120. 你要保住你的心,勝過保護你的財產

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120   Protecting your heart is more important than guarding your assets.
120   你要保住你的心,勝過保護你的財產

 導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 31 條

A wild fire can burn down your house, but it cannot destroy your soul.
「野火可以燒掉你的房子,但不可燒掉你的心 / 靈魂。」

You can afford to lose all material things.  What you cannot afford to lose is your family, friendship, and love.

Don’t be conquered by money.
Don’t be tempted by money.
Don’t be mesmerized by money.

Material things are in fact immaterial; don’t be too concerned about losing them.

The most precious thing mankind has is the human heart that is untainted by money or fame.

Wherever your treasure lies, your heart can also be found.

If your heart is tied to your treasure, you will always at odds with others.  Only when your heart is set on helping others, can you coexist with others in peace.

Those people, whose life-long goal is nothing other than becoming a millionaire, have a sad life indeed.

They don’t understand that all material possessions, including money, jewelry, fame, and status, are not permanent, and will one day be forgotten.

Don’t fret over what you’ve lost.  Rejoice for what you have.

Put gratitude in the forefront.  Throw complaints and worries behind you.

When you place the focal point of your life on money, it’s bound to be a life of poverty, misery, loneliness, and sadness.

Money isn’t the most important thing in the world.  There is so much you can do with your life—ponder on how you can best spend your time on this earth.  What can you do to help the issues such as global warming, human illnesses, poverty, civil rights, morality, education, environmental protection, and natural disasters?

Teach your children to embrace the world with love and not to exploit its wealth for their own gains.

Put care into the people around you—your family and friends, the ill and the poor, even complete strangers.  Spread your love to everyone.

Teach your children not to busy themselves fighting for money, treasure, fame, or status, but to focus on important social issues.  Use your love to apply your strength and expertise to those issues.

Don’t allow money, treasure, fame, status, greed, or lust to corrupt your heart.

Defending your heart from corruption is more important than guarding your monetary assets.

Don’t fill your children’s heads with talks of money; fill them with love.

Material things will always come and go.  Don’t be too concerned with them so you don’t lose your sense of peace and serenity.

While the housing market keeps losing value, as long as you don’t lose the love in your heart, you’ll make it through.

To those people who lost their homes in a fire, we must offer our sympathy as well as a helping hand.  We should extend financial and physical assistance to the best of our abilities to help them rebuild their lives.
Reaching out to someone in need is a right and a duty.  Don’t ever just sit on the sidelines or worse—point and laugh.

The respect and help you give to others will come back to you in even greater blessings.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Have regular trainings for disaster preparedness.  Don’t skimp on your fire and other types of insurance.  Only with adequate coverage will you have true protection.

Only with thorough preparation can you handle and get through a disaster calmly and safely.

A major fire can burn down our home, but it cannot burn away the love in our hearts.
「大火可以燒掉我們的家園 , 但它燒不掉我們的愛心」。

Give away your love, and your love will flourish.  Concealing your love will only cause it to wither away.

Protect your heart from pollution, so your love can glow as bright as a torch in darkness.

If we always put love first, the world will be at peace.  With love come hope, warmth, laughter, and life.

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