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18. To resolve the problem of poverty we cannot choose a detour or some defective tools.
18. 解決貧窮問題 ,不能「走彎路 或 使用爛工具。」

Precious advises - 25 secret codes
導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 25 條

*   Whoever thinks about little money and petty gains all day long is a man without great aspirations.     
「整天把小錢小利放在眼前的人 ,是不會有大志向的。」

*   We have to rely on our efforts to establish our dignity, our ideals and aspirations. We can never lose our belief, chase after petty gains and humble ourselves to be cowards.
「我們應該奮發向上,做有理想有抱負、有骨氣的人。 絕不做一個貪圖小利、丟失信念、輕易低頭的儒夫。」

*   If you are not going to buy a house, that means you have automatically given up the opportunity to become rich.  Do you understand what this means?

*   Rushing to shop for things “on sale, discount sale” will not let you improve your life, but will let you spend more money and have more debts.

*   We cannot manage our life by depending on “over counter-bid” and “merchandises on sale” which would not ultimately resolve our poverty problem.
「「我們不可以依賴「殺價」與「買減價品」來過日子,依賴「殺價」與「買減價品」最終不能解決我們貧窮的問題 。」

*   Saving money can barely make both ends meet; however, only doing your best to make money may improve your living conditions.
「省錢只能讓你勉強渡日, 唯有努力賺錢才能改善生活。」

*   If you meet a dishonest seller, you need not bargain with him; otherwise, you might find yourself in trouble at last.

*   If a shop offers merchandises with a 20% discount, the original prices must be very unreasonable and impractical. 
「可以殺價超過 20 % 以上的商店, 那個商店的原先訂價一定不實在。」

*   Honesty is the basic moral for everybody and also a principle for businessmen.

*   You should be a farsighted man.  Never lose your dignity and humble yourself for little money or petty gains.
「眼光要看的遠,不要為三斗米折腰 。也不在短利、小利面前低頭 ,失去做人的骨氣。」

*   You must maintain you dignity and your aspiration; otherwise, you would be looked down upon or humiliated by others  
「人要有骨氣、有志氣,才不會被人矮化 ,被人污辱。」

*   The best way to resolve the poverty problem is to depend on your own efforts and fighting spirit, but not on little favors and charities from other people..
「解決貧窮最好的方法就是靠自己努力奮鬥 ,而不是依靠他人的施捨小利、小惠。」

*   One who beat the offer too much or made counter-offer too unreasonably became poor dad later.  On the contrary, one who bought the house without beating the offer became a rich dad finally.
「凡殺價 ,殺的離了譜的 人( 殺過了頭  ) , 後來都成了窮爸爸。 反倒是, 那些不殺價,而買到房子的人 ,後來都成了富爸爸。」

*   The ultimate aim of beating offers is help the buyer spare some money, and make the business transaction successful.  The topmost principle of beating offers is to know when or where to stop, not to hurt each others’ feelings and not to let transactions fail.
「殺價的最終目的是,使買主不吃虧 ,交易能成功 。」 ;「殺價的最高原則是 ,適可而止 ,不傷感情 不讓交易破局。」

*   “To crave for a little and to lose a lot” is one of the reasons why the poor is still poor.
「貪小失大  ---- 是窮人之所以仍在窮的原因之一。  」

*   You cannot become rich only by beating the prices.  However, you can become rich by owing a house.  Without buying a house you are automatically giving up the chance of making money. Anybody knows the fact, but not everyone can do so.
「僅靠殺價是不能讓你致富的, 一定要買到房子才能讓你致富 。沒買到房子就等於是自動放棄以後賺到錢的機會 ,這個道理人人都懂 ,但是就是,不是人人都做得到。」

*   What I have bought is not a house only; I have also bought the chance of making money in future. A house is merely a tool to make money.  Do you understand why?  
「房子,我不是買房子,我買的是以後賺錢致富的機會 。房子只不過是我一個賺錢的工具,這個道理你懂嗎?」

*   Beating the offer must be reasonable. The purpose of beating the prices is to prevent one from suffering losses. But it cannot solve one’s problem of poverty. Anyway, one will not be rich through beating the prices.
「買房子殺價,要合情合理。殺價 的目的,是要讓你避免吃虧 ,但它不能解決你的貧窮問題,僅靠殺價是富不了的。」

*   To resolve the problem of poverty we should never depend on others’ giving, on charity, on buying discount goods, and on beating the prices. All of them are merely measures for emergency, but not for urgent needs. They are temporary expedient measures, but not long-term plan.
「解決貧窮的問題 ,決不能靠施捨 、靠救濟 、靠買減價品 、靠殺價 。那些都只是應急而不是救急 ,那些只是權宜之計 ,而不是長久之計。」

*   A good teacher of financial management will teach you how to make money and investments.  He definitely will not teach you how to beat the prices, or how to collect discount coupons.
「一個好的理財導師會教你如何賺錢與投資 ,而不會教你如何殺價 ( 撿便宜貨 ) , 如何剪 Coupon ,收集折價券。」

*   How generous your heart is, how great your success will be.  If your heart is as big as a pack of rice, your achievement will be as worthy as a pack of rice.
「你的心有多大 ,你的成功就有多大。」 如果你的心只有一包米那麼大 ,那你就只有一包米的成就了。」

*   Whoever tries all day long to take advantages of others and is interested in petty money, will never be a man of great success.
「整天 想佔他人便宜 , 把小錢、小利放在眼裡的人,是不會成大器的。」

*   Whoever tries all day long to take advantages of others and is interested in petty money will always takes wrong way. Whoever likes to beat the prices and finally fails to buy a house is another kind of person who likes to take wrong path.
「整天 想佔他人便宜 ,把小錢、小利放在眼前的人,就是走歪路的人 。而買房子喜歡殺價 ,殺過頭買不到房子的人 ,也算是另一種走斜路的人。」

*   Good teachers will show you the short cuts; while incompetent teachers will lead you to detours.
「好的老師帶你走直路 ( 捷徑  )  , 壞的老師帶你走彎路 ( 繞路  ) 」。

*   You cannot solve the problem of poverty by beating the prices, by making dreams, and by waiting. The only way to solve it is to ask for advices from others including your subordinates and take concrete actions with firm determination.
「殺價  ---  不能解決貧窮問題。  做夢 --- 不能解決貧窮問題。  等待 --- 不能解決貧窮問題。只有不恥下問 ,拿出具體的決心 與 行動 ,才能解決貧窮問題。」

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