投資理財 親子教育 雙語交流 # 14

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14. The secret to be rich by purchasing houses:  “Ready to give away, no greediness, clear logic senses, and real actions.”
14. 購屋致富的秘訣 「能捨 , 不貪 , 明理 , 行動」

Precious advises to success - 24 secret codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼  24條

*   If you do not make self-reflection and still let your old habit and ignorance control you, it is impossible for you to achieve improvement and success.
「如果不知反省 ( 反思 ) , 仍然讓過去的習慣 與 無知 ,繼續控制著你 ,你就不會進步 ,不會成功。」

*   The reason you are unable to buy any houses is due to your ignorance and greediness.
「 買不到房子的原因無它 ,就是不懂取捨 與 貪心過頭。」

*   No matter how fast the housing price is falling down, the value of the house will not be as cheap as a pile of waste paper.

*   If you want to get something, you need to pay first. Sometimes when you want to get something, you should learn to give up another thing first.
「得到任何東西都要付出代價。有時候你想得到一件東西,你就得要學習先放棄 (割捨 ) 另一件東西。」

*   The motive power that pushes the development of the world is the combination of mutual benefit, not the conflict of benefit.   It is the same with house purchasing. Between the buyer and the seller, there should also exist the combination of mutual benefit, not the conflict of benefit.
「世界 ( 人類  ) 進步的原動力,是利益相結合,不是利益相衝突 ;在房屋買賣的事上 ,買主與賣主之間也應該是利益相結合,不該是利益相衝突。」

*   With bright eyes you can see the future, but with dark eyes you can only see vague and blur visions.  Do not use colored glasses to judge people, nor to judge houses as well.
「光明的眼睛讓你看到希望 ,黑暗的眼睛讓你看到迷茫 ,不要用有色的眼睛去看人 ,也不要用有色的眼睛去看房子。」

*   Usually “poor people” does not mean that they have no money.  People who do not admit and repent their mistakes, and people who have no reminiscence, no self-reflection, no logic senses, no attempts for success are real poor people.
「貧窮的人,不是指沒金錢的人 ,而是指不知悔改不懂認錯的人 。沒有悔意、不懂反省 , 沒有企圖心、不懂投資理財的人 ,才會是窮人。」

*   Success or failure often happens at a click of your mind.  Your thinking is hidden in your mind.  What you are thinking in your mind will reflect to you conduct, and the result of your conduct will decide your life career.
「  成功與失敗往往就在意念的一瞬間 ,意念就藏在你的思想裡 ,你的腦袋瓜裡的想法 ,會反映在你的行為上 ,你的行為表現,最終就決定了你一生的前途。」
*   Thinking is the compass directing you to success.  A successful thinking leads you to success, and an unsuccessful thinking leads you to failure.
「思想是成功的指南針,成功的思想決定你成功 ,失敗的思想決定你失敗。」

*   This is the most precious gift for yourself to remember the past and criticizing your major errors and faults in order to find the way to success.
「回憶往事,檢討自己曾經犯下的過失, 使自己找到成功之路 ,就是給自己最好的禮物。」

*   Investment is totally different from speculation.  Residence houses and merchandise houses or lands are totally different in business purposes.  Are you sure you have fully comprehended the concepts? 
「投資 與 投機 是不同 的,自住屋 與 投資屋也是不同的,你有把它們分別清楚嗎?」

*   Usually people can concentrate their minds and efforts to solve the existing problems.  Nevertheless, very often they neglect to make self-criticism and to investigate the problems , why the problems have happened.
「人們常會集中精力去解決已經發生的問題 ,但往往卻忽咯掉去檢討自己 ,去追究問題為什麼會有問題的發生。」

*   Beating down the prices is to prevent from suffering losses.  But, it cannot resolve your poverty problem.
「殺價的目的是叫你避免吃虧 ,但是它不能解決你的貧窮問題。」

*   If you intended to buy a house as an investment ten years ago, but so far you have not bought one yet.  In this case, you have to criticize yourself.
「十年前就想投資買到一幢房子,但到今天為止,還沒買到房子的人 ,你要深深自我檢討才好。」

• Whoever can accept criticism, will recall the past events.  Whoever can recall the past events , will do self-reflection .
•  Whoever can do self-reflection will have the initiative.  Whoever has initiatives will have the opportunity to be successful.
「會接受批評的人才會去回憶往事;會回憶往事的人才會去自我檢討; 會自省的人才會有進取心;有進取心的人才會有成功的機會。」

  * Being poor do not mean that you have no money.  You are “poor” because you have no dreams, no fighting spirit, no attempts, no initiative, and no urgent need for improving yourself.
「貧窮並不代表你沒有錢。」貧窮是代表你沒有理想 、沒有鬥志 、沒有企圖心 、沒有進取心 、沒有「求好心切」的意願。」

*   Poor people are lack of the ambition, an ambition to become rich.  One who has no demand on  himself will lose all the spontaneous motives to reach a higher goal.
「窮人最缺少的是野心,一種要想成為一個富人的野心, 一個對自己沒有要求的人,會失去一切向上的動力與衝力。」
*   The special medication to treat poverty is the ambition of becoming rich.  Actions and confidence are like cardiac stimulus injection for treating poverty, too.   The best doctor of curing poverty is to tell the patient to recall the past and criticize himself.
「具有致富的野心是冶療貧窮的特效藥 。行動 與 信心是冶療貧窮的強心針。」而「回憶往事 、自省檢討」是醫冶貧窮最好的醫生。

*   Whoever has no attempts, no persistence, merely has fantasy, will never succeed.
「沒有企圖心 、沒有毅志力,僅有空想是不會成功的。」
*   How great your success is depends on how firm your determination is.
「你的決心有多大 ,你的成就就有多大。」

• You must have courage to divorce from your lousy habits and circumstances that may lead you to failure. It was a very tough challenge, but it will bring you a new hope.
「你要有勇氣去脫離那些叫你不能成功的惡習 與 環境。那是一種極嚴酷的挑戰,但是它會帶給你另一種新希望。」

*   The secret to be rich by purchasing houses is:  “Ready to give away, no greedy, clear logic senses and real actions”.
「購屋致富的秘訣是 ﹕能捨 、不貪 、明理 、行動。」

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