35. 借力使力 ,利用「財務槓桿原理」

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Take advantages of “Principle of Financial Leverage” to enhance your strength of success and shorten the time you need for your success
35. 借力使力 ,利用「財務槓桿原理」
--- 加大你成功的力量 ,縮短你成功的時間 

Precious advises to success  -  30 secret codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 30 條

 *   If you can make skillful use of tools, particularly “The Principle of Financial Leverage” , that is to use one force to produce more powerful force, and apply it  in making money,  the strength of your success will be enhanced and the time you need toward success will be shortened.
「只要你善用工具,善用「財務槓桿原理  - 借力使力」的原則來賺錢,它不僅能加大你成功的力量,還更能縮短你成功的時間。」

*   Don’t let eggs hit the stone, but let the stone hit the eggs.  Make better use of your strong points and carefully choose tools plus the use of “The Principle of Financial  Leverage”.  By doing so, you can use one force to produce more powerful force and your way to success will be much easier.
「不要以卵擊石」「要以石擊卵 」。 善用你的長處,慎選工具,再加上「槓桿原理」,這樣你就是「借力使力 」,你的成功就容易多了。」

*   You are unable to do anything well without tools, without good tools, or without tools suitable for you.

*   Success or failure, either will depend on whether you are able to use one force to produce more powerful force and to choose the most effective tool.
「成功 或 失敗,取決於你是否能夠借力使力,請正確選對,對你最有效的發財工具。」

*   If you have chosen the wrong tool, the wrong time, and the wrong patrons, your situation will be very serious, irrational, and even going from bad to worse.
「如果選錯了工具、選錯了時間 與 選錯了貴人,都是非常地嚴重,非常地不智,非常地糟糕的事 。」

*   Don’t be afraid of failure or being unable to find the ways of making money.  There is always a way out.  If you make better use of tools and never stop making efforts, you are sure to succeed.
「不要怕失敗,不要怕找不到發財的方法 。天無絕人之路,只要你善用發財的工具 ,不停地努力,你就能達到成功。」

*   When you are involved in an investment, you must know how to operate ‘The Theory of Lever”.  If you can exercise the three major factors - principal, time, and tools -  in a proficient way to hit the points, that’s where your wisdom lies.
「在投資時,能懂得操作「槓桿原理」能把 本金 、時間 與 工具 這三個要素,用到的恰當好處,這就是理財的智慧。」

*   If you intend to make successful investments in different fields, you have to be an investor and a trader simultaneously.  The most ideal real estate investment is having both long-term passive income and short-term trading income simultaneously.
「如果你想在各種投資領域中獲得成功,你就必須同時是投資者與交易者 。」「最理想的房地產投資,即是同時擁有長期的被動收入 與 短期的交易收入。」

*   Among all investments there are profitable investments and unprofitable ones.  It is same with debts.  Some are acceptable debts and some are unacceptable ones.
「在各個投資中有優良投資,也有不良投資 。債務有優良債務,也有不良債務。」

*   The prime differences between the rich and the poor are the differences in ideology, in behavior, and in the way of using tools.
「富人和窮人之間最大的不同,就在於思想上的不同、行為上的不同 與 使用工具的不同。」

*   Your brain (ideas, words, and actions) is your biggest fortune and possibly also your biggest debt.
「你的大腦 ( 思想、言行 ) 是你最大的資產,也可能是你最大的負債。」

*   Ideas, words, and actions happen within a flash of the mind.  Successful ideas lead you to success and unsuccessful ideas lead you to failure.

*   Pride, greed, laziness, lying, being reluctant to admit mistakes and not interested in learning etc. are “bad shortcomings and blind spots”. They are like unacceptable debts that will tear you down sooner or later.
「驕傲、貪心、懶惰、說慌、不肯認錯、不肯學習等 ,這些「壞的缺點 / 盲點」就好像是一個「不良負債」 ,它最後終將會拖垮你的。」

*   Nobody could change his past, but everybody can create his future.

*    Yesterday’s efforts that is today’s harvest;Today’s efforts that is tomorrow’s harvest.

*   Students seek for knowledge at school.  The more knowledge you have obtained, the higher income you will get relatively.  This knowledge that increases your personal income is called“the leverage of knowledge”.

*   Your success in academic field does not guarantee you success in financial circle, because academic high IQ does not equal to financial high IQ.

*   The more knowledge of financial management you have learned, the higher proficiency in investment you will achieve.  The financial knowledge that triggers high proficiency is called“the leverage of finance and economics”.

*   If you are healthy not only physically, also intellectually and morally, you are blessed with the basic capital in making money.   The capital of health is called“the leverage of health”.
「有了健康的身體 與 健康的心智,你才有本錢去發財,而這個健康的本錢 ,就是健康槓桿。」

*   How great your dream is means how great your success will be.  The dream that leads you to success is called “the leverage of dream”.
「 你的理想有多大,你的成功就有多大 ,而這個促使你成功的夢想,就是夢想槓桿。」

*   By matching your spouse’s success you can create your own.  It is called “the leverage of love / family”.
「配合你配偶的成功變成你的成功,這就是愛情 / 家庭槓桿。」

*   Take advantage of the money you have borrowed to make a correct investment with a high return rate, you will earn huge profit.  The money you borrow from the bank is called “the leverage of financial affairs”.
「利用借來的錢去做良性且報酬率高的投資,如果能讓你獲大利 ,這個向銀行借來的錢,就是財務槓桿。」

*   The project you invest in is so successful that it brings you plenty of cash flow.  Such a good investment is called “the leverage of investment”.

*   When you have personal freedom, financial freedom and no more trouble in short of money, you have ultimately won your true freedom.

*   It is useless to talk only without action or practice.  Success needs actions. This action means“the leverage of action”.
「只說不做 或 只說不練是沒有用的。成功必須要有行動,這個行動 ,就是行動槓桿。」

*   Don’t be afraid of competition.  Competition can inspire our motivation to make progress.  This is called“the leverage of competition”.

*   The stick mentioned in “The Principle of leverage” should be the bigger the better, the thicker the better, the tougher the better, and the more flexible the better.  So that it will bring the lever into full play.
「槓桿原理」中的「棍子」要越大越粗越好,越有韌性越好,越有彈性越好 ,這樣才能發揮出槓桿,最大的力量來。」

*   Why do over 89% people lose their principal totally in the stock exchange?  It is because they have chosen a thin and fragile stick of money making.  The stick is easily broken by a little pressure.
「 為什麼有89 % 以上的人,在股市上賠得「血本無歸」? 這就是因為他們選擇了「又細 、又脆」的發財工具,稍一用力棍子就斷掉了。」

*   Why are there over 96% happy-go-lucky investors making huge money on housing market?  This is because they have chosen a stick that is so thick, so hard and so flexible as a tool in making money.  No matter how powerful the pressure you use on the stick, it will never break down.
「為什麼有96 % 以上的人,在房市上賺到「樂翻天」,這就是因為他們選擇了「又粗、又硬、又有彈性」的發財工具 ,任憑你再怎麼用大力,棍子就是斷不了。」

*   Only if you can study humbly, accept more new knowledge, new concepts, new tactics, new technologies, new trend of tide, and new events to make up your weaknesses from time to time,  you will be able to keep up with the new era.


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