to rise fast, and newly built real estate will cost a lot less to maintain in the future.
「選擇好的地段買房子,保證會賺錢。選擇人口密集的城市買房子,增值一定快。 選擇房齡低的房子買,以後的保養成本保證會比較低。」

Successful investments allow you to apply the principle of financial leverage while carrying minimum risk.

The wisest investments in the world are in your own education and in prime real estate.

Buying houses you can’t afford is as fruitful as teaching a dead man to play basketball.  If you’re going down a wrong path, all the hard work in the world would be pointless.
「 不要教死人打藍球,也不要呈強買房子,那都是沒有結果的。用不對方法,走不對路,都是白花力氣的。」

A man should put up a good fight for himself, but not without a clear goal in mind.  Investment is the key to becoming rich, but only when there is a sound investment plan.

Investment is a viable way to make money, but investors should guard themselves against greed, which can often render a man blind to scams.

There is no free lunch, and high profits always come with high risks, which in turn bring high chances of failure.
「 所謂的高報酬、高利潤,就意謂著高風險。天下沒有白吃的午餐,所以要小心高風險的投資。高風險必定帶來較高的失敗率。」

We must invest to make money, but our investment decisions must never be governed by greed, for greed will only blind us to the danger of scams.

High risk investment goes hand in hand with high failure rate.  Without ample experience and wisdom, don’t go anywhere near it.

Greed is the bane of investors: it will be your doom unless you can control it.

All men suffer through failures, but one must not fail too often.  This is especially true for investors, for a mistake made twice is one too many.

You can learn from others’ failures, but when you suffer failures yourself, the loss would be far too grave for whatever lesson you might learn from them.

It is wise to learn from others’ mistakes.  Of course you can learn from your own mistakes, but the lessons will be painful.

Not many can truly withstand the pains of failures, so learning from those that came before us would be an efficient way to avoid such pains.

The secret to your success is learning to create an investment plan that is efficient, viable, and not in any way misguided by greed.

A man with investments is a man with a future.  May the future for all investors be prosperous and successful.

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