79. 為了避免孩子日後埋怨你, 請你盡早做好財產分配與遺產計劃

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79. Don’t let your children gripe about you later on, please soon create your estate allocation plan.
79. 為了避免孩子日後埋怨你, 請你盡早做好財產分配與遺產計劃

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 22條

You must create a wealth transfer plan in advance by utilizing a will, living trust, and life insurance trust.  Facilitating your wealth transfer in advance can prevent the problems and conflicts of family fighting over your estate after your death.
「安排財產轉移,要在生前事先就規劃好,你可以善用遺囑方案 ,生前信託  與 人壽保險信託等方法達到轉移財產的目的。在生前就安排好財產轉移,可避免死後家族爭產的麻煩與紛爭。」

We not only need to learn how to create wealth and protect wealth, but also to distribute wealth and transfer wealth to avoid paying excessive taxes after we pass on.
「我們不僅要學會累積財富,保護財富,也要學會分配財富,轉移財產,這樣可以避免死後還要多繳稅 。」

Utilize the protections in tax laws to legally reduce your tax liabilities in the areas of estate tax, gift tax, profit tax, corporation tax, etc.  This is another form of wealth preservation.
「利用稅法的優惠來爭取合法避稅,如:少繳遺產稅、贈與稅、利得稅、公司稅等 ,這也算是另一種形式的財產自我保護。」

Take care of your after-life affairs in advance, so your children don’t turn against each other and end up engrossed in ugly family feuds.

A living trust is an important wealth transfer tool, much more so than a will.
「生前信託是遺產計劃中重要的一種財產轉移工具 ,它比遺囑更重要的多。」

The beneficiaries for your will, living trust, and insurance must be clearly documented as well as the percentage of assets that each shall receive.

You must state clearly in your will or living trust which of your children and loved ones will receive assets and which ones will not to avoid unnecessary conflict later on.

You must have a will and living trust in advance in order to avoid complicated legal proceedings and wasted time in distributing your estate during probate.

You must promptly update your will and trust anytime there’s a change in your assets or your family in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts down the road.

A charitable trust and life insurance trust can be combined together to save taxes, help charities, and also leave a gift to your children.  It’s the perfect three-in-one solution.
10*「慈善信託 與 人壽保險信託 相互結合搭配,可以省稅做善事,亦可遺愛給子女,真可謂三全其美,皆大歡喜了。」

There are many methods to transfer wealth to your children, including a will, living trust, and irrevocable life insurance trust.  These are all very important tools in transferring wealth.
「安排財產轉移給下一代的方法有 ,遺囑 、生前信託 與 不可撤銷的人壽保險信託 ,這些都是很重要的財產移轉工具。」

It’s important to know how to make money.  It’s even more important to know how to protect your wealth.  Fix any leaks before the rain comes.  Prepare early so your wealth is truly protected.

Life is unpredictable.  You’re wearing those shoes today, but will you still wear them tomorrow?  So do everything you must do today and do it well, so you won’t have to live with regret tomorrow.

Do what you should do early.  It’s better to take action early than late.  Even a minute late can cause you a lifetime of regret.

Leaving wealth to your children is a good thing, yet do so in moderation.  Don’t blindly give to your children in excess.  It would be a beautiful thing if you can donate what’s left to the community for philanthropy.
「把財產遺留給孩子固然是件好事,但也要適可而止。不要盲目贈予過多的財產給子女,能把多餘的財產捐給社會做公益 也是美事一件。」

Watch out!  Your children may gripe about why you didn’t create a sound estate plan in advance, so now they have to pay extra taxes.

Parents want to leave wealth to their children.  In the end, what the children get are conflicts and animosity.  How unwise of the parents to do so.
「原本父母的心意,是要留財產給子女的,結果卻留下紛爭 與 仇恨,父母這樣做是不明智的。」

Creating an estate plan in advance costs only a few thousand dollars.  It’s much more affordable than paying tens of thousands in attorney and court fees during probate.
While you’re still able, no matter your age, do your estate planning now!
「 不管你現在有幾歲,趁著你還有一口氣,趕快趁早做好遺產計劃吧!」

In order for your family to peacefully inherit your wealth, regardless of amount, you must create a notarized will or trust in advance.

Simply creating your will and trust doesn’t mean your estate plan is complete.  You still need to utilize special tax laws to save on your gift tax and estate tax.

To create a perfect estate plan, please consult with a professional lawyer who specializes in estate planning.  With as many as 25 different types of trusts in the US, not just any lawyer can take on this task.

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