78. 論孝順與養老之道

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78. Discussion on Filial Piety and Life as a Senior
78. 論孝順與養老之道

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 31條

Society is progressing, as innovations in technology. Human ideas and thoughts are also changing along with the changes in our surroundings. What was once right may be wrong.  What was once wrong, may be right.  Right or wrong has to be dependent upon the state of the nation and the global environment.
「 社會在不斷進步,科技在不斷創新,人類的思想也隨著環境在不斷的改變而改變 。以前認為是對的事,現在不一定是對的。以前認為是錯的事,現在不一定是錯的。對與錯,要依國情與大環境來考量。」

In the past, children must be obedient and filial to their parents because they are given so much.  Nowadays parents have become indebted to their children, that they must treat their children with extra care.
「父母有恩於子女,所以做子女的要孝順父母。  現在反而變成做父母對子女有所虧欠,所以做父母的要善待子女。」

You’re the one that brought your child into this world, therefore you, as the parent, must take full responsibility.

Since you had the power to decide your child’s fate, therefore you must take full responsibility for his birth—a life-long responsibility.

In contemporary society, only the parents owe their children, their children don’t owe anything to them because it’s the parents that decided to give birth to the children.

A person should be responsible.  You have the power to decide your child’s fate, therefore you should be responsible to your child.
「一個人做事要負責任, 既然你可以決定孩子的去留,你就應該要對孩子負責任。」

Gratitude is something that children will naturally feel towards their parents.  It should not be an excuse for the parents to demand filial piety from their children.

Everything our parents do for us doesn’t come easy.  As children, we should always be grateful and remember to give back.  Children’s filial piety should be commended when it comes from the heart, but when it doesn’t, It can do more harm than good.

Young people must take caution in sexual relationships.  Don’t bring a child into this world only for a moment of sexual pleasure.  You will pay a hefty price for giving birth to a child.
「年輕人的性行為要謹慎小心,避免為了 一時的性衝動或性快感 ,隨便把孩子生出來。你把孩子生出來,你可是要付出很大的代價的。」

You cannot fiercely demand filial piety from your children without having demonstrated it yourself.

Filial piety cannot be taught, it must be demonstrated.  It cannot be demanded, it must come naturally.  It has to be willingly shown, not by coercion or bribery.

Self-motivated filial piety should be celebrated.  Imposed filial piety should be discouraged.

Children are not mules.  If you only had children so they can do your bidding, then you are too selfish.

How filial you are depends on how much time you give your parents, not on how much money you offer.
「孝順父母是看你給父母的時間有多少, 而不是看你給父母金錢有多少。」

What parents truly want is their children’s heart and their time.  However, only their tenants, housekeepers, and caretakers can offer them time, but their own children cannot because their children are all busy working, making money.
「父母要的是子女的心,要的是子女的時間,而真正能給父母時間的是房客、是幫佣 、是看護,而不是子女,因為子女要去上班賺錢。」

Don’t think that giving your parents a few hundred dollars a month makes you a good son.  In these days, the standard of filial piety is measured by the amount you spend in time, not in money.

Elderly people can find it difficult to adjust to the life of their children and grandchildren.  They may be better off living separately from their children than to stay mad at them.
Be fully prepared in order to have security in your old age.  Save more and buy more real estate.
「  為了以後年老的生活有保障,你要提前做好準備,勸君多做儲蓄,多買房地產。」 
Tenants that pay their rent on-time every month deserve a “Filial Piety Award”.  Tenants that don’t pay their rent on-time every month deserve a “Disgrace Award”.
「 對每個月按時付房租的房客,我要頒「大孝獎」給他 。對每個月賴皮不付房租的房客,我要頒「不肖獎」給他。」

Rental income is more reliable than support from your son or government assistance after you retire.
20*「退休後,靠租金收入生活 ,要比靠兒子, 靠政府補助還來得更可靠。」

The best financial guarantee you can have in old age is your own rental income.

You’re better off buying a house to live off of in old age than to have children to live off of.  At least your good tenants will surely give you money.

Some feel that it’s a toil being filial to their parents.  Some feel it’s a blessing.  Toil or blessing, it all depends on the person’s mentality.
「 有人覺得孝順父母好辛苦,也有人覺得孝順父母好幸福 ,到底是好辛苦還是好幸福 ,端看各人的心態而定。 

If you happen to have children who are not filial towards you, don’t waste time being mad at them.  You’ll be better off taking good care of your own life.
「萬一碰到孩子不孝順,與其你生孩子的氣 ,不如自己想辦法過晚年才好。」

Elderly parents must take good care of their own health.  Only if you are healthy can you live happily and not add burdens to your children.

Being a parent, you must possess selfless love.  In giving to your children, don’t expect anything in return.  If you give completely, your children will give back.

Filial Piety is a great virtue.  That’s why those who are filial to their parents are very fortunate.  Be filial to your parents while they still can enjoy it.  It’s a blessing for you and your children.

We must be filial to our parents, but shouldn’t demand too much from our children.  This is the contemporary philosophy on Filial Piety.
「 我們對父母要孝順 ,然而對我們的子女則不必要求他們太多,這就是「現代人的孝道論」。

Those who give love shall be loved; those who give respect shall be respected.  Those who are filial towards their parents will receive the same from their children.  Don’t ask your children to be filial to you; set a good example first.

Our parents sacrifice so much for us.  It is only right for us to willingly be filial towards our parents.  Those who love and respect their parents will find great blessings in life.

Filial piety towards our parents is our family heirloom.  You must set a good example so this precious gift can be passed on generation after generation.

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