76. 美國社安保險與醫療保險的危機,將威脅到您的退休生活

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76.   US’s Social Security and Medicare crisis will threaten your retirement life.
76.  美國社安保險與醫療保險的危機,將威脅到您的退休生活

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼33 條

To be prepared in the event that your own children don’t take care of you, find yourself a number of renters (Godsons and Goddaughters).
「多培養幾個房客(乾兒子乾女兒 ),是預防親生子女不孝順時的一種預備。」

You need a spare tire on your car when you drive.  By the same token, you need a backup plan in case your own children don’t take care of you, so you can ensure that your golden years will be peaceful and worry-free.

The only defense against a penniless government is to own multiple rental properties that have zero liabilities (have a positive net income).
「能夠擁有多幢出租的房子,且能達到零負債(淨收入)的境界 ,這是抵抗政府沒有錢的唯一方法。」

Be frugal in your spending.  Don’t spend money that you can save.  But don’t save money if you can invest it in real estate.

You must solve any and all debt problems promptly.  If you ignore the gravity of the situation and delay the solution, you’ll make the damage even worse.

You can’t solely rely on the government for your retirement funds because the government is having money problems, too.

The government belongs to large enterprises, not to the mere commoners.  It’s the large enterprises that can dictate government actions—something mere commoners cannot do.

If you are unwilling to double your tax payments, then don’t expect the government to have money.

Without a budget, the government can’t take care of you even if they wanted to.  Since you were unwilling to pay higher taxes, then you have no right to demand more government benefits.

Don’t blame the government for cutting social benefits.  Blame the people for their unwillingness to pay taxes.

If you worry about having enough money in retirement, the best remedy is to make yourself a landlord and earn rental income; meaning you’ll need to learn how to make more money, save up and invest in several real estate properties.

If you have a positive net rental income, you won’t need to rely on government welfare.  Therefore you need not fear the government running out of money.

Your government can’t solve your retirement problems, only your “Godsons and Goddaughters” (tenants) can.
「決政府不能解決的老年退休金問題,只有交給乾兒子乾女兒 ( 房客 )去解決。」

Living in the United States, you should rely on neither your children nor the government for your retirement.  The only thing you can count on is your own assets.

Your savings will dwindle.  Only regular rental income from multiple properties can sustain your lifestyle indefinitely.

Tenants come in very handy, even more so than your own children.  They will pay you rent money regularly, whether you need it or not.

Your tenants may not be your family, but you might as well see them as family—like a “Godson” or “Goddaughter”, so to speak.  They will give you peace of mind emotionally and financially.

Nurturing a house is like nurturing your children, as long as you put your heart into it, you’ll be rewarded substantially.

Good tenants are sometimes even better than your own children.  Your own children won’t necessarily give you money regularly, but your tenants will.

Rental income is the most reliable retirement income.  If you don’t put effort in saving up and real estate investing while you are young, you won’t have any financial assurance in old age.

Don’t rely on the government to defend you against dwindling Social Security and Medicare benefits.  To have a secure retirement, you must generate some income from your “God children” (renters).
「抵抗社安保險與醫療保險的危機,不能全靠政府,您的退休生活費,至少有一部份還是要靠 ( 房客 )乾兒子乾女兒,這樣你才會感到安全。」

Before the loan is paid off, the home owner is the bank’s “God child.”  To be debt-free, you have to pay off your loan.

You don’t truly have a “God Child” if you still carry a loan on your rental property.  It’s only a true “God child” after you pay off your loans.
「 出租的房子如果還有欠債,你就不算真正擁有乾兒子乾女兒。只有當您真正付清貸款後,你才算是真正擁有乾兒子乾女兒。」

In order to really possess your own “God children”, you must invest early and considerably.  Only when you pay off your mortgage, can you have security in retirement.
「 想真正擁有乾兒子乾女兒,你就要提早投資,而且是愈早愈好,愈多愈好。早早把房貸付清,這樣你才能有安全的退休生活。」

If you want to guarantee yourself a good retirement, you must invest early, pay off your loans early, and become debt-free early.
Net rental income is your safety net when you lose your job.  As long as your tenants pay their rent on time, you can get through those hard times.

Don’t envy the rich who having many tenants.  You can, too, as long as you invest early in a second and third property.
 「不要羨慕有錢的人家,他們有許多房客 ,你也一樣可以有,只要你懂得趁早投資第二幢、第三幢房地產。」

“It’s not that the road has come to an end, it’s just time for you to turn.”  You should prepare early for your retirement. While you’re still young, invest more in real estate so you can earn a steady rental income later in life.

If you can save it, don’t spend it.  If you can invest it in real estate, don’t save it.

The best way to defy poverty in your old age is to reinvest the money you save in a second or even a third property.

As long as you have a bunch of godsons and goddaughters, you don’t have to worry about the government running out of money one day.

The only defense you have against a penniless government is to own real property, be debt-free, and live off of your rental income in your old age.

If you lose the support from your godchildren, then you’ll need to defer your retirement or live in poverty.

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