投資理財 親子教育 雙語交流 # 31

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Key to the Treasury    Content # 4
打開金庫的鑰匙    目錄表 # 4
31. Dreams of being rich that begins with the inspirations of“The hidden capability of financial management”.
31. 致富的夢想 , 是從激發「理財潛能」開始的

導向成功的金玉良言 ---  成功秘碼 28  條

*   Being capable to manage finance is much more important than capable to make money.  To inspire your hidden capability of financial management, and     fully develop the merit of your rich gene, that you can realize your dreams of getting rich.
「會理財」比「會賺錢」更重要。你要激發出你的「理財潛能 」,發揮出你的富貴基因,這樣你致富的夢想才可實現。」

*   The first rule of financial management means to sacrifice the enjoyment (petty happiness) at the present stage in order to exchange the achievement (great happiness) in the future.
*   Both husband and wife learn to financial management to avoid financial trouble, so they can establish a life without worry. 

*   One who is good at learning or has a high income doesn’t mean he is capable of managing finance.  If you wants to be a rich dad, you have to master the skills of saving money and managing finance.
「會唸書的人 或 收入高的人,不一定會理財 。要想成為富爸爸必須要先學會儲蓄與理財 。」       

*   If someone wants to be a rich dad, regardless he has a high income or a low   income, he has to master how to save money, to make investments, and to manage finance.
「不論是高收入 或低收入者 ,想成為富爸爸,必須要學會儲蓄、投資 與 理財。」

*   Whoever is unable to manage finance, no matter how much money you give to him, he will spend all of it.
「不會理財的人 ,就算是給他再多的錢,他也會花光光。」

*   To sacrifice the enjoyment at present stage in order to exchange for great achievement in the future means financial management.  However, as far as economics is concerned the theoretical saying is to manage the “Time Value of Money”.

*   You must make efforts and spend more time on studying knowledge of economics particularly on “Overall Economy”.  Only then, you can clearly understand where the economic tendency is heading, so that your direction in investments will not be diverted.
「財經知識要下功夫多研究 ,特別是要學好「總體經濟」這樣你才會明嘹經濟走勢在哪裡,這樣你的投資才不會偏離(趨勢)方向。」

*   The wrong concept of investment is a fatal blow on financial management.

*   There is no short cut for getting rich over night.  If there was one, it must be a lie.

• Financial IQ is very important.  The personal financial IQ will decide success or failure of one’s investment.
「財務智商非常重要,一個人的財務智商的高低 ,可以決定一個人投資的成與敗。」

*   Investment or financial management does not rely on a fluke, but relies on brilliance, wisdom, and financial IQ.

*   Making an investment of high risk means to accept a failure.
「一個人若進行高風險的投資, 那就等於準備接受失敗。」

*   Saving money is very important which will lead you to tide over the financial crisis.

*   If you can keep on saving money and making investments, money will naturally flow into your pockets.  Money can make money, money can produce money, and finally the figure of the accumulation will be shockingly high.
「只要蓄儲與投資的工作,能夠持之以恆,錢自然會跑進你的口袋裡」。 「錢滾錢、錢生錢,錢累積起來,其數目將是非常驚人的。」

*   If you do not save money today, it will be impossible for you to save later.  Don’t neglect“petty money”.  If you add up the petty money little by little, the result will be like a miracle because you are building a tower with little rocks.
「現在不存錢,將來便無法存到足夠的錢。   不要小看「小錢」,若你能把小錢一點一的累積起來,便可有積沙成塔的效果。」

*   It is horrible to be tainted with bad habit of wasting money.   If you can practice self-control, lots of money can be saved.
*   If we do not understand the significance of practicing economy, we are unable to break away from the bad habit of wasting.

*   If you have the habit of doing bookkeeping, saving money and practicing economy, you may monitor your own income and expenses on your balance sheet.  This is the first step to become rich.

*   Making money is an inevitable result of a correct investment, but it is not the sole goal.  The ultimate goal of making investment and managing finance is to realize “What is taken from the society is used for the society”.  Moreover, its highest ideal is to make full uses of global recourses for mankind to enjoy freedom, equality, love and wealth.
「賺錢」只是正確投資的必然結果,「賺錢」不是投資的目的。 投資理財最終的目的是取之於社會,用之於社會。它的最高理想是善用地球上各種資源,以謀求人類自由、平等、博愛 與均富。」

*   Knowledge and examples of financial management are the best Gifts (fortunes) for the next generation.
「理財的知識 與 好的理財榜樣,是送給下一代最好的禮物(財富)。」

*   To be successful you need to save money resources, human resources, and to make friends with successful people.

*   Don’t pretend to be poor and never ever believe in so-called fate.  You must cherish your precious rich genes.
「不要裝窮,更不可認命,要懂得發掘 / 善待自己的富貴基因。」

*  Having barely a handsome or beautiful appearance is far from enough.  You must have the intelligence of making money and managing finance.
「僅有英俊美麗的外表遠遠還不夠,除了外表,你還需要有賺錢 / 理財的智慧。」

*   Having a certain special skill can barely maintain your livelihood.  It cannot make you rich. To get rich you should master the skills of investment and financial management as well as practicing economy and saving money. 
「  一技之長只能用來糊口,不能用來致富。 致富之前,先要先學會「投資理財 和 節約儲蓄。」

*   Everybody has the right to seek wealth.  It is a lesson for everyone to learn how to cultivate his precious genes, and how to tap his hidden capability of financial management
「每個人都有追求財富的權利,如何培養富貴基因,激發理財潛能 ,是人人都要學習的功課了。」

*   Obviously, the rich people’s concepts and characteristics of financial    management are quite different from those of the ordinary people. To learn financial management is to learn the rich people’s concepts and characteristics.

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