121. 人生最大的財富與恩典,就是一個人具有感恩的心

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121 The greatest gift and wealth in life one can possess, is a heart full of gratitude.

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼423 條

Miracles lie within a grateful heart, for it can quickly get you through any hardship.

A simplistic life will not only help you get through tough times, it will also enable you to have extra time and money to help others.

People often worry about their house being devalued.  The truth is, losing value in your house is not that bad, but losing your sense of gratitude is.
「人們常常擔心 、 萬一房價下跌怎麼辦? 其實房價下跌並不可怕 、可怕的是你丟失了一顆感恩的心。」

Don’t worry—the real estate market will always come back up after falling.   It’s pointless to fret over lower home values.  Instead, we should celebrate the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with a simpler lifestyle.
「不要怕,房價下跌之後它還會再漲回來。 所以我們不該為房價下跌而煩惱,反而要為房價下跌之後,能夠調整整個生活步調,簡單生活而感到慶幸。」

The rise and fall of home prices shouldn’t affect your lifestyle.  If it does, then you are not a home owner but a slave to your mortgage.

Know what you’re truly living for.  Free yourself from the worries of the real estate and stock markets.  When you are no longer enslaved by your house and stock investments, a new kind of happiness awaits you.
「能夠認清自己生活的真正目的,不再去做房奴/股奴,也不必為房市/ 股市的漲跌煩惱,這就是另一種的幸福。」

When property prices fall, investors should not aim to make a killing.  Being overly greedy might leave you with no house at all.

Bargaining within reason shows wisdom.  Unreasonable bargaining is a display of greed.

The main source of stress in people’s lives is their own material desires.  If you can’t adjust yourself to a simpler life, you can never find happiness.

The first step in embracing gratitude is to diminish your material needs and begin to lead a simpler life.

More important than making money is to always carry gratitude and happiness in your heart and a smile on your face.
「存著感恩的心、時常面帶微笑 、 心裡永遠開心,這些都比賺錢更重要。」

It is an immense transformation for someone to progress from constantly criticizing others for being ungrateful to always being appreciative of others.  Learning to embrace gratitude will also elevate one’s own character.

Money is immaterial.  Don’t let the circumstances—whether positive or negative—affect your attitude or your gratitude.
「錢財都是身外之物。不論順境逆境 、 或賺或賠,千萬都不要影響你的情緒,也不要忘掉你的「感恩」之心。」

The simpler your life is, the more satisfaction and gratefulness you will feel.  The more complicated your life becomes, the more complaints and anger you will have.

A narrow-minded and selfish person can only find faults in others, see the worst in every situation, and take advantage of people whenever possible.  They will never be able to appreciate other people’s strengths, be happy with the profit they make, or treat others with love and respect.

Happiness weighs more than money.  Gratitude is better than complaints.  Contentment is more valuable than greed.

When you’re alive, you have hope.   Tomorrow will be a brighter day.  If you don’t give up hope, there’s no room for despair.

Learn to accept others for who they are and forgive them for what they’ve done.  When you can walk away from discontentment, you will have a new epiphany in life.

Do you know why angels can fly?  The answer is because angels are light as a feather.  If they were too heavy, their wings can’t do a thing.

If you want to be able to fly like an angel, you must drop those things that are weighing you down.  Forgive the transgression of others, lead a simpler life, diminish your material needs, and do more good deeds—these are the steps that will enable you to live your life with ease.

No matter how much pressure you’re under in your life, never stop being grateful for what you have.

Whining, criticizing, and complaining won’t make you happy.  Only gratitude can bring you peace and serenity.

Gratitude can create a sense of happiness; happiness can bring you better health.

Life is never a cake walk; it’s bound to be filled with ups and downs, trials, and temptations.

Regardless of your circumstances, always reflect upon your own actions, and be grateful every day.

Always live with gratitude because, while you may be envious of others, more people are envying you.

Complaints, anger, and jealousy won’t accomplish a thing.  Only forgiveness, acceptance, and thoughtfulness can create a happy life.

Don’t think that God is unfair.  Whatever God gives you is what’s best for you.

If a shirt doesn’t suit you, God won’t have you wear it.  If a house isn’t right for you, God won’t let you live in it.

The easy times in your life come from the good graces of other people to bring you happiness.  The tough times in your life are opportunities from God to train you and help you grow.

Always correct your mistakes and repay others for their kindness.  Simply remember to always be grateful, and appreciate the kindness you receive.

To be at the highest level of gratitude, you must be thankful for everything you receive—that includes kindness as well as hardships.

The greatest gift and wealth one can possess in life is a heart filled with gratitude.

You must remember to repay the kindness and help given by others.  Whether times are good or tough, I am always grateful for what I have.

Whether times are good or tough, as long as I am still alive, I am always grateful for what I have.   「不管順境逆境,我總存著感恩的心。只要我活著,我就一直感恩到底。」

You can never run out of gratitude; the more you have, the happier you become.

The power of gratitude is immeasurable.  It can save a life, and even save the world.

Express your gratitude both through your words and your action.

If you love her, then tell her loud and clear.
「愛她 , 就要對她大聲的說出來。」

Those who offer help to others will in turn receive help when needed.  Those who give respect will in turn receive respect where it’s due.

To get everything you want in life, you must first learn to be grateful for them.  Without gratitude, there can’t be happiness.

A world filled with peace and happiness is our common wish.
 「 讓世界充滿和平與快樂 是我們共同的心願 。」

Let us all live in a world of happiness and gratitude.  We shall live by the creed “You’re grateful, I’m grateful, everybody’s grateful.  You’re happy, I’m happy, everybody’s happy.”
「讓我們能生活在快樂感恩的世界裡 ,時時做到「你感恩 、我感恩、  大家都感恩」 「你快樂 、我快樂 、 大家都快樂。 」

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